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Topic: Birth Records

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – C Surnames

CAMPBELL, Isabella Rebecca, d. Daniel B., innholder, and Rebecca, May 1, 1844. Rebecca Isabella, d. Daniel B., innkeeper, and Rebecca, Oct. 23, 1846. CARLEY, James, s. Timothy, laborer, and Mary, Aug. 15, 1843. John, s. John, miner, and Ann, Oct. -, 1848. Mary, d. Timothy, miner, and Mary, Mar. 13, 1845 CARLILE, Jabez Huntley, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, July 9, 1793 CARR, Idelia, d. Polly, Sept. 15, 1808. CASWELL, George, s. William, wagon maker, and Charry Ann, Jan. 27, 1847. CHAMBERLAIN (see Chamberlane, Chamberlin), Alice, d. John, shoemaker, and Huldah, Apr. 29, 1847. Isadore, d. John and Huldah A., Sept.

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – E Surnames

EASLAND (see Easling), Anne, d. James and Deborah, Sept. 7, 1791. Betsey, d. John and Rachel, Oct. 12, 1798. Catherine, d. John and Sally, Mar. 1, 1808. Deborah, d. James and Deborah, Jan. 12, 1805. Eliza, d. James and Deborah, Aug. 4, 1793 Fanny Mariah, d. John Jr. and Sophronia, Sept. 12, 1820. Francis, s. James and Deborah, Sept. 29, 1796. George, s. John and Sally, Nov. 23, 1812. Hannah, d. James and Deborah, Nov. 1, 1790. Hendrick, s. John and Sally, Sept. 20, 1806. James, s. James and Deborah, Aug. 17, 1802. Jerome, s. Francis 2d and Mariah, July

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – V Surnames

VAN ALLEN, Caroline E., negro, d. Asa, laborer, and Maria E., Nov. 22, 1843. VAN ALSTINE (see Van Alstyne), Royal Gustavus, s. Thomas L., collier, and Eliza, May 20, 1845. d. Thomas L., laborer, and Eliza, Mar. 27, 1847. VAN ALSTYNE (see Van Alstine), Ann E., d. Thomas L., carpenter, and Eliza, July 15, 1848. VAN BUREN, Caroline, d. William, laborer, and Nancy, Jan. 6, 1848. Harriett Ann, d. William S., laborer, and Nancy Ann, Dec. 3, 1843. VAN DEUSEN (see Van Duesen), Mary A., d. Charles M., yeoman, and Ellen M., Dec. 19, 1847. s. Charles L., farmer, and

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – G Surnames

GARLICK, Celia M., d. Lathan, laborer, and Fanny E., Oct. 28, 1848. GATES, Elijah Meramon, s. Elijah and Polly, Dec. 21, 1817. Eliza Ann, d. Elijah and Polly, Jan. 23, 1816. John R. Vanburguar, s. Elijah and Polly, Dec. 11, 1810. Margaret Selestia, d. Elijah and Polly, July 11, 1830. Mercy, d. Elijah and Polly, Dec. 24, 1823. Polly Jane, d. Elijah and Polly, Nov. 16, 1813. GIBBS, Arthur Lower, s. George W., blacksmith, and Malinda, June 15, 1848. GILL, Andrew, s. Michael, teamster, and Ellen, Apr. 15, 1844 GOCIA, Horace, s. Francis, laborer, and Mary, Feb. 13, 1844. GORHAM,

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – P Surnames

PALMITER, William Henry, s. Henry, laborer, and Mary A., July 16, 1845. PARK (see Parks), Alanson Jr., s. Christopher Jr. and Rebecca, Jan. 3, 1789. Joel, s. Christopher Jr. and Rebecca, Oct. 18, 1790. Ward, s. Christopher and Rebecca Jr., July 15, 1787. PARKS (see Park), –, s. George, painter, and Ann of “Wisconsin T.”, Sept. 27, 1843. PARMELE, Asahel, s. Charles and Mary, Aug. 3, 1781. Ester, d. Nehemiah and Hannah, Mar. 20, 1736, in Killingsworth. James, s. Moses and Anna, Feb. 3, 1775. Phebe, d. Charles and Mary, Nov. 8, 1779. PARRISH, Emily Marilla, d. George W. and

