Carlisle Massachusetts Births – L Surnames


Caroline, d. John G. and Elisebeth, Apr. 27, 1808.


Anna, d. twin, Paul and Azubah, Oct. 6, 1780.
Paul, s. Paul and Azubah, Oct. 26, 1784.
Polley, d. Paul and Azubah, at Acton, Apr. 22, 1778.
Sally, d. twin, Paul and Azubah, Oct. 6, 1780.


d. Amasa, farmer, of Bedford, Aug. 30, 1847.


Elizabeth, d. John and Esther, Mar. 14, 1749.
Esther, d. John and Esther, Nov. 26, 1754.
Jacob, s. John and Esther, Nov. 15, 1751.
James, s. John and Esther, Nov. 21, 1741.
John, s. John and Esther, July 29, 1743.
Sarah, d. John and Esther, July 24, 1746.


Benjamin, s. Paul and Mary, July 14, 1785.
Edward Payson, s. Israel, farmer, and Harriett, Sept. 21, 1848.
Franklin, s. Paul and Mary, Aug. 18, 1790.
George M., s. Rebekah, Apr. 6, 1844.
George Thomson, s. Israel, farmer, and Harriet, Apr. 22, 1846.
Hiram, s. David and Sarah, May 14, 1823.
Mable [w. John Jacobs], at Scituate, Aug. 5, 1763.
Paul, s. Paul and Mary, Nov. 30, 1779.
Philo, s. Paul and Mary, Nov. 16, 1783.
Roland, s. Paul and Mary, Feb. 9, 1782.
William Prescott, s. Israel and Harriet, July 4, 1835.
s. Israel, farmer, and Harriet, Apr. 27, 1846.


Ann, d. Sam[ue]l and Anna, Mar. 15, 1797.
Louisa, d. Sam[ue]l and Anna, July 11, 1804.
Lucy, d. Sam[ue]l and Anna, May 9, 1800.
Mary, d. Sam[ue]l and Anna, Apr. 13, 1802.
Rufus Heald, s. Sam[ue]l and Anna, Dec. 5, 1810.

Birth Records,

Town of Carlisle. Vital records of Carlisle, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. The Essex Institute, 1918.

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