McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book R

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1 25 Feb 1874 Joseph B. Reed and wife Margaret P. to Ransom A. Ellis.

10 8 Apr 1874 Lemuel Etter and wife Josephine, George W. Etter and wife Liza Jane, Elisha A. Gibson and wife Mary Ann, Henry C. Lambert and wife Sarah E., and Sarah Ann Etter to H. B. Henegar of Bradley Co.; 4/5 of our interest in land.

12 16 Apr 1874 John Witt to Wellington Keith, Lewis Evans, Alfred Green, George Deaderick, and John Witt, Trustees of Sons of Temperance Lodge No. 29.

13 1 Jan 1874 J. S. Matthews, Sec., and W. M. Sehorn, Treas. Of the Board of Trustees of E. T. Wesleyan University to Wiley S. Gaston of Athens and William Rule of Knoxville; Deed of Trust for twelve acres where the University stands.

15 31 Dec 1873 Thomas Melton to J. A. Long, C. E. Mountcastle, Henry Mize, T. Melton, and C. Long, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South; N. E. corner of Wesleyan Church lot; corner of Oak Grove Academy.

17 21 Mar 1874 John McH. Wilson and wife Ann E. of Navarro Co., Texas to Mark and Creighton Dennis; Wilson’s ½ of 1/8 or 1/16 of land as heirs of William Richardson dec’d.

23 18 May 1874 Charles L. King and wife Julia R. to James and Frank B. McElwee; Mt. Verd factory property.

27 Apr 1874 John Cross and wife Mary Ann of Washington Co., Ark.; Power of Atty. To Blizard & Bradford to collect judgment in Chancery Court.

32 11 May 1874 J. B. Cooke and wife Penelope M., J. F. Mee and wife Louisa A., and S. A., John M., Inez C., and Julia A. McDermott, heirs of Col. William P. H. McDermott, to Alexander H. Keith; Lot No. 57 and part of Lot No. 50 in Athens known as the Pearce B. Anderson Property; Grantors acknowledge in Hamilton Co.

35 9 May 1874 William Lee and wife Emeline of Monroe Co., to W. C. and Charles A. Barnett; mill in McMinn Co.

37 No date. William Elmore and wife Nancy L. to Philip DeKalb Bloom.

39 8 Aug 1871 Artemisia Baker, Nancy A. Carter wife of David F., Susan N. Chapman wife of J. C., heirs of George W. Baker dec’d, to James F. Baker, also an heir.

40 25 Nov 1872 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Uriel Johnson VS John A. Long, Carroll Long, J. M. Kelley and wife Nancy H., J. R. D., John B., R. A. S., W. C. C., Mattie O., M. U., and Oscar C. Long, and L. W. Cate Gdn. ad litem.

44 12 June 1874 Henry L. Sloop of Colfax Co., New Mexico, Power of Atty. to Wills Peeler of Athens to sell ¼ interest in lands of father James Sloop.

45 24 June 1874 Henry L. Sloop and wife Maggie M. by Power of Atty. to M. L. Sloop.

47 3 Jan 1874 Thomas J. Evans to Cyrus Zimmerman of Knox Co.; his interest as one of four children in estate of father Thomas Evans now of McMinn Co.

48 3 Sep 1873 Albartus Forrest to E. Cate; title to three undivided interests in farm of Isaah Smith dec’d, interests of Frank M., John S., and Henderson Smith dec’d.

49 4 Aug 1874 John C. McMahan and wife Sarah C. and Elizabeth McMahan to G. M. Bloom; Deed of Trust.

50 7 Nov 1873 M. M. Green and wife Caroline to M. T. C. Royston.

52 24 Jul 1874 Allen Moore and wife Phebe J. to Joseph Neil.

57 22 Jun 1874 William A. Grubb to Emma A. Grubb; his 1/3 interest in the Grubb corner.

58 18 July 1874 Caleb R. Hoyl and wife Rebecca; Deed of Trust.

61 25 Aug 1874 R. W. Maxwell and wife E. J. to Samuel G. Maxwell.

63 27 Aug 1874 James A. Smith to wife Malinda J.; for love; land on which I now reside.

67 7 Sep 1874 William L. Rice and wife Frances D. to Robert M. Ereckson.

68 7 Sep 1874 Receipt by M. E. Lillard and husband J. W. to H. h. Matlock for their share of estate of Mrs. Mary Matlock dec’d and of John Matlock dec’d.

