Topic: Yakonan

Alsea Indians

Alsea Indians were located on Alsea River and Bay in Oregon.

Kuitsh Tribe

Kuitsh Indians. A small Yakonan tribe formerly living on lower Umpqua river, western Oregon.

Siuslaw Tribe

Siuslaw Indians. A. small Yakonan tribe formerly living on and near Siuslaw River, west Oregon. It is now nearly extinct, a few survivors only being on the Siletz Reservation. The following were the former villages of the Siuslaw as ascertained by Dorsey in 1884 1Jour. Am. Folklore, iii, 230, 1890 : Chimuksaich Hauwiyat Hilakwitiyus Khachtais Khaikuchum Khaiyumitu Khakhaich Khalakw Kruumiyus Kumkwu Kupimithlta Kuskussu Kwnltsaiya Kwsichichu Kwulhauunnich Kwunnumis Kwuskwemus Matsnikth Mithlausmintthai Paauwis Pia Pilumas Pithlkwutsiaus Shkuteh Stthukhwich Thlachaus Thlekuaus Tiekwachi Tsahais Tsatauwis Tsiekhawevathl Waitus Wetsiaus Yukhwustitu Footnotes:   [ + ] 1. ↩ Jour. Am. Folklore, iii, 230, 1890

Yaquina Tribe

Yaquina Indians. A small tribe, but the most important division of the Yakonan family, formerly living about Yaquina River and Bay, west Oregon. By the early explorers and writers they were classed with the Salishan tribes to the north, but later were shown to be linguistically independent. The tribe is now practically extinct. There are a few survivors, for the greater part of mixed blood, on the Siletz Reservation, Oregon. According to Dorsey 1Jour. Am. Folk-lore, 111, 229, 1890 the following were villages of the Yaquina: On the north side of Yaquina river: Holukhik Hunkkhwitik Iwai Khaishuk Khilukh Kunnupiyu Kwulai

Yakonan Indians

Yakonan Family, Yakonan Stock, Yakonan Tribes. A linguistic family formerly occupying a territory in west Oregon, on and adjacent to the coast from Yaquina River south to Umpqua River. The family was probably never strong in numbers and of late years (1905) has decreased rapidly. The few survivors are on the Siletz Reservation, in Oregon. The family is of considerable ethnologic interest, since it apparently represents the southern limit of a type of culture exhibited particularly by the Chinookan, Salishan, and other tribes of the coast of Washington and Vancouver island. The Athapascan tribes of south Oregon and north California