McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book T

Page 156

1 19 Sep 1878 James D. Cameron and wife Mary E. of Chariton Co., Mo. to C. C. Dodson; Power of Atty. to receive their part of estate of Charles A. Pickens dec’d.

3 25 Dec 1849 Joanna Bond, Montraville Reynolds and wife Rachel, Robert P. Julian and wife Rosannah, and Elizabeth Bond, widow and heirs of Peter Bond dec’d, to Andrew McRoberts; signed by first five names and by Elizabeth and James M. West; 21 Oct 1878, Bradley Co., R. P. Julian deposes that Elizabeth West is now dead; 21 Oct 1878, Bradley Co., Commissioner empowered to take examination of Rosannah Julian and of Rosanah [sic; Joanna?] Bond, a weak and infirm person and quite old, who lives with the Julians.

10 28 Oct 1878 B. L. Avans and wife Rachel A. to William E. Lasater; their interest in land of Wesley Avans dec’d.

21 Oct 1878 Jacob Buttram and wife Martha Jane and David McMahan and wife Julia formerly Buttram, all of Ozark Co., Mo., to Christopher C. Wattenbarger; Power of Atty. to collect their part, as heirs, of estate of Peter Wattenbarger dec’d, they being children of Elisha E. Buttram and wife Sarah Ann dec’d, who was daughter of Peter Wattenbarger.

22 14 Dec 1875 A. Blizard, Exec. Of Jane Agnew dec’d, to John R. and H. C. Neil; the Agnew house in Athens, bounded on the N by the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and P. C. Wilson, S by Main St., E by an alley, and W by P. C. Wilson.

29 22 Nov 1878 Richard Holland and wife Margaret Elizabeth to M. S. Miller of Roane Co.

30 16 Nov 1878 Thomas Maddox and wife Mary and Caswell Maddox and wife M. A.; division of land jointly owned.

35 3 Nov 1878 James J. Pugh and wife Sarah J. to F. M. Willis; division of estate of mother Margaret Willis dec’d.

37 5 Dec 1878 Emeline Crow to Lizzie G. McGaughey; her half interest in the John Crawford corner.

37 6 Nov 1877 Chancery Court deed: Robert Powell’s interest in John Crawford corner to Mrs. Emeline Crow.

39 6 Dec 1878 Louis Evans and wife Malinda to Kissiah Jarnagan of Knox Co.

59 21 Dec 1878 Thomas Riggins Sr. to son Thomas Riggins Jr.

61 18 Dec 1878 Mary K. Bradford to James F. Bradford; her interest in estate of William C. Bradford dec’d.

66 15 Jan 1875 W. B McKeldin to H. M. McKeldin; the J. Albert Hyden property in Athens, on S side of Eastanallee Creek, on Jackson St. between the premises of Dr. M. R. May and the Episcopal Church property.

66 18 Dec 1878 Polk Parkison to John C., Mary E., Sarah F., L. C., S. F., and George Parkison; his interest in estate of Daniel Parkison dec’d.

67 4 Jan 1879 Henry Bradford to James F. Bradford; his interest in estate of William C. Bradford dec’d.

71 11 Jan 1873 Jacob Buttram to Moses Buttram, Michael Wattenbarger, and Alfred Carroll, Trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church; ¼ acre where the old church stood but East of the new church frame.

74 26 Aug 1876 Bond to Ann Bonner widow from G. F. Bonner; her dower in return for providing for her during her lifetime.

75 5 Mar 1878 William W. Tice to Joseph G. Brown, both of California, Hamilton County, Ohio; his personal property at the Providence Quaries of McMinn Co.; two derricks, oxen, wagon, tools for working said [sic] guaries.

76 5 Nov 1878 Joseph G. Brown to Mary C. Tice, both of California, Hamilton Co., Ohio; personal property in the Providence Marble and Lithographit Stone Quaries in McMinn Co.

79 2 Nov 1879 Sarah J. Love and husband W. M. Love of St. Clair co., Mo. to C. C. Dodson; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of Charles A. Pickens dec’d; John P. Love, Judge of St. Clair Co.

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(81) 2 Jam 1879 James f. Fitzgerald and wife Sarah E. of Lake Co., Oregon to John F. Sherman; Power of Atty. To collect their interest in estate of John Neil dec’d.