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76 29 July 1874 Thomas Edgman and wife Martha; Deed of Trust.

77 17 Jan 1872 Pleasant M. Milligan and wife Jemima to Thomas A. Richardson of Boston, Mass.

83 5 Sep 1874 Joseph Zeigler and wife Mary formerly Cate, Robert E. and John T. Cate to Jacob C. Cate; their 1/9 interest each in dower of the widow of William Cate dec’d; Elizabeth Cate also signs deed.

95 20 Aug 1873 John S. Barker and wife Narcissus to William H. Cooper.

97 21 Sep 1874 Austin Lillard and wife Margaret of Collin Co., Texas to Joseph Cobb; Power of Atty. to sell their 2/8 interest in Granny Cobb farm.

98 12 Nov 1874 James W. Shook, and J. L. Beaver and wife Elizabeth J. formerly Shook to F. Brigham.

99 9 Nov 1874 S. Gordon Maxwell now in Atlanta, Ga. to R. W. Maxwell.

103 14 Oct 1874 Emberson Sliger and wife Amanda of Butte Co., Calif. to Richard Spradling Jr.; Power of Atty. to receive their share of estate of Richard Spradling Sr.

108 16 Nov 1874 S. D. Stanfield and wife Nancy J. to T. B. Stanfield.

110 17 Aug 1874 John J. Helm of White Co., Ill. To John F. Harris.

111 24 Nov 1874 David D. Reynolds to John M. Reynolds; his 1/7 undivided interest in land of Isham Reynolds dec’d.

115 18 Oct 1870 William Lasater and wife Nancy Ann to Lidda J. Maxwell and Alexander Maxwell, Gdn. of N. (U.) L. Maxwell.

122 1874 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Margaret Saunders VS Andrew J. Brock, Margaret E. Philips, and Raleigh Chestnutt; Margaret Saunders bought land in 1853 of Elbert Brock, now dec’d with Andrew J. and Margaret E. his only surviving heirs; deed made by John Jack Adm. of Elbert to Raleigh Chesnutt is set aside.

124 4 Dec 1874 A. C. Robeson to Miss Bell M. Moss formerly of McMinn Co., but now of Virginia.

128 Dec 1874 J. W. Ripey and wife Alice J. to William A. Horne of Knoxville; Deed of Trust.

131 24 Nov 1873 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Miranda A. McCarty by next friend J. K. P. Ball VS Florence A. McCarty et al; District Court of Cocke Co., Texas appointed Ball as Gdn. of minor respondents; title to land to Elizabeth J. wife of William N. Russell.

135 7 Dec 1874 James F. Fitzgerald and wife Sarah E. of Jackson Co., Ore. to John F. Sherman; Power of Atty. to collect money due them from estate of John Neil dec’d.

140 11 Dec 1874 Emily C. Kyker and husband W. F. to James B. Kennedy; Power of Atty. to accept proceeds of sale of land of Bird Newman dec’d.

143 31 Dec 1874 Terry Brock and wife Elizabeth to son T. W. Brock, for love.

145 10 Oct 1874 John Morris of Polk Co. to son Robert C. Morris of Nashville; Power of Atty. to collect monies in Supreme Court cases.

168 9 Nov 1874 Clarissa White, Sarah Elizabeth Whaley, and William and John N. White to John F. Slover; Deed of Trust.

169 19 Jan 1875 Joseph G. Cate to H. L. Cate; his undivided interest in land of father Greenberry Cate; land encumbered by life estate of Lana Cate.

172 30 Nov 1874 Sarah Hicks and husband Geriah M. to Jacob E. Sligar and wife Mary C.; land willed to Mary C. Hicks and Geriah Hicks by James Hicks dec’d.

192 28 July 1874 Sarah J. Cooke widow of George W. dec’d to Malcomb Cantrell for use of Laura Attie, minor and only child of said Malcomb and Margaret Attaline Cantrell formerly Cooke.

193 31 Oct 1873 John M. Burger and wife Manda to George E. Burger; their interest in land of George Burger dec’d.

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197 8 Dec 1874 A. C. Robeson to Corporation of Town of Athens; in consideration of a street being opened from Railroad Ave. to Green Street across the lower side of my lot and $60.; 30 feet off my lot.

199 10 Apr 1873 H. L. Wasson and wife Rachel M. of Montgomery Co., Ark. to Joseph C. Rucker; their undivided interest in dower of Miriam Rucker, widow of Mordicai.

