McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book P

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2 12 Oct 1868 James B. Cooke of Chattanooga to James M. Henderson of Athens.

3 6 Oct 1868 Calvin Browder to Frank King, Colored.

3 24 Oct 1868 Margaret Porter, Execx. of Boyd Porter dec’d, to John B. Porter; on 25 May 1861 Boyd Porter now dec’d made Title Bond to his two sons Benjamin M. and John B. Porter.

4 24 Jul 1868 Bennet cooper of Bradley Co., Exec. of Philip Cooper dec’d late of McMinn Co., to W.C. and C.A. Barnett; in Oct 1858 Philip Cooper made Title Bond to Jasper N. Stephens then of McMinn Co.; by Chancery Court decree Title was vested in V.M. Terry of Overton Co., who has sold title to the Barnetts.

7 26 Oct 1868 Joseph W. Gibson to Sarah A. Gibson formerly the daughter of William Matlock dec’d; for $500. Of her own money, all his interest in the dower which Jane R. McClatchy lately sold to him, it being 80 acres out of the farm of her husband A.P. McClatchy, the place where Mrs. McClatchy is now living, near James Gettys.

8 12 Oct 1868 Martin Bunch and wife Elizabeth of Phelps Co., Mo. To A. Howard and Joseph Faris of same; acknowledged in Phelps Co.

12 31 Mar 1866 John H. and Martha Weir of Sebastian Co., Ark. to Patton A. Bradford; Power of Atty. to Collect their interest in real estate of Marian Bonner; acknowledged in Sebastian Co.

14 9 Nov 1868 William H. Howard to Martin D. Anderson; lots 75 and 76 in Athens, being the S side of the block of lots on which Howard’s Livery Stable is located….fronting on Church Alley.

15 10 Nov 1868 William H. Howard to Adolphus H. Crow; lots 71 and 72 in Athens, together with the Livery Stable, one hack and two-horse wagon, and three horses; Howard agrees not to go into Livery Stable business within four miles of Athens.

18 18 Nov 1868 Wiley Frank, Declaration for Homestead.

19 23 Nov 1868 Charles L. King to Julia R. King; his one half interest in the Mt. Verd tract together with the mills, his interest in the Hester Mills land on Sewee in Meigs Co., in the Glenmore Mills property on Eastanallee Creek, and in land in Brooks Co., Ga., owned by King and Alexander.

21 1 Oct 1868 G.W. Benton to John Benton; Power of Atty to settle his business in McMinn Co. and sell property.

24 4 Nov 1867 V.M. Metcalfe of Davidson Co. to J.B. Romans of same.

26 2 Dec 1868 Charles L. King and James Gettys to George W. Bridges; Bridges assigned to Gettys the right of redemption from King of the house and lot in Athens upon which said Bridges now resides, and a tract of land; Gettys has paid money and designates Mary Dixon Bridges and Hannah Elizabeth Bridges, daughters of said George W. Bridges and granddaughters of said Gettys, as the persons to whom said release should be made, reserving to said Bridges the right of living in said house his lifetime.

27 Nov 1867 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Christly Foster, Adm. of Daniel Hicks dec’d VS William Hicks et al; title to land divested out of William and Artimissia Hicks and Newton and Mary Ann Linn.

29 5 Dec 1868 Robert M. Staples and wife Catharine R. of Knox Co. to John P. Netherland; their 1/7 interest in farm of the late Dr. James W. Netherland.

30 14 Aug 1868 James C. Calhoun of Chattanooga to Amos Jackson, a man of Colour; lot 10 in the A.D. Keyes plan of lots in Athens, as registered in Deed Book L, page 539.

31 7 Dec 1868 This indenture made and entered into between the heirs of James Wade dec’d, viz, William D., Liney, and Sarah Jane Wade, and Michael Wattenbarger of the one part and Silas W. Wade of the other part.

31 7 Dec 1868 Same Grantors as in above deed to Levi Wattenbarger.

34 25 May 1868 Jasper N. Stephens of Texas to Lewis R. Hurst; deed for half of lots in Town of Mouse Creek to replace lost deed made in 1862.

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35 2 Sep 1868 Lewis R. Hurst to William E. Hurst; Deed of Trust for the “copy right of a Book Entitled the times an Explanatory treatees upon the prophecees of the Bible together with the Stereotype plates of said work and also the first Edition of One thousand copies of said work now under contract in the Southern Methodist publishing House Nashville Tennessee”; is indebted to the publishing House and others; retains the exclusive agency in the sale of said work.

35 23 Nov 1868 Allison D. Briant to son Matthew S. Briant; for love.

36 12 Oct 1868 James M. Browder of Monroe Co. to Andrew J. Shelton and Nancy H. Woody.

38 28 Nov 1868 Abijah Boggus to Samuel Hutsell, both of Meigs Co.; land….with the line….to the Grave Yard at Buttram’s Meeting House.

39 2 Oct 1868 William Richardson of Campbell Co. to David H. Dennis; an undivided 1/8 interest in the farm where James Dennis now lives, reference being had to a deed from Jonathan Richardson to Mark Richardson for a more perfect description of the land.

