McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book S

Deed Book S

Page 148

1 7 Aug 1876 John R. Howard and wife Henrietta to Alexander C. Robeson and William M. Nixon.

3 7 Aug 1876 Alexander C. Robeson and wife Susan and William M. Nixon and wife Lua to William D. Van Dyke of Hamilton Co.; Deed of Trust; Grantors owe Hugh T. Inman.

8 23 Oct 1875 S. D. Stanfiel to Andrew Hutsell; house and lot in Riceville, improved by James Crittenden.

10 16 Aug 1876 George W. Marler Jr. And wife Sarah of James Co. to George W. Marler Sr.; their undivided interest.

12 26 Aug 1876 George W. Marler Sr. and wife Nancy to E. T. McCorkle of Meigs Co.

14 27 Aug 1860 John R. Orr to James W. Orr; his interest in land of mother Nancy Orr now and at her death; 18 Aug 1876, witness J. H. Reagan is dead.

16 11 Aug 1876 Robert Powell to John F. Slover, Trustee; the Crawford store.

17 5 Sept 1876 Mrs. E. McKeldin to E. Walker and W. S. McGaughey; for building a new brick house on Lot No. 84 in Athens; the S part of Lot No. 84, near Matthews store-house on Jackson St., running 25 feet to center of first partition wall in said new brick building, 70 feet back from Jackson St., thence S with back wall of new brick building to Matthews kitchen.

18 5 Sep 1876 William S. McGaughey and Elias Walker to Hugh T. Inman; their part of lot 84.

27 8 Aug 1873 Joseph James Dilport and wife Clarinda of Cape Girardeau Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. to sell their ¼ interest in land about two miles W of Riceville on Mouse Creek, purchased about 1865 by Clarinda Wilkie now Dilport, Phillip Cox, Winnie Cox, and Lethe M. Bandy, heirs of William Cox dec’d, from James Hickey.

29 11 Sep 1876 Robert Powell to John F. Slover, Trustee; personal property consisting of my bar room fixtures, consisting of two large mirrors, two large pictures, ten small pictures, 1000 cigars, one clock, 25 decanter, ½ box tobacco, two lamps, two beds, six chairs, one sorrel horse known as the Maines horse.

32 29 Sep 1876 Morgan Miller to daughter Eliza James Miller; all land and property at my death.

35 28 Sep 1876 William T. Gregory and wife Mary W. formerly Womack to Milam J. Womack, Joseph D. and Jacob Womack; their undivided ¼ interest in land which descended to them and the Grantees from Daniel Womack dec’d.

38 15 Aug 1876 T. W. Burge and wife Maggie J. of St. Louis Co., Mo. to William H. Briant; the Grubb Hotel property in Athens, bound N by the Depot, E by land formerly owned by William Rogers and Joseph McCully, on S by Joseph Smith, and W by Nelson Gettys; the Burges acknowledge in Monroe Co.

42 5 Jul 1875 Ruel B. McGaughey and wife Lizzie G. to W. M. Nixon; their interest in a two story brick house, with lot, in Athens, being part of the brick yard lot…. adjoining the College property…to the new street.

44 Sep 1876 J. A. Grills of Isard Co., Ark. to J. N. Aiken of Bradley Co., Power of Atty. to collect his distributive share of estate of E. E. Lowry.

44 3 Oct 1876 Thomas J. Grills of Greene Co., Ark. to J. N. Aiken; Power of Atty. to collect his distributive share of estate of E. E. Lowry.

47 5 Sep 1876 Joseph S. Knox and wife Mary E. to Alice Serepta and Parthena Arminta Carlock; land on Chestua Creek.

52 9 Jun 1876 Joseph B. McCarty of Lafayette Co., Florida to Benjamin V. Marsh of Philadelphia, Pa.; his 1/6 undivided interest in Eliza Ross (Indian) reservation.

53 20 Oct 1876 Tyre Lawson Sr. to son E. D. Lawson, for love.

54 20 Oct 1876 Tyre Lawson Sr. to daughter Mary Ann Hutson, for love.