200 12 Dec 1872 David C. Duggan and wife Sue T. and William A. Duggan to Moses K. Buttram.

203 1 Mar 1873 F. G. Cantrell and wife Malinda J., Benjamin B. Cantrell and wife Mary C., H. C. Cantrell and wife Sarah J., all of Webster Co., Mo., to James R. and Joseph P. Cantrell of same; quit claim deed.

205 1 Mar 1873 Sarah J. Clift and husband Henry of Webster Co., Mo. to James R. and Joseph P. Cantrell of same; quit claim deed.

206 21 May 1873 Joseph P. Cantrell and wife Sarah C. of Webster Co., Mo. to James R. and Joseph P. Cantrell of same; quit claim deed.

208 14 Jan 1874 John D. Casky and wife Mary E. of Webster Co., Mo. to James R. Cantrell of same.

209 6 Mar 1875 A. A. Newman and wife M. A. to W. H. Forrest; Deed of Trust; Newmans acknowledge in Jefferson Co.

212 19 Feb 1875 Sarah Ann Cantrell to James R. Cantrell.

216 25 Feb 1875 Louisa Redding formerly Newman of Sebastian Co., Ark. to Bird Newman; Power of Atty. to collect her share of estate of father Bird Newman.

223 28 Jan 1875 C. E. Mountcastle and wife Sarah of Monroe Co., to J. H. Ball of Bradley Co.

228 Nov 1873 James Parkinson and James H. Lowry, Execs. of J. W. Brown dec’d to W. A. K. Wetmore and wife Oney C.

229 5 Apr 1875 P. C. Wilson of Chattanooga to John Evans; Lot No. 59 in Athens.

252 8 Mar 1875 Robert Wilson of Neshoba Co., Miss. To Mark and Creighton Dennis; his 1/16 undivided interest as heir of William Richardson dec’d.

253 15 Dec 1874 Reynolds Cantrell to Calvin Denton; Cantrell acknowledged in Cherokee Co., Ala.

258 10 May 1875 John B. Camp and wife Mary D. and Hannah E. Bridges to T. F. Gibson; their interest in house and lot now occupied by Mrs. Ellen Bridges wife of George W. dec’d; on Washington and Green street corner; John B. Camp acknowledged in San Bernaretine Co., Calif. and the other two acknowledged in Athens.

268 23 Feb 1860 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Daniel Robeson and wife et al VS James H. and Elizabeth Lasater; sale held 28 Sep 1858; deed to Jessee Dodson and Mary Patty 3 Jul 1875; title divested out of widow and heirs of Wiley Lasater dec’d.

269 5 July 1875 Mary J. and J. A. Cochran and Jesse Dodson, Agreement; Mary J. Patty has married James A. Cochran.

275 27 Dec 1869 E. M. and Jasper Newton, Execs. Of Edward Newton dec’d, to Riley James; Jasper Newton acknowledged in Fannin Co., Texas 28 Feb 1875.

276 14 Mar 1874 Riley James and wife Mary A. to E. M. Newton.

279 21 Apr 1875 Louisa J. Rowland of Bartow Co., Ga. to William B. Crouch; lots 16 and 17 in Athens.

295 7 Oct 1873 Homestead set apart for John L. Hurst.

296 23 Aug 1875 Arta M. and T. W. Avens, Execx. And Exec. Of Wesley Avens dec’d to Thomas L. Lassater.

297 24 Nov 1874 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Elijah F. Johnson, Gdn. of the Respondents, and John Wallin VS Martha E., Nannie L., and Mary E. Johnson, all minors.

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298 5 Oct 1869 B. T. Zeigler of Rhea Co. to J. B. Wilson

299 22 Nov 1873 William M. Brickell Exec. of J. B. Lackey dec’d of Blount Co. to Joseph McCulley.

303 21 Mar 1868 Martha A. Ware to Joseph Cobb Sr.; her undivided interest in estate of David J. Cobb dec’d.

304 15 Dec 1874 Margaret Lillard formerly Cobb and husband Austin to John G. Mayfield; their 1/7 undivided interest in land known as Granny Cobb farm.

305 7 Nov 1874 Joseph, Susan, and Ellen C. Cobb, T. A. Lillard, Josie Cobb, Sarah J. and Thomas H. Gains to John G. Mayfield; their 1/7 undivided interest each in Granny Cobb farm.