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – L Surnames

LALLY (see Larly), Catharine, d. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Dec. 25, 1847. LANE, Abigail, d. Samuel and Abigail, Apr. 4, 1776. Gaius, s. Samuel and Abigail, July 20, 1788. John, s. Sam[u]el and Abigail, Nov. 21, 1783. Lucinda, d. Samuel and Abigail, Sept. 11, 1786. Samuel, s. Samuel and Abigail, Mar. 12, 1780. Susanna, d. Samuel and Abigail, Aug. 1, 1778. LARLY (see Lally), Michael, s. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Sept. 22, 1843. LEONARD (see Leonard), Lucy, d. Asa and Olive, Jan. 3, 1787. LEAVITT, Dudley, Dr. [h. Lyndia], — [1798]. G.R.3. Lyndia [–], w. Dudley, — [1809]. G.R.3. LEET

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – M Surnames

MALONEY, John, s. William, miner, and Hannah, June 30, 1844 MILLIGAN, John, s. William and Hannah, May 22, 1807. Sally, d. William and Hannah, Aug. 31, 1813. Thomas, s. William and Hannah, Nov. 30, 1799. William, s. William and Hannah, Oct. 19, 1804. MINKLER, Jedediah, s. Barnabas and Christine, Apr. 26, 1786. Reuben Bird, s. Jedediah and Lucy, Feb. 20, 1806. MOFFATT (see Moffatt), Charles A., Sept. 6, 1807. G.R.3. MOFFITT (see Moffatt), Almira, d. Lemuel Jr. and Eunice, Dec. 3, 1810. Emmeline, d. Lemuel Jr. and Eunice, June 21, 1801. Harriet, d. Lemuel Jr. and Eunice, Jan. 21, 1808.

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – R Surnames

RACE (see Rees), Isaac Miles, s. Isaac and Lucretia, June 11, 1798. [Rees, G.R.3.] Mary, d. Isaac and Lucretia, Aug. 31, 1796. RATHBUN, Clarinda, d. Philander and Nancy, May 26, 1794 Cordelia, d. Philander and Nancy, Aug. 13, 1802. Eliza, d. Philander and Nancy, Jan. 5, 1798. James, s. Philander and Nancy, Sept. 16, 1786. Nancy, d. Philander and Nancy, May 15, 1788. Philander, s. Philander and Nancy, Jan. 27, 1797. Sidney, s. Philander and Nancy, Apr. 24, 1800. Sylvester, s. Philander and Nancy, Nov. 5, 1789. RAY, Abigail, d. Clement and Clarissa, Jan. 31, 1826. Achsah Ann, d. Clement

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – W Surnames

WALDO, Ann, d. Jos[e]ph and Ann, Dec. 10, 1791. WARD, Mary, w. Chauncey Leete, — [1807]. G.R.3. WARREN, Elisabeth Marther, d. Joseph and Elisabeth, Dec. 24, 1786. WATERS, Jane, d. Rev. John and Wealthy, Nov. 20, 1815. WAY, John Azer [Ayer], negro, s. Ebenezer, laborer (b. Hatfield), and Mary (b. New Lebanon, N.Y.), Dec. 5, 1849. WESTFALL, Alice, d. Albert, mason, and Malvina, Dec. 29, 1848. WETHERELL (see Withrel). WHEELER, Charles Lewis, s. Henry A., carpenter, and Sarah A., Sept. 10, 1848. Ellen, d. Henry A., carpenter and joiner, and Sarah Ann, Aug. 15, 1843. Jonathan, s. Henry A., joiner,

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – H Surnames

HALL, Charles, [twin] s. James, rail road conductor, and Ann Eliza, Nov. 1, 1848. James, [twin] s. James, rail road conductor, and Ann Eliza, Nov. 1, 1848. HALSEY, Abram R., s. Elisha W. and Delana, Sept. 16, 1837. G.R.2. Elisha W., s. Elisha W. and Delana, Jan. 23, 1836. G.R.2. Mary Lucretia, d. Stephen W., farmer, and Mary L., Mar. 5, 1844. Miriam Frances, d. Stephen W., farmer, and Mary L., June 23, 1847. HAMLIN, William Brunson, s. Asa and Huldah, July 4, 1781. HANNEGAN, Catharine, d. Joseph, blacksmith, and Hannah, Aug. 14, 1844. HARAN (see Herring), James, s. Patrick,