62 4 Sep 1875 Anderson Clark to son A. J. Clark.

80 12 Aug 1876 Lewis Graves and wife Julia to Charles Hill; their 1/7 interest in two tracts of land.

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81 21 Aug 1876 C. J. Wright and wife Catherine to Charles Hill; their 1/7 interest in two tracts of land.

96 23 May 1871 Chancery Court Decree: R. H. Wells, Adm. Of Thomas P. Wells dec’d, VS Margaret Wells widow, and John H., Levi C., Thomas L., and Susan E. Wells, and Mary J. and E. W. Carlock, heirs; land in McMinn and Polk Counties sold to Susan E. Wells.

98 9 Dec 1876 William A. Fain to John D. Fain; land by descent from our father Ebenezer Fain.

109 1 Apr 1876 Bluford Peak to Malinda Peak; the Kinser farm on Mouse Creek in return for her interest in the lead mine of the estate of Terry Brock.

118 4 Jun 1872 Chancery Court Decree: Letters of Incorporation of The Franklin Association of Athens, Tennessee allowed to M. A. Helm, J. M. Henderson, Lon Blizard, John A. McKeldin, Thomas J. Dement, Jasper W. Lillard, John F. Slover, Wm. H. Briant, Wm. M. Sehorn, Alexander C. Robeson, William B. McKeldin, Jacob S. Matthews, Joseph Matthews, James H. Hornsby, Wilberforce Gettys, James Turner, J. Albert Hyden, Hugh M. McKeldin, William C. Davis, John E. Gibson; “the object of said Association, is to furnish its members an easy and practical method of accumulating their weekly contributions, and of investing and increasing the same by payments into the treasury of one dollar per week, by each member of said Association, for each and every share, and by this manner be accumulative until it reaches the sum of one hundred thousand dollars”; registered 6 Jan 1877.

122 22 Jan 1877 Thomas A. Richardson and wife Fannie N. of McMinn Co. to Henry T. Davis of Grayson Co., Texas.

131 26 Jan 1877 Elmore Brock of White Co. to son William L. Brock; Power of Atty. to sell land.

138 16 Dec 1876 James I. George of Nodaway Co., Mo. to Sarah M. Harbison; lot No. 62 in Athens, the house where W. L. Harbison now resides.

142 22 Aug 1875 Mrs. Penelope Eliza Alexander, Execx. Of W. W. Alexander dec’d, to George W. Wood; Title bond made by W. W. Alexander on 22 Mar 1875; Lot No. 46 in Athens, upon which Alexander’s dwelling house was burned.

145 6 Apr 1866 James R. Long of Greene Co. to Carroll Long.

152 25 Sep 1876 John Copeland to A. T. Copeland of Polk Co.

153 10 Feb 1877 Benjamin A. Cass to L. L. H. Carlock; town lot, building, and every-thing belonging thereto, fronting 144 feet on White Street on E, 131 feet on College Street on S, and property of John L. Atlee on N and W, known as the Eason or Sweney property.

158 1 Feb 1877 W. Gettys to James Gettys; my brick office on White Street; beginning on NE corner of Lot No. 59…to property known as “Tenn. Bank Property” now occupied by Rev. Timothy Sullins.

162 18 Jan 1876 I. R., J. H., and W. S. Chesnutt, R. F. Cooke and wife N. J. formerly Chesnutt, George C. Mountcastle and wife Mary A. formerly Chesnutt to John M. Reynolds; land of which James Chesnutt died possessed; J. H., I. R. and the Cookes acknowledge in Cooke Co., Texas and the Mountcastles in Collin Co., Texas.

164 23 Dec 1875 M. V. Reid and wife Sue to J. H. bond of Meigs Co.; lots 13, 14, 15, 47, 48, and 46 in Calhoun; B. F. Martin has title to part of lot 14.