(84) 15 Aug 1877 Chancery Court Decree to sell land: D.H. Dickey Adm. VS James M. Dickey et al; title to land on Spring Creek divested out of heirs D.H. Dickey; James M. Dickey; the heirs of John F. Dickey dec’d to wit J. M. Dickey, Ann Franklin and husband Thomas, Elizabeth Ferguson and William Ferguson, Mahala, Hull Rachel P. Dickey, Perlina Dickey, Sophrona Waller and husband Henry; Elizabeth Elkins dec’d wife of William Elkins whose children are Samuel Elkins dec’d whose heirs are unknown, James F. Elkins, Thomas Elkins, W.J. Bilderback, Eliza wife of Harden Waller, Elizabeth Elkins, the heirs of N.H. Elkins dec’d to wit M.E., Jennie, Sallie, and Mollie Elkins; the heirs of Carline Fox dec’d wife of Abraham Fox to wit Mahala wife of Asa Howell, Samuel fox, Josephine wife of Ransom Warmack, Caroline Davis, the heirs of Ira Fox dec’d to wit Leroy Fox and Mary Fox, the heirs of Rachel Coe dec’d to wit Wesley and William Coe; Ann Gamble’s heirs (her husband is James) to wit Caroline Buchanan, William Gamble, J.F. Gamble, the heirs of Mary Eblin dec’d to wit James, Anna, and John Eblin; and Edom White; J.F. and H.L. Self are also heirs of John F. Dickey.

(85) 29 Jan 1879 C.L. Matlock Sr. To C.L. Matlock Sr. to C.L. Jr., A.B., S.L., M.E., and Margaretta Matlock.

(92) No date. Heirs of Andrew Hutsell dec’d to Mary Hutsell, widow; Mary to retain possession of land and property her lifetime in return for dower; signed by J.E., E.M., W.H., and E.T. Hutsell, Joseph C Rucker and wife Ursula D., W.D. Stow and wife Artie R., Ellen M. Matlock wife of C.L., H.E. and Helen V. Hutsell, and Clamanda V. Goddard wife of M.B.; acknowledged 5 Feb 1879.

(96) 4 Feb 1879 J.J. Cox and wife S.A. to E.A. Shugart; their interest in estate of E.B.C. Shugart dec’d.

(97) 16 Nov 1874 Sarah Crockett of Hill Co., Texas to Ann C. Furguson.

(101) 29 Dec 1878 F.M. McKenzie and wife Nanie, T.B. Shell and wife Polly Jane, and William Cate and wife Mary A. (Mollie), heirs of Obediah Shell, to G.W. Guffey; their undivided interest

(105) 20 Feb 1879 E.B. Milligan, Thomas Maddox and wife Mary J. formerly Milligan, Caswell Maddox and wife M.A. formerly Milligan, and William H. H. Dodson and wife L.J. (signed Emma) formerly Milligan, heirs of P.m. Milligan dec’d to J.A. Milligan; their undivided 1/10 each in land.

(108) 1 Dec 1866 Sarah Purdy of Cass Co., Ga. To G.W. Benton; the farm known as the spring hill farm.

(115) 3 Mar 1879 Nelson Gettys and John Hughes; Agreement as copartners to do business as merchants in Athens.

(116) 31 Jul 1875 Elizabeth Brock widow of Terry Brock dec’d to W.J. Brock.

(118) 31 Jul 1875 A.B. Brock and wife Harriet to A.J. Brock; their interest in estate of Terry Brock dec’d

(120) 3 Mar 1879 T.W. Brock to W.J. Brock; Terry Brock’s estate.

(142) 17 Mar 1879 Allen Ellis and wife Malinda of Jackson Co., Ala. To J.E. Fike; Power of Atty. to sell the Allen Ellis place on Spring Creek.

(151) 29 Dec 1855 William F. Lacy to William H. Briant; acknowledged by Lacy in Gasconda Co., Mo. 29 Dec 1855; 27 Mar 1879 reregistration of deed which was first registered in Book L, page 468m 29 May 1857, Deed Book L is lost.

(154) 19 Dec 1878 John B. Drake and wife Bell M. of Carroll Co., Miss. to John M. Wilkins; land conveyed to Bell M. Moss now Drake 12 Dec 1874.

(157) No date. P.C. Wilson to James Turner; the S corner of Lot 59 in Athens; Wilson acknowledges in Hamilton Co.

(167) 1 Dec 1878 Jacob Womack to wife Catherine and daughter Mary Womack; for love.