313 9 Aug 1875 James B. and Thomas Y. Johnston, and Virginia C. Davis formerly Johnston and husband Samuel, all of Lamar Co., Texas, only children of Nancy Johnston dec’d late of said county and grandchildren of William Yearwood late of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to William L. Harbison to collect their inheritance.

335 18 Oct 1875 Charles Metcalfe to Albartis Arnwine; deed originally registered in Deed Book L, pages 317-318, 26 Jul 1856.

343 Sept 1875 A. E. Slack, Sarah F. Johnson and husband Jasper, Mary D. Russell and husband Isaac, heirs of Sam Slack dec’d, to Samuel P., J. H. C., and William J. H. Slack; their interest in land.

345 25 May 1875 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: George W. Matlock, Adm. VS Martha Purcell et al; title divested out of Martha Purcell widow, H. M. Young, and Missouri, Martha Jr., Queen, and William Purcell, children and heirs of W. M. Purcell dec’d.

349 23 Oct 1875 T. B. Stanfiel and wife Mary C. to John G. Hale and Isaac Benson; their interest in the dower of Mrs. Eliza Hale widow of H. H. Hale.

352 23 Jan 1867 Adam Creasman and Sarah Hardin to D. A. McKenzie.

353 10 Feb 1874 E. R. Lutrell and wife S. F., John G. Foster and wife Mary J., and Surilda Coffee to P. S. Coffee.

355 1 Aug 1875 P. S. Coffee and wife S. J. to Joseph M. Haney.

364 25 Dec 1874 Martin Roberts and wife Margaret of Monroe Co. to David M. Lewis.

368 15 Nov 1875 I. B. Haney Sr. And wife Mary to I. B. Haney Jr., and wife Susan C. interest in farm of J. F. Pugh dec’d.

381 19 Nov 1875 W. A. Wamack and wife M. E. to J. W. Pugh; their 1/5 undivided interest in farm of J. F. Pugh.

382 22 Nov 1875 J. W. and W. L. Pugh to C. C. Witt; their 3/5 interest in land of J. F. Pugh dec’d.

387 17 Oct 1875 James Shelton and wife Catharine to son John E. Shelton; for love and his years of service to them.

391 3 Feb 1872 Peter B. Cate, Gdn. of Jemima Adaline Cate formerly Womack, to James Pugh and Isaac Ledbetter.

393 12 Oct 1872 William Buttram and wife Elizabeth Ann and Chrisley Foster and wife Degenira to Christopher Wattenbarger.

395 6 Dec 1875 Sarah E. Lambert and husband Henry C. to William McKenzie; their interest in estate of F. W. Etter dec’d and their 1/5 interest in estate of Sarah Ann Etter at her death bequeathed by will of F. W. Etter made 20 Oct 1857.

400 No date. Laura A. Jerkins, Francis (her) Jerkins, Samuel C. Cannon and wife Love Ann, Kate Jerkins, Elizabeth Shoemaker, heirs of James A. Jerkins, to John A. Parkison.

413 13 Nov 1875 Martha J. Hoblitzell and husband William of Mound City, Holt Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. to John F. Sherman to receive money due her from estate of John Neil dec’d.

414 17 Jan 1876 G. W. Etter and wife Eliza J. to William McKenzie; his interest in estate of John Neil dec’d.

425 19 Dec 1875 J. D. Hennesee and wife Lee Ann to F. Brigham; their 1/3 undivided interest in house and lot of which Margaret Shook died possessed.

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431 1 Dec 1875 Elijah Grisham and wife Loveanna to Arminda C. and James E. Browder, Sarah R. Edgman wife of Simeon, William F. Brittain son and heir of William and Mariah E. C., Joseph T., Charles R., Robert McEwen, Louisa J., Horetta M., and Leah A. Browder; paid to us by Robert F. Browder in his lifetime.

435 13 Oct 1875 Margaret L. Haley and husband Charles to Amanda J. Hall; their one full share as heirs in estate of Emeline Lowry dec’d; Haleys acknowledge in Roane Co.

437 21 Jan 1876 Ruth K. Carmichael of Parker Co., Texas to husband J. T.; Power of Atty. to receive her share of estate of father Thomas Prigmore.