166 15 Feb 1877 Thomas J. Evans of Hamblin Co. to Cyrus Zimmerman of Knox Co.; Evans had previously deeded to Zimmerman his ¼ part of estate of father Thomas Evans upon his death and deed registered in Jefferson and McMinn Counties; since that time father Thomas has acquired and undivided interest in the estate of his brother William Evans who died without issue; father Thomas has become hopelessly deranged.

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167 22 Nov 1875 Chancery Court Decree: Lawson H. Hoyl, colored, is high bidder for the property of Lawson Hoyl dec’d, who legatees are the said Lawson H. Hoyl and James T. Hoyl dec’d, whose heirs are Joseph A., Robert, and Martha Hoyl.

168 15 Mar 1877 M. A. Cass and wife Eliza A. to son B. A. Cass.

170 22 Feb 1877 R. P. Gettys and wife L. M., Miss Emmie A. Evans, and C. Zimmerman and wife L. C., Agreement; division of the estate of Thomas Evans Sr., and care and support for him his lifetime.

172 27 Mar 1869 Allen Ware, William Randolph, and John N. Melton, Trustees of the Poor-house, to W. G. Barker.

180 28 Dec 1876 S. P. Hughes and wife Mary A. formerly Bunch to J. H. Pearce; their ¼ interest in land devised from Martin Bunch dec’d to Duke, Alfred, Martin A., and Mary A. Bunch now Hughes.

181 4 Jan 1875 McMinn County to John E. Gibson; sale of lot bounded on N by Washington Street, S by Main Street, E by alley, and W by alley; Gibson sells to J. Q. Strange.

185 10 Nov 1874 Thomas D. Taylor of Monroe Co., to Sarah E. McCamish and her children.

197 20 Mar 1877 Ruel B. McGaughey and wife Lizzie G. to Robert H. McGaughey; their 1/3 undivided interest in two story frame house on Lot No. 5 in Athens; in consideration of Robert H.’s 1/3 interest in Lot No. 43 in Chattanooga, fronting 25 ft. on Market Street, running back 149 ft., with a two story brick house on the lot in J. C. Stanton’s addition to Chattanooga.

200 28 Mar 1877 Frank B. and James McElwee to M. E., Matilda, Catharine, Mary, Nancy, and Rett Cook.

203 19 Mar 1877 Sarah J. and W. G. Cooke, and Sue C. Cate to D. H. Kimbrough; land in District 13…up the Sugar Camp road.

205 Feb 1877 W. L. McSpadden and wife Margaret Jane and Elizabeth m. Porter to Peter Miller; land on Spring Creek Ridge conveyed to Boyd Porter in 1847; Grantors acknowledge in Knox Co.

208 23 Feb 1877 Bogan Cash to wife Mary; my store and all that pertains to same.

209 15 Jan 1875 Susanah, John W., George W., Mary C., and Jacob E. Sligar and wife Margaret, and William Hicks and wife Malinda Ann, to James Gregory.

210 17 Mar 1877 John Hill and wife E. to Sarah Brown and Samuel, John, and Jesse Vanzant; his 1/3 interest in land known as the Thomas Smart farm; for love.

212 12 Apr 1877 H. B. Leeper to wife Esther, 1/6 of land, to Mary B. Lee of Knox Co. 1/6, to the heirs of J. M. Leeper 1/6, viz, J. M. Leeper of Loudon, Sarah E. Carter of Knox Co., and Julia A. M. Foster of Georgia, to Elizabeth a Heiskell of Loudon Co. 1/6, to the heirs of S. M. Leeper in Loudon and Roane Counties 1/6. And to Sarah Skates of Texas 1/6; to take possession at his death; wife Esther releases her right of dower.

216 12 Apr 1877 John C. Stephenson to my present wife Sarah L. Stephenson; whereas at our marriage I was a poor man; deeding her own personal property.

223 30 Oct 1875 Malissa M., James A., William B., John D., Joseph S., and Margaret S. Hamilton and Eliza A. Daugherty, and Susan C. Wite to J. A. W. Cooke and Joseph white of Monroe Co.; their right as heirs of Jonathan Hamilton dec’d; Eliza A. Daugherty, wife of D. H. acknowledged in Howell Co. Mo. and relinquished her dower rights.