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(168) 11 Sept 1866 James Thomas, J.L. Thomas, Jacob Wattenbarger and wife Eliza (Louise), Caroline Owen wife of M.C., Harriett Thomas, A.C. Thomas, Marshall Arnwine and wife Angeline, heirs and children of Jonathan Thomas dec’d, to G.W. Million, in consideration of his conveying deed to M.C. Owen; the wives acknowledge 1876.

(186) 5 Jam 1879 Sarah A. Johnson widow of William B. revokes a Power of Atty. she made to T. P. Duggan.

(187) 3 May 189 George W. Ross of Knox Co. to John a. McKeldin; lots 3 and 12 in Athens, bounded N by Prison Alley, E by Alexander Keith’s heirs, S by Washington st., and W by Black Alley.

(189) 1 Jan 1879; (190) 1 Jan 1879; (192) 8 Mar 1879; (193) 7 Feb 1879; and (214) 2 May 1879 [The Grantors and Grantees in these five deeds are so repetitive, that the information is condense; the five deeds are made in accordance with a contract made by Moses Long dec’d. ] Heirs of Moses Long dec’d; William R. Long and wife Susan C. of Jackson Co., Ark., P.M. Long and wife Louiza Jane, Albert D. Long and wife Martha R., John Long, James F. Long and wife Sarah, H.F. Smith Long and wife Sarah, Joshua Long and wife Mary, James B. Stephenson and wife Eliza, William Emerson and wife Lydia, and J. H. Mitchel and wife Mary Elizabeth (his 1/9 part).

(208) 15 Mar 1879 Mitchel Gaston and wife Jane formerly Wilson and William KcKeown and wife Clarissa formerly Wilson to A. H. Wilson now of Marion Co., Kansas and Samuel P. Wilson; their interest in land, two shares, being 2/9 of whole and 2/8 of 2/9.

(225) 25 June 1879 James Turner to wife Harriett; for love, but his is to have control; lots 69, 70, 77 and 78 and his stock in the Franklin Association.

(226) 26 June 1879 R.C. Cate to wife Elmira; for love; land conveyed to her and to me by her father Thomas Cooper.

(229) 2 Jul 1879 Charles Cate to wife Margaret, for love.

(235) 13 Jun 1879 E.L. Haggard and wife Nancy and W.J. Haggard to Joseph D. Vaughan and wife Fannie and John Vaughan and wife Sarah of Meigs Co.

(241) 24 May 1879 Lassie E. Munsey of Hamilton Co. to Mary A. Lane wife of Dr. D. H. Lane.

(242) 14 May 1879 James W. Love and wife A.E. of Houston Co., Ga. to W.A. Bracket.

(243) 3 Jun 1879 George H. Wilson of Kaufman Co., Texas to A. H. Wilson of Marion Co., Kansas ans S.P. Wilson of McMinn Co., ; my 1/9 interest in the whole and 1/8 of 1/9 interest in land in 2nd District…line to Henry Newkirk’s Lime Kiln.

(245) 26 Aug 1876 Mary, Francis M., Powell H., Thomas M., and Martha A. George, and M.J. Neal to Sarah M. Harbison; lot 62 where W.L. Harbison now lives.

(251) 25 Jun 1879 Charles M. Keith and Charles K. Rowland, agreement; Keith leases for ten years to Rowland the Keith farm on the public road from Athens to Madisonville, about four miles from Athens, where Rowland now lives.

(256) 4 Aug 1879 W.B. Carr to wife Clarinda; for love; retains life estate.

(263) 26 May 1879 W. H. Hammond to John Carver; his ferry boat, chain, &C on the Hiwassee River at Charleston and Calhoun.

(264) 15 Jul 1874 W.C, Barnett and wife Mary E., Charles A. Barnett, Susan Reynolds, William L. Reynolds and wife Ruth to Ezekiel Daniel; their undivided half of mill and water power on Little Chestua; Susan Reynolds lifetime interest and William L. and Ruth Reynolds interest by Will of George Reynolds dec’d.

(267) 12 Aug 1878 James J. Bayless and Wife Mary to A.T. Bayless.

(268) 10 Jun 1876 W.W. Alexander to E. Daniel; lot 38 in Athens on corner of Washington and White Streets, known as Dr. W.W. Alexander’s drug store building, containing basement, one room on first floor, and two rooms above with privilege of right of way to second story.

(269) 1 Jan 1870 Montgomery Kibbler of Bradley Co. to Jacob Kibbler.

Page 159

(270) 24 Aug 1878 Charles Wyatt and wife Mary A. and James E. Wyatt to James L. Haney.

(271) 21 Oct 1878 William McKenzie and wife Ruth M. and B.W. Melton and wife Hannah J. to T.W. Hall.