41 30 Oct 1867 James M. Briggs and wife Sarah M., and Mary and Eliza M. Eldridge to A.M. and P.V. Hambright; “whereas by descent from Pater Hambright our father, A.M. and P.V. Hambright and the subscribers to this Deed have derived title to and now hold equal and undivided interest (except Eliza M. Eldridge who has an interest of one third of one fifth) in a tract of land”.

42 30 Oct 1867 Same Grantors and Grantees as in above deed; “Whereas by descent from F.M. Hambright, A.M. and P.V. Hambright and the subscribers to this Deed” etc., as in above deed.

46 2 Mar 1867 Assignment of Bankrupt Effects of William H. Taylor, Bankrupt, of Grainger Co. to Ben Peck, Assignee in Bankruptcy, of Rutledge, Grainger Co.

46 15 Jan 1869 Mark and Isham Dennis, and J.R. Buckner to Robert M. Erecson and Charles V.Orton Jr.

51 22 Jan 1869 Benjamin T. Ziegler of Rhea Co. to Celicea Miller and her heirs.

52 22 Jan 1869 A.J. Clark to John Carver of Polk Co.

53 25 Nov 1867 John D. Lowry and others VS David N. Varnell and others; [See Deed Book O, page 365] Lot No. 1 allotted to Frances E. Fisher.

54 2 Dec 1868 William H. Hammond to Ruth R. Martin, by direction of B.F. Martin; part of the John Walker Reservation excepting one acre for the Presbyterian Church and one acre for the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Calhoun.

56 23 Jan 1868 Benjamin F. Martin to wife Ruth R. Martin; 10 lots in Calhoun.

57 No date. W.A. Duggan to Tennessee T. Bloom wife of G.M. Bloom; acknowledged 5 Feb 1859.

58 26 Aug 1867 James T. Lane to daughter Virginia Moss; land free from the marital rights of her present husband Edward T. Moss; $2000. To be paid in her interest in State Bonds and land known as the Mouse Creek farm which she derives through the Will of her grandfather John Moss dec’d and by a decree of Chancery Court in the case of William Lane next friend of Quintina Lane VS Joseph M. Alexander and others.

60 26 May 1868 Joseph H. Walker, Sarah Walker by her Atty. in fact Joseph H. Walker, John H. and Martha Wear by their Atty. in fact Patton A. Bradford, James Gregory and wife Elizabeth to John E. and Margaret Hutsell; their interest in the dower of Ann Bonner, widow of James Bonner dec’d, as heirs.

62 No date. Elmore Brock and wife Mary and J.E. Hutsell to Margaret Hutsell; their interest as heirs in dower of Ann Bonner, widow of James Bonner dec’d; the Brocks acknowledge in White Co.

63 9 Jan 1869 Madison Pain of Texas by his Agent John H. Tally of Roane Co. to Richard Holland.

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66 9 Feb 1869 M.L. Phillips, M.A. Helm, T. Richmond, and M.R. May to William F. Long and John P. Peters; the Athens Republican Printing Press, type, and fixtures.

69 16 Feb 1869 Nancy, Mary, Matilda, Emaline (Emiretta), Nancy, Malvina, Catherine, and Martha Cook, heirs of Jacob Cook dec’d, to Robert Bishop and the minor heirs of Thomas Bishop dec’d, to wit, James C., Robert, John, Sarah, and Elizabeth Bishop.

70 16 Feb 1869 William Burns, Register, appoints Adam Burgist a Deputy Register, who takes Oath to support the Constitution of the U.S. and of Tennessee, and that he has never in any way aided the late Rebellion or the so called Confederate States of America.

72 7 Oct 1868 James Bayless to Hiram Bird, Robert Johnson, and Aaron Melton, Trustees of the Freedmen Cumberland Church in Athens.

73 30 Oct 1867 William H. and George W. Smith to W.N., S.H., J.F., and C.M. Dewitt.

74 14 Dec 1868 Thomas Stephens of Barto Co., Ga. To Jacob Clonninger.

74 24 Feb 1869 M.C. Reynolds to William L. Reynolds; his interest in land to which he, James M., and William L. Reynolds, derived title by descent from George Reynolds.

75 12 Feb 1869 William C. Eblin and wife Elizabeth L. formerly wife of H.M.D. McElrath dec’d of McMinn Co. to J.H. Hays and J.E. McElrath of Bradley Co.; one fourth interest in Walker Mill association, the land that M.A.W. Hanks deeded to Elizabeth L. in a trust deed to James W. Campbell.

80 26 May 1868 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: title to land of Albert G. Rice dec’d divested out of Margaret, Orville, Albert, Robert, and Miller F. Rice.

81 16 Oct 1868 George W. Bogart and wife Nancy formerly Barnett, Joseph L. (W.) Wilson and wife Frances J. Formerly Barnett, Curtis A. Barnett, heirs of James M. Barnett dec’d, to William C. Barnett.

83 7 Jan 1869 A.C. Blevins and wife Catherine to Phebia Green.

85 7 Oct 1867 Copy of County Court decree: A.D. Briant, Adm of Jonas Wassen dec’d VS Catherine Wassen widow, Eliza and John Wassen, Nancy, Joseph, and Martha Sellers, Jonas Wassen Jr., Elizabeth Brandon formerly McMillen, and John Henry, Jonas T., Mary C., and Martha E. Boofer, and Sarah Jane, Eliza Ann, and