225 23 Dec 1875 James A. Hamilton and Susan C. White to Larkin Cardin of Monroe Co.; Grantors sign in Christian Co., Ky.

228 May 1877 William H. Ballew, Adm. Of Hugh Crawford dec’d, to W. H. Briant; Crawford’s half interest in Crawford store-house.

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229 12 Oct 1875 John Hill and wife Elizabeth to son Stephen Hill; for love; 1/3 interest in land known as the William Brumfield farm.

232 14 Mar 1877 John Hill and wife Elizabeth to son Absalum Hill; for love.

233 16 Mar 1877 John Hill and wife Elizabeth to Russell Hill; for love

237 21 Dec 1876 Chancery Court Decree: Elizabeth H. Hurst by next friend William S. Caliway VS Elijah Cate, John L. Hurst and others; Commissioners set apart to Elizabeth H. Hurst, wife of John L. Hurst, 1/3 in value in land on N side of the great road leading from Mouse Creek to Athens; plat of land showing neighbors and Mouse Creek location.

242 14 May 1877 James R. Sanders and wife Rhoda to our son Ephraim Beck, 1/3 of our land; to our son Hamilton Beck’s two sons Allen and Joseph Beck, 1/3; and to our son Israel Beck’s heirs, 1/3; for love; all at our death.

245 1 Jan 1877 Jesse Dodson to School Commissioners of the 6th District; one acre on which Dodson’s school house now stands; for school purposes and public preaching; wife Alcy M. Dodson does not sign but acknowledges deed.

247 5 Jun 1877 Horace B. Yearwood and wife Elizabeth E. of Monroe Co. to Solomon G. Hoge of Tennessee but now residing temporarily in Washington City.

249 7 Apr 1877 James S. Kennedy and wife Melinda W. of Buncombe Co., N. C. to Ervin Slusler, who pays in the stock of A. F. College; 1/6 interest; Slusler owns the other 5/6.

252 14 Mar 1877 James R. Long and wife Sarah J. to James S. Kennedy of Buncombe Co., N. C.; Longs acknowledge in Haywood Co., N. C.

259 11 June 1877 L. D. Gentry and wife Harriet to Martha J. Gordan and John, Sarah, Mary A., and Elizabeth A. Carr of Polk Co.; at death of Martha J. Gordan her part to go to the Carrs.

267 Oct 1868 Martin Bunch and wife Elizabeth of Phelps Co., Mo. to Duke, Martin Jr., Alfred and Mary Bunch.

269 26 Jan 1877 Elias P. Johnson and wife Mary A. to J. C. Neil; land as heir of mother Lucinda Johnson dec’d and of grandmother Nancy Johnson now living.

274 2 Jul 1877 J. M. Goddard and wife T. E. to Euphemia Macfarlane; lot in Athens fronting on the N side of Washington Street, bounded on E and N by Grubb property, on W by Kilgore Street, and S by Washington Street.

275 25 May 1877 Chancery Court Deed: Alexander Green VS Thomas A., John H., William C., and Katie M. Cleage, Sarah E. Gillespie, Kittie, Sam, Mary C. and Wilella Cleage, A. M. Brett and wife Mary, and Wms Mayfield; sale of undivided half interest in land known as the Chilhowee Springs place; all defendants except Mayfield are heirs of Alexander Cleage dec’d.

278 4 Aug 1877 Richard Hickox and wife Mary J. of Polk Co. and Joseph P. Clark to Lawrence Swaffer.

293 3 Aug 1877 James M. Henderson and wife Louisa J. to John R. Howard; lots 88 and 89 in Athens, upon which Henderson now resides.

297 3 Aug 1877 John Swaffer Sr. and wife Elizabeth to daughter -in-law Martha C. Swaffer wife of Lawrence.

300 10 Apr 1876 Circuit Court sale: W. H. Forrest, Exec., and Walter L., Sarah E., and Fannie L. Forrest, legatees of John M. Forrest dec’d, to James Lewis; land with exception of one acre upon which Mount Harmony Church stands.