(273) 24 Nov 1872 John Jenkins and wife Elizabeth to J.H. Jenkins.

(274) 23 Mar 1878 M.C. Derrick and wife Emily to son M.T. Derrick and wife Susan; son M.T. to care for parents.

(275) 21 Apr 1879 James C. Carlock and wife Elizabeth M. to P.H. May and wife Martha formerly Mayfield.

(277) 13 Aug 1877 A.J. Kyker, W.F. Kyker, M.L. Kyker and wife Martha Jane, B.E. Kyker and wife Mahala Ann, T.J. Kyker and wife Hester Ann, J.E. Kyker and wife Emily P., and P.M. Kyker and wife Mary Ann, and Martha Ann Newman wife John to John M. Kyker; their undivided interest in land of Uriah Kyker dec’d.

(279) 5 Jul 1879 John M. Kyker to Benjamin E. Kyker.

(281) 18 Aug 1879 R.S. Love to H.L. Cate; her interest in dower land of T.B. Love dec’d. (282) (281) 20 Aug 1879 Portman Swaffer and wife Irenia A. to Ezekiel Swaffer.

Note: 281 is listed twice in the book then goes to 283 I suspect it should be 282.

(283) 21 Aug 1879 J.C. Hankins and wife Sarah J. formerly Wilson to James B. Erwin: lot 26 in A.D. Keys addition to Athens.

(287) 15 Sep 1877 Mrs. Nancy Sharp and heirs of John L. Sharp dec’d to T.F. Guffey; signed by Sarah, M.R., Lizzie, J.B. and S.F. Sharp.

(291) 26 May 1879 Chancery Court Deed: Mary A. Browder by next friend Ruthie E. Browder VS Calvin Browder; many years ago Mary A. purchased land from her brother Taylor P. Nance and paid for it in full; by mistake deed made to her husband Calvin; Mary A. requests that deed be made to daughters Lucy and Jennetta Browder.

(296) 15 Jan 1876 H.L. Shults and Sarah A. Isbell, Execs. of William Terry dec’d to C.C. Isbell of Monroe Co

(299) 4 Sep 1879 James Ladd and wife Ella to George W. Coleman.

(305) 2 ___ 1879 Jacob K. Erickson and wife Martha to son James W. Erickson.

(306) 15 aug 1879 James W. Erickson and wife Malissa J. to Robert M. Erickson and Elizabeth A Roberts.

(309) 24 Dec 1872 Joel Perkinson and wife Henrietta M. to L.K. Perkinson; land… line between said Perkinson [sic] and J.P. Parkison [sic]

(318) 2 Jun 1879 J.D. Porter and wife Sarah G. to Russell K. Johnson (colored) and wife; land in return for a claim that Johnson holds against the United States.

(329) 19 Nov 1878 Receipt from A.J. and S.B. Dodson to L.B. and E.A. Dodson; their interest in land of Jesse Dodson dec’d.

(333) 1 Sep 1879 J. M. Parris to the School Commissioners of the 14th District; one half acre upon which the colored school is situated.

(341) 12 Feb 1879 R.M. Pickens of Douglas Co., Oregon and late of McMinn Co. to C.C, Dodson; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of his father C.A. Pickens dec’d.

(345) 22 Oct 1879 M.V. Willis to James N. Willis of Bradley Co.

(346) 3 Sep 1879 John Harrel and wife Louisa to D.C. Brindle; their interest in dower of Francis Harrel dec’d widow of John Harrel dec’d.

(353) 11 Aug 1879 Washington J. McMahan and wife Judith M. of St. Paul, Minn. to Calafornia V. McMahan of Jersey City, N.J.

(355) 3 Nov 1879 Richard Spradling to daughter Amanda A. Holland.

(361) 27 May 1874 Chancery Court Decree: G.T. Russell, J.S. Russell Exec of T.B. Mayfield dec’d, W.H. Ballew Gdn. and others VS Emily S. Russell, T.B, Mayfield Jr., and P.B. Mayfield; sale of four tracts of land.

(363) 26 Feb 1878 Mary D Sharp and heirs to William T. Peak; signed by Mary D., W.B., John A., and A. J. Sharp.

Page 160

(371) 9 Oct 1879 J. Albert Hyden and wife Nancy J. of Cowley Co., Kansas formerly of McMinn Co. to T.F. Gibson; 30 acres known as Forest Hill tract.

(377) 17 Jul 1878 John M. Ely to daughter Polly Crane.