447 13 Nov 1875 Rebecca Burnes to John F. Slover, Henry K. Brown, S. W. and G. T. Russell, officers of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 50, A. F. & A. M.; all of lot 41 except portions already sold by Execs. Of William Burns dec’d; also ¼ of lot 42; fronting on Washington Street; in return for her support during her lifetime.

455 8 Feb 1876 Wilson Lumpkin Harris and wife Margaret Cornelia Elizabeth to Stephen Francis Wilson; an undivided 1/3 of land which was conveyed to Laura Ellen Tennessee Wilson, Margaret Cornelia Elizabeth Wilson, and Stephen Francis Wilson by deed of H. P. Wilson 4 July 1872.

458 12 Oct 1875 John Hill and wife Elizabeth to Stephen Hill; for love; 1/3 undivided interest in land known as the Thomas Smart land.

463 15 Jan 1876 John L. Atlee Sr. and wife Sarah H. Sr. of Lancaster Co., Pa. to Sarah C. Luter; one acre more or less in Athens fronting and cornering on Jackson Street on E, Mill Street on N, Eastanallee Creek on W, and property of M. A. Helm on S, being the property formerly occupied by Edwin A. Atlee dec’d.

477 9 Feb 1876 Juda Miller to Daniel Lingerfelt Miller; for her support the remainder of her life.

504 23 Mar 1876 Stark D. Grills of Dunklin Co., Mo. to Jasper N. Aiken of Bradley Co.; Power of Atty. to collect moneys due him as heir of Emeline E. Lowry.

506 19 Feb 1876 John W. Brown to Jasper W. Lillard; claims against estate of John Matlock dec’d and wife Mary dec’d, in his own right or in right of deceased wife or child.

508 18 Apr 1876 J. S. Williams and wife Ada D. to A. O. Garrard of Georgia; goods in their millinery establishment.

509 1 Jan 1875 J. F. Guinn to Thomas J. Guinn, both of Meigs Co.

511 28 Feb 1876 James Jerkins to James A. Parkison; his interest in land of Edward Jerkins dec’d.

511 13 Dec 1875 Benjamin Jerkins to James A. Parkison; his interest in land of father Edward Jerkins dec’d.

520 13 Apr 1876 William Burnett of Larimer Co., Territory of Colorado to John F. Sherman; Power of Atty. to collect money due him as heir and grandson of John Neil dec’d and son of Roland and Nancy Burnett formerly of Holt Co., Mo.

526 15 Apr 1876 John L. Smith of Whitfield Co., Ga. to Mary L. Ford of Denton Co., Texas; his interest, being 1/3 of 1/6, in Elizah Ross reservation on Hiwassee River and belonging to estate of John L. McCarty dec’d; dower of widow Mary H.

529 10 Nov 1875 William B. Hamilton to B. D. Ellis of Monroe Co.

534 2 Jun 1876 Joseph M. McCollum and Alley S. Pearce, both of Perry Co., Ill., to W. C. Wallace; Power of Atty. to collect their share of estate of grandfather George Monroe.

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540 29 Apr 1876 Nancy Myers widow and Lee Myers and wife Margaret, and Robert M. Morrow and wife Martha, heirs of Melmoth L. Myers dec’d, to James Parkison.

544 13 Nov 1875 Hamilton Pearce to Thomas Peters of Jefferson Co., Ala.; Agent to sell land.

549 26 Nov 1873 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: W. B. McKeldin et al VS Julia I. Gettys et al; property included in dower of Emily S. McKeldin widow of A.

555 8 Jul 1876 William P. Grills and Emeline Pennington formerly Grills and her husband Eli Pennington of McDonough Co., Ill.; Power of Atty. to James H. Reynolds to receive moneys due them from estate of Emeline E. Lowry dec’d.

562 6 July 1874 County Court Deed to William Armstrong; R. A. and W. Armstrong VS Jane Armstrong, and James L. Cooper and wife Margaret J.

567 17 Dec 1874 Jacob Detherow and wife Elizabeth of Bradley Co. to Thomas Davis.

568 6 May 1876 John H. Grubb to Miss Virginia C. Grubb; his undivided 1/5 interest in the Grubb corner.

570 2 Feb 1871 James Gettys to M. Cunningham; in 1841 Gettys sold lots to Samuel Workman who assigned to Augustus W. Elder who transferred to William Graves who died leaving two daughters [sic], Clara C. Carter former Graves widow of F. B. Carter, and George C. Graves; William Graves assigned to Moses Cunningham; Gettys is making title.

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