306 11 Dec 1872 Circuit Court sale of lands of A. Barb dec’d to F. M. Barb; Sarah and David L. Boyd, J. C. Barb, Josiah and Milly Kinser, and Wesley Kinser, legatees; life estate of widow Patty Barb is reserved.

309 22 Nov 1875 Chancery Court sale of lands of Joseph M. Burnett dec’d to James S. Burnett; title divested out of Isham Burnett, A. G. and Polly Small, Hamilton and Nancy A. Neil, C. and Eliza J. Baker, Samuel and Sarah J. Worthington, William and Elizabeth Worthington, and Isham B., J. P., W. R., Joseph B., Isabella, John, and Charles Neil, and Joseph B., Cyrus, Jane and Albert S. Lowe, heirs.

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310 18 Aug 1877 Daniel McKinney to Henry T. Davis of Sherman, Texas.

318 28 Sep 1877 Herman Warnecke, Trustee, to J. E. Raht; sale of land deeded to him in trust by Alexander Cleage and wife Jemima and John H. Cleage on 11 Sep 1872; ten acres near Athens beginning at H. Humphrey’s corner on S side of the mill pond at high water mark…Eastanallee Creek below the Spring… formerly known as Lowry’s Mill tract but now known as Cleage’s Mill; also 570 acres near Athens known as the Wm. Lowry farm, purchased by Alexander Cleage at Chancery sale and where he now lives.

322 6 Jan 1877 C. R. Hoyl and wife Rebecca C. to Latitia A., Birdie, Dollie, and Vinta Green, heirs of said Latitia A. Green’s body, of Monroe Co.

323 28 Nov 1870 Chancery Court sale of land of Allen Dodson dec’d to James F. Wallis, subject to dower of widow Martha Dodson.

327 15 Dec 1876 George W. McKenzie, Exec. of Reuben McKenzie dec’d to James A. Womack; title bond assigned by R. Y. Vaughan, the vendee.

330 11 Oct 1877 Mary A. Ragsdale to James S. Russell; lot 91 in Athens, bounded E by lot of David Cleage, fronting Main St. on S, on N by lot of Sehorn heirs, and on W by Black Alley.

337 13 Dec 1875 Lewis Stanton to W. S. McGaughey; West half of four-acre lot in Athens, bounded on W by Kilgore St., N by college, down to center of alley, to Grubb property.

338 15 Sep 1877 W. S. McGaughey to Lewis Stanton; the property above.

339 6 Jan 1877 Jathen Adkins Gregory to George W. Moore; widow of Parlee Gregory farm on Rogers Creek.

343 30 Aug 1877 W. C. Brown and wife Susan, and Joseph G. Farmer and wife M. M., to W. W. Corley; land they may inherit as heirs of J. W. Brown.

345 17 Mar 1877 John Hill and wife E. to Charles Hill; for love.

30 Aug 1877 L. O. H. Carlock and wife Nannie C. of Monroe Co. to J. P. Butler; the Eason or Sweney property in Athens, in return for a lot in Loudon deeded to Carlock by J. P. Butler and wife F. L.

356 23 Jul 1877 John H. Brunner of Monroe Co. to John A. Turley; lot adjoining the lot on which stands Cane Creek Academy…where the grave yard joins the same …line established by John W. Paris, where he sold off the land on which to erect the Boarding House.

359 27 Nov 1876 Chancery Court decree: sale of land of Wesley Avans dec’d; title divested out of Arta M., Blasingale, and Bradford Avans, William Swaffer and wife Mary E., and John W., Thursey J., and Minerva Avans, heirs.

368 25 Dec 1877 J. H. Brunner and I. D. Carlock establish a line between their lots at Cane Creek Academy.

369 10 Dec 1877 Fannie J. Hawk and J. D. Porter and wife Sarah G. to John Rose.

