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Calapooya Indians

Calapooya Indians were located on the headwaters of Willamette River including McKinzie, Middle, and West Forks in Oregon.

Calapooya Tribe

Calapooya Indians. The name, properly speaking, of a division of the Kalapooian family formerly occupying the watershed between Willamette and Umpqua Rivers, Oregon. The term as usually employed, however, includes all the bands speaking dialects of the Kalapooian language and is made synonymous with the family name. This double use of the term, coupled with the scanty information regarding the division, has wrought confusion in the classification of the bands which can not be rectified. The following were ascertained by Gatschet to have been bands of this division: Ampishtna, Tsanchifin, Tsanklightemifa, Tsankupi, and Tsawokot.