Wiyot Tribe

A small tribe, whose name Powell adopted for the Wishoskan linguistic family, on the coast of North California about Humboldt Bay. The word seems to be a misapplication of their own name for their Athapascan neighbors, Wishashk. Wiyot, which has sometimes been used as an equivalent, is therefore probably a better term than Wishosk, though not entirely exact.

Wiyot Indians

Wiyot. Properly the name of one of the three Wiyot districts but extended by most of their neighbors over the whole people. Also called: Dilwishne, Sinkyone name. Humboldt Bay Indians, popular term. Sulatelik, used by the Wiyot to designate their language, and approaching a tribal designation in its usage. Wishosk, probably a misapplication of the …

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