374 2 Aug 1874 Circuit Court sale of lands of Thomas Edgmon dec’d, including that known as the Fisher farm, to Thomas K. Edgmon; title divested out of Aaron Matthews and wife Margaret, Gideon I. Edgmon, James, Margaret, and Alexander Woolsey, Crabtree [sic] and wife Sarah, and Phelson, James , Allen, Nancy, Bird, Daniel, Joseph George, and Alexander Edgmon, and Samuel, Susan, Jane, James, Tehuha, Thomas N., and John Sparks, Sally Woolsey, S. G. Edgmon, heirs at law of Thomas Edgmon Jr. dec’d.

379 10 Sep 1877 John E. and Margaret E. Williams to Wm. McKenzie; their undivided interest in land and personal property of grandfather John Williams dec’d; Elizabeth E. Williams also signs and acknowledges deed.

386 9 Aug 1877 Hezekiah Evans of Concord to W. S. Gaston; half interest in lot 59 in Athens; between the business house of James Turner and the office of A. H. Keith, Esq., fronting on White St.; being the same conveyed by P. C. Wilson to John Evans and by John Evans to Hezekiah; and also the second story of the two-story house on said lot and the stairway leading from the front to said second story.

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398 25 Nov 1875 Chancery Court Decree: Susannah Brient VS Elvira, William M., John H., Mary J., James H., Nathaniel, and Richard J. Dixon, Susan S. and Bazel Thomas, Eli C. and Riley E. Dixon, John A., William H., Susan C., and Joseph Smith, minors, Jacob P. Brient, Sarah E. and William L. Burn, and Mary E., S. J., John F., James M., Mortimer E., and Eliza E. Brient, Minors; the “Eureka Mills” are sold to Susannah Brient; defendants are heirs of Elisha Brient dec’d and of John J. Dixon dec’d.

405 5 Sep 1876 B. M. Cooper and wife Mary C. to E. Williams; land…corner of Star’s reservation…that W. H. Cooke willed to Clarissa Cooper.

409 18 Feb 1878 C. K. Bradford to James F. Bradford; his interest in estate of William C. Bradford dec’d.

411 Dec 1876 Circuit Court Decree: lands of Dimmon Dorsey Sr. sold and title divested out of William and McW. Dorsey, Nancy McGonegal, Salina I., Sarah S., Mary Charlotte, Charity F., Jonathan, Isaac F., Robert I. N., Thomas H. S. Dorsey, and James E. Funhing and wife Althea E., William P. Hardwick and wife Margaret E., and R. W. Williams and wife Mary L., heirs.

415 5 Jan 1878 M. T. Gibson and wife Salina Carolina to J. W. Melton; land…the buncom spring branch…top of ridge…Eastanallee Creek.

416 5 Apr 1877 Mary A. Barb to Sarah E. Boyd; house and lot in Riceville; for favors shown and love.

416 12 Feb 1878 E. F. and M. J. King of Whitfield Co., Ga. to E. A. Shugart; their undivided interest in Linder tract in McMinn co.

432 1 Mar 1878 W. C. Holland and wife S. J. of Dallas Co., Texas to A. B. Howard of Blount Co.; land in McMinn Co. in return for land in Morgan Co., Texas.

433 11 Mar 1878 J. C. M. Bogle and wife E. S. of Blount Co. to A. B. Howard; undivided interest in Linder tract in McMinn Co.

435 6 Mar 1878 R. A. Shugart and wife N. A. of Dallas co., Texas to A. C. Shugart of Tarrant Co., Texas; their undivided interest in estate of E. B. C. Shugart dec’d.

436 30 Jul 1877 Alexander Green to J. A. Turley, A. C. Robeson, J. D. Williams, and Lon Blizard; one undivided half interest in Chilhowee Springs.

438 30 Mar 1878 Copy of Will of Tyre Lawson, executed 23 Oct 1876; I have here-to for made deeds to most of my children for a tract of land each; have left 160 acres which I give to sons Tyre and George Lawson; to son Elias Lawson, personal property.