(381) 20 Nov 1879 John M. Cantrell of Hinds Co., Miss. to father F.M. Cantrell; Power of Atty. to receive of Letitia a. Green wife of John P. money due for unpaid notes.

(383) 25 Oct 1877 W.A. Warmac and wife M.E. to Henry Pugh and wife Mary; land, “there is thirty feet square where there is two graves and timber to fence the same…unencumbered except the right away of water for Cowan’s Mill”.

(389) 1 Jan 1868 John Morris of Bradley Co. to Thomas and Sallie M. Hemphill; for love of grandchildren to wit John, Sarah, James, Margaret, Rachel and Isabella Hemphill, children of said Thomas and Sallie; land on Cestua Creek where my daughter Sallie M. now resides

(392) 15 Dec 1879 John Morris of Bradley Co. to John M., James T., and Sarah R. Hemphill, Margaret K. Hemphill who intermarries with Taylor Bayless, Angeline Hemphill who intermarried with John K Cates, J. and Isabella Hemphill, all children of Melvina and Thomas Hemphill and grandchildren of said John Morris.

(395) 24 Nov 1879 Chancery Court Decree: T.L. Farrell, Adm of Bogan Cash dec’d VS Mary A. Cash et als; land sold to Mrs. Miriam Kennedy and title divested out of Mary A. Cash widow, Andrew J., Q.V., Artie M., E.H., David B., Nancy J., and John d. Cash, and the heirs of Susan Eakin, and the heirs of James Cash (who are Mary and Sarah), and A.T. Cash, R.B., Silas B., F.L., and N.B. Cash, heirs of Bogan Cash dec’d.

(397) 14 June 1879 John T. Carmichael and wife Ruth R. of Parker Co., Texas, to Bryant W. Smith of Meigs Co., Power of Atty. to collect money coming to Ruth R. from estate of father Thomas Prigmore dec’d and mother Mary Prigmore dec’d and sisters Mahala Prigmore dec’d and Dolly Prigmore dec’d.

(399) 19 Nov 1879 P.A. sharp of Cooke Co., Texas to J.B. Sharp; Power of Atty.; land formerly belonging to John f. Sharp dec’d.

(409) Jan 1880 John C. Shugart to William H. Ballew; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of E.B.C. Shugart dec’d.

(421) and (424) 19 Jan 1880 Charles L. King to Julia R. King; all land and personal property.

(431) 14 Feb 1874 James Buttram of Rhea Co. to Amelia Rothwell.

(446) 9 Jul 1874 Henry C. McNabb and wife Lina M. to David M. Lewis of Monroe County.

(448) 27 Jan 1880 C.E. Mountcastle of Monroe Co. to W.D. Mountcastle of Blount County.

(453) 14 Jun 1879 M.D. Ware and wife M.J. of Fannin Co., Texas; Power of Atty. to Allen Ware to collect their share of estate of mother M.J. Ware dec’d

(454) 29 Nov 1851 R.F. Cooke to Daniel and Nancy Thompson; four acres; 11 Feb 1880, witness William H.C. Thompson and P.W. Cooper prove deed and handwriting of R.R. Cooke who is now dead.

(455) 13 Mar 1860 Daniel and Nancy W. Thompson to John Cooke Thompson; four acres; 11 Feb 1880 witness H.C. Thompson and witness Wesley McCann prove deed.

(456) Feb 1880 John C. Thompson and wife Mary E. to P.W. Cooper; four acres.

(457) 6 Feb 1880 Charter of Incorporation for Rogers Creek School House to J.E. Fike, J.L. Thomas, John L. Spradling, James T. Spradling and George Jones; for support of a literary or scientific undertaking as a college, university, or school house, powers to confer degrees…establishment of a library, support os a historical Society, promotion of music or the fine arts.

(462) 7 Feb 1880 Rebecca Burns, in 1875, sold lots 41 and 42 to Meridian Sun Lodge #30 in return for her support for her lifetime; said Lodge make Title Bond to Charles F. Gibson who agree to support Rebecca (with her consent); said Title Bond was not registered and is now lost; Gibson filled his contract by supporting Rebecca until her death; Gibson desires said Lodge to make title deed to his daughter Mrs. Melissa L. Boice, she having been to the trouble of caring for said Rebecca.

Page 161

(463) 14 Feb 1880 Moses Cunningham to E.H. Matthews, Chairman of County Court; lots 51 and 52 in Athens.

