Topic: War of 1812

Captain Welkins’ Rifle Company

Captain Welkins’ Rifle Company Alexander, William S., first lieutenant Campbell, Anthony, first lieutenant Benjamin, Adam L., first sergeant Anderson, Thomas, corporal Baillie, Alexander, private Banks, George D., private Barland, Adam, private Barland, William, private Ben, , servant Brice, William, private Brown, Archibald, private Burgett, John, private Bynum, Francis A., private Bynum, Wade H. T., private Cock, Pleasant B., private Cook, James K., private Dunlap, Joseph, private Durr, Jacob, private Gloss, William, private Godiew, Firman, private Goodwyn, James T., private Grant, William, private Hall, Nicholas C., private Hill, Moses Lloyd, corporal Hugot, Joseph, private Jackson, Washington, sergeant Lehman, William E., private

Captain John A. Allen’s Company of Mississippi Militia

Captain John A. Allen’s Company Of Mississippi Militia Allen, John A., captain Baker, Nathan, private Baker, William, private Baltimore, , waiter Bayles, Jessee, private Bayles, John, private Bayles, Wyley, drummer Bell, Samuel, private Bird well, George W., sergeant Bland, John, corporal Bratton, Hugh, private Bratton, Martin, private Cheatham, Wyatt, sergeant Cock, Jessee, private Cock, John, private Cray ton, Gloud W., corporal Dalton, Samuel, private Galyan, Abner, fifer Galyan, Laybourn, fifer Hodges, Elison, private Hogland, Anthony, private Hooker, John, corporal Houston, James, private Jones, Jeremiah, private Long, James, private McCall, Alexander, private McCall, Robert, private McKee, Robert, private Moses, , waiter

Captain Green’s Company of Mississippi Militia

Captain Green’s Company Of Mississippi Militia Anderson, John, private Armstreet, Aaron, private Aswell, Hiram, private Barclay, Abraham, private Bass, William, private Beck, David, sergeant Bob, , servant Boots, John, private Bradshaw, Willis, private Brown, Elisha, corporal Brown, John A., private Brown, Roland, private Brown, Wiley, private Burge, Neil, private Burns, James, private Burton, Charles A., private Burton, Pleasant, private Burton, Thomas, private Cain, William, private Callihan, David M., second lieutenant Carter, James, private Caston, William R., private Clawson, Thomas, private Cockram, John, private Cole, William, private Comly, Charles, private Conner, James, corporal Cotton, Eli, private Coursy, James, private Crow, John,

Captain Foster’s Company of Mounted Infantry

Captain Foster’s Company Of Mounted Infantry Foster, Arthur, captain Callier, Robert, Lieutenant Foster, William, sergeant Wood, John, sergeant Arnold, Benjamin, private Blackwell, David, private Blackwell, James, private Brashears, Samuel, private Brewster, James, private Cobb, James, private Dassa, James, private Dean, John, private Eades, John, private Hamrick, Burrel, private Hays, Mark, private Herrald, H., private Jones, William, private Laughlin, William, private Mathews, Samuel, private Roberts, L., private Simmons, Elisha, private Simmons, James, private Smith, Samuel, private Stean, Newberry, private Willson, James, private Wilson, William,, private Woodard, John, private

Captain Cassity’s Company Of Mounted Spies

Captain Cassity’s Company Of Mounted Spies Cassity, Hugh, captain Cole, Armistead, private Cole, William, private Curran, John, private Easly, Edward, private Easly, Samuel, private Williams, James, private

Captain Calvit’s Company of Mounted Infantry

Captain Calvit’s Company Of Mounted Infantry Ardrey, Joseph, private Byrd, Josiah, private Calvit, Alexander, captain Calvit, Montford, private Castles, Henry H., private Corbell, John H., private Cox, Henry H., first lieutenant Ford, John S., private Ford, Thomas, corporal Fretwell, John, private Gibbs, George W., private Grimn, Thomas, private Hawley, John, private Johnson, Jordan, private Jones, Wilie, sergeant Lawson, Charles M., private Lewis, James T., private Lusk, Amos, private Madding, Albert, private Montgomery, Samuel K., private Neylon, David, private Powell, Jonathan, private Powell, Thomas W., sergeant Selser, Josiah, corporal Sissions, Boon, private Sojourner, Hardy, private Sojourner, William, sergeant Steele, John, corporal

Captain Bradberry’s Company of Mounted Spies

Captain Bradberry’s Company Of Mounted Spies Autry, Alexander, sergeant Bradberry, James, captain Davis, Wiley, private Dodd, Jesse, private Jackson, Henry, private Perry, Wilson, private Walker, Daniel, private Walker, Mathias, private

Captain Boyle’s Company

Captain Boyle’s Company Adcock, John, private Adcock, Lewis, private Adcock, Reuben, private Beckum, Joshua, private Boyle, Thomas H., captain Byrne, Thomas, private Christin, Gary, private Markham, Arthur, private Morris, Elisha, private Prude, John, private Reed, Levi, private Robinson, Ephraim, corporal Robinson, Michael, private Robinson, William, private Rodgers, George, private Simmons, Thomas, private Taylor, Isaac, private Vernon, Amos, private Ware, Bennett, private Wilson, James, private

7th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

7th Regiment of Mississippi Militia (Perkins’ Battalion) Captain Joseph Acklen’s Company Captain Peter Barnett’s Company Captain Samuel Bullen’s Company Captain James Burleson’s Company Captain Thomas Eldridge’s Company Captain James Grafton’s Company Captain Jonathan Gray’s Company Captain James Hamilton’s Company Captain William Johnston’s Company Captain Elisha F. King’s Company Captain James Neelley’s Company Captain John T. Rather’s Company Captain Abraham Roberts’ Company Abanathy, David, private Allen, William, private Acklin, Joseph, captain Allison, James, private Adair, William, private Allison, William, private Adams, Francis, corporal Alman, John, corporal Adams, James, private Anderson, Daniel D., private Adams, John, private Anderson, James, sergeant Adams, Robert,

6th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

6th Regiment of Mississippi Militia (1814-1815) Anderson, Allen, private Bass, Alexander, private Beard, John, private Berry, Thomas, sergeant Bowling, John, private Boyakin, Kinchen, private Boyakin, William, private Brady, Samuel, private Brown, Ardin, private Brown, Edward, private Brown, James, private Bryant, Lewis, private Callahan, James, private Carr, Henry, private Childress, David, private Chronister, Matthias, private Cody, John, private Coker, Bryant, private Coleman, Philip, private Coulson, Samuel, private Cox, Collin, private Cox, George, private Cox, Thomas, private Crane, Mayfield, private Curry, John, private Dawkins, Silas, private Dew, Perry, private Farley, Elihu, private Fox, John, private Gaines, William, private Galbraith, Nevin, private Gandy,