441 11 Mar 1878 S. J. Martin and wife Malinda O. to Mary Ann Caldwell of Loudon County.

443 4 Apr 1878 E. T. Moss and wife Virginia E. to Julia A. Matlock; their 1/5 undivided interest in land on Mouse Creek owned by Virginia E.’s father James T. Lane dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.

456 Apr 1877 County Court Decree: sale of land of P. M. Milligan dec’d to L. D. Milligan; land adjoining that of the Joint Stock Company of Cane Creek Academy; title divested out of E. B., L. D., J. D., and F. _.Milligan, and Thomas, Mary J., Caswell, and Adaline Maddox, W. H. H. and Imogene Dodson, Clarissa Milligan, Judson and Josephine Bettis, and six other minors whose names are unknown, children of Elizabeth Bettis formerly Milligan, children and grandchildren and heirs of P. M. Milligan dec’d and Jemima Milligan widow.

460 20 May 1874 Charles M. Keith, one of the residuary legatees of the Will of Charles F. Keith dec’d, to Thomas L. and Catherine D. Keith.

463 15 May 1878 W. L. Grubb, in consideration of $1500. Paid to me by R. C. Jackson, to Thomas L. Arnwine and wife Reese J.; the half undivided interest subject to dower of Sarah Arnwine relict of Albartis Arnwine dec’d, being the interest transferred to me by the said Thomas L. Arnwine; M. F. Arnwine is owner of the other half; land on Mouse Creek near Robert Snyder’s blacksmith shop and C. L. King.

472 22 Jan 1878 Augustua G. Bryant and wife Mary to Mary Ann and John T. Powers; land, reserving ¼ acre for a grave yard, where Laduska wife of Thomas J. Kyker is buried; the Bryants acknowledge in Rhea Co.

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474 29 May 1878 Joseph, J. S., S. E., and Asenath Matthews to Mary M. Reeder; to cancel deed of 1 Mar 1872 from Mary M. Reeder to the Matthews; the Athens Hotel or Reeder property on lots 92 and 93 on Main and Jackson Sts. fronting the Public Square.

482 28 Jun 1878 Timothy Sullins and wife Mary W. to Julius E. Raht of Bradley Co.; lots 67 and 68 in Athens, bounded E by White St., S by bank Alley, W by Church Alley, and N by lots of Crawford, Wilson and Gettys.

483 3 Jul 1878 J. E. Raht of Bradley Co. to Mrs. Hattie Cleage widow of Samuel Cleage dec’d and her children viz: – Kittie Mina, Samuel, Mary Myrtle, and Will Nellie Cleage; the town lot on Green St where they now reside.

484 25 May 1878 Morgan Miller to wife Sarah Ann and daughters Rachel Amanda Griffitts wife of Jerome and Martha Virginia Robinson wife of John; for love; land personal property but he is to hold until his death; daughter Margaret Cate wife of Charles, and son Nathan Bradford Miller have received their share.

495 19 July 1878 Sarah Ann Miller and Martha V. Robinson to Rachel Arminda Griffitts; their interest in land given them by Morgan Miller dec’d.

503 23 Jul 1877 James Howe, who acknowledges in Rhea Co., to David Bridges, and John Evans, Caswell Parks, John Miller, and Alexander Smith, Trustees of the Athens Baptist Church (colored); lots 16, 17, and 18 in A. D. Keys addition to Athens, said survey registered in Book L, page 559.

506 16 Jul 1878 Homestead set apart for George W. Matlock.

508 7 Jan 1870 By devise from Nathan Sullins, we, Timothy Sullins, Lazarus Dodson and wife Rebecca L., J. F. J. Lewis and wife Elizabeth H., James H. Cardwell, Timmie E. Cardwell, and Armstead L. Malicoat and wife Mary R., last nine being heirs of Hazy Cardwell dec’d, and M. C. Sullins, sell to Morris C. Sullins land at forks of the Riceville and Royston roads; M. T. De Vault and wife T. E. also sign deed; the Malicoats and De Vaults acknowledge in Washington Co., Va. And the Lewis’ in Knox Co; deed registered 22 Jul 1878.