(478) 18 Mar 1880 Charter of Incorporation of Mount Verd Mills Company to James Swan and H.W. McElwee of New York City and Frank B. McElwee, William M. Nixon and T.M. Burkett; Swan acknowledged in Jefferson Co.

(485) 25 Mar 1880 Naomi Massingale widow of James C., dec’d to J.H.C. and H.L. Massingale; her title to dower.

(487) 15 Jan 1878 W.H. Forrest and wife M.J. to the Deacons of Mt. Harmony Baptist Church; land and the building thereon.

(491) 12 Feb 1880 Sarah E. Newman of Bosque Co., Texas to Calvin Denton; Power of Atty. to sell her real estate; she acknowledged in McLennan Co., Texas.

(505) Full page plat, in color, of the Mount Verd Mills and surroundings.

(509) 11 May 1879 W.S. Gaston Exec. Of J.D. Gaston dec’d Ellen M. Harris and husband John W. to W.S. Gaston; in Sep 1875 the Exec. sold the homestead of J.D. Gaston dec’d to Wesley Gaston’ said Wesley failed to comply with the terms of sale and Ellen M. Gaston now Harris wife of J.W. Harris for herself and for her minor sister Mary R. Gaston, heir of J.D. dec’d.

(511) 15 Dec 1879 John Goodman and wife Rachel formerly Coates of Obion Co. to T. H. Butler; Power of Atty. to receive money.

(512) 19 Jan 1880 T.J. Blankenship and wife Louisa t. formerly Coates, an heir to William Coates dec’d, of Independence Co., Ark. to T.H. Butler; Power of Atty. to collect money.

(520) 14 Sep 1868 William and Joseph Neil, Execs. of John Neil dec’d, to Sterling Neil Of Macon Co., Ga: the John Neil Land.

(523) 30 Apr 1880 Sterling Neil and wife Sarah W. of Fort Valley, Houston Co., Georgia to Pryor N. Shults: a colored a plat of land is on page 524.

(530) 1 Apr 1880 James H. Lowry of Riceville to Wesley Phillips, Lee Adair, Henry Harvey, and Fowler Phillips, Trustees of the Baptist Church (colored) in Riceville.

(536) 3 Dec 1879 A.M. Hambright and Nancy Hambright, William Eldredge and Elvira Eldredge, D.H. Lane and wife Mary A., all of McMinn Co., and James Biggs and wife Minerva of Polk Co. to John S. Cravy of Bradley Co.; land for sole purpose of mining for marbles, minerals, and fossils; land on Hiwassee Rive where the Hambrights and Eldredges live.

(549) 17 Jul 1880 Timothy Sullins to Morris C. Sullins, L. Dodson, and James Steed, one half acre known as the Nathan Sullins graveyard or cemetery to be used as a burial ground for the heirs and descendants of the late Nathan Sullins for no other purpose.

(552) 20 Mar 1878 Bettie, Treshie C., S.A., and R.P. Smith to Henry K. Watson.

(554) 4 Feb 1879 James C. Carlock and wife Elizabeth to Patsy Lewis formerly Paris.

(558) 1 Jun 1880 John W. Erwin and wife Margaret E. of Independence Co., Ark. to Houston Butler; Power of Atty. to receive money due Margaret E. formerly Coats, an heir of William Coats dec’d.

(570) 29 May 1880 J.L., A.J., and J.W. Epperson of Bell Co., Texas to H.W. Epperson; Power of Atty. to act in their stead.

574 6 Jan 1879 George T. Parker to J.H. Magill and wife Sarah J., R.N. Magill, W.M. Magill, and T. A. Magill; Title Bond for J.H. Magill Mill property.

575 aug 1880 A.M. Vickers to Nancy, Mary A., Martha, and Matilda Vickers; his 1/8 undivided interest in land on Mouse Creek of which his father Thomas Vickers died possessed’ signed J.M. Vicars and J.A. Vicars makes acknowledgment.

(576) 17 Aug 1880 Marion Presley and wife Mary E. of Polk Co. to E.A. Dodson; their interest in real estate of Jesse Dodson dec’d.

page 162

(577) 2 Feb 1880 J.B. Dodson and wife R.C. of Rockwall Co., Texas to C.C. Dodson; Power of Atty. to receive their interest in estate of Jesse Dodson dec’d.

(578) 22 Sep 1860 Elizabeth Bain now Rutherford to Samuel E. Guy or Grey; sealed 30 Jul 1868; Elizabeth the wife of William P. Rutherford; registered Aug 1880.

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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