511 14 Apr 1878 Joseph Rucker and wife Ursula D., Miriam Rucker, and Mary Vicars and heirs to J. B. Wilson; land cornering the dower of Miriam Rucker; signed by the Ruckers and Robert, Nancy T., Matilda, Martha, Mary A., Mary, J. M. and H. Vicars.

515 13 Aug 1878 Chancery Court decree 22 Mar 1848, copied 17 Dec 1849: Joanna Bond, Montraville Reynolds and wife Rachel, Robert P. Julian and wife Rosannah, and Elizabeth Bond, widow and heirs of Peter Bond dec’d VS Amon Bond, Exec. and Henry McGuire; Amon and Benjamin Bond were name Execx. but Benjamin has died and Amon is now insolvent and intemperate.

517 1 Jan 1878 partition deed between R. A. Lowry and J. H. Lowry who derived title to land by Will of James Lowry dec’d 7 Apr 1875, subject to dower of Corinna M. A. Lowry.

522 29 Apr 1878 Fielding Bradford of Lamar Co., Texas, to James F. Bradford; his interest in estate of W. C. Bradford dec’d.

525 25 Feb 1878 Tom Crutchfield, Mary J. Williams, and W. Crutchfield of Chattanooga, heirs of Thomas Crutchfield dec’d, to Alexander and David Cleage; deed to replace one made in 1852 or 1853 which can not be found; lot in Athens known as the rock lot on Mill St. near residence of James Turner.

526 25 Feb 1878 Thomas A., John H., and W. C. Cleage to J. E. Raht; the rock lot in Athens, Nos. 79 and 80.

528 28 Aug 1878 A. A. Cass and wife Sarah Ann of Madisonville to J. C. Montgomery.

538 29 Aug 1878 County Court sale, 3 Mar 1873, of land of John Cox dec’d; title divested out of heirs P. W. Green and wife Susan R., and John H. Hickox, and William Hickox Jr.

540 18 Sep 1877 J. Albert Hyden and wife to Mrs. Lucinda Monday of Bradley Co.; lot 108, in Athens, known as the Horton Hotel Lot, and part of lot 109 fronting on Jackson St….running toward the creek…running back with the Bank Alley from Jackson Street.

548 27 Jul 1878 John M. Tracy and wife Mary J. formerly Collins, daughter of Caroline and John Collins, granddaughter of Roland and Nancy Burnett, and Eugene Patten and wife Corina E., sister of said Mary J. Tracy, to John Sherman of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to collect their part of estate of grandfather John Neil dec’d; acknowledged in Hall Co., Mo.

550 9 Sep 1878 Thomas Wattenbarger of Gainsville, Ozark Co., Mo. to Christopher Wattenbarger; Power of Atty. to collect their part of estate of father Peter Wattenbarger dec’d.

554 4 Sep 1878 D. H. Brock and wife Jennie to M. A. Hardin and his heirs; acknowledged in Bledsoe Co.

555 15 Sep 1878 Nancy Lurena Hickey of Roane Co., daughter of James and Mary Hickey dec’d and granddaughter of William Paris dec’d, and niece of L. J. Paris dec’d, to Frank Triplett; Power of Atty. to collect her share in the estates.

560 2 Oct 1878 J. P. Pearson to wife Parthena; for love.

562 2 Sep 1878 Hamilton Neal and wife Nancy Ann of Warren Co, to James S. Burnett; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of Joseph M. Burnett dec’d Nancy Ann being his heir.

570 20 Sep 1878 Leonard N. Tinsley of Whitfield Co., Ga. to John W. Matlock.

573 3 Jan 1878 John Swaffer and wife Elizabeth, John Dixon and wife Lucinda, Wiatt Sliger and wife Manerva, George W. Burris and wife Amanda to Archibald Hampton; their right to land where Wiatt Sliger now lives.

577 18 Oct 1878 A. Hampton and wife Sallie to William Eldredge of Monroe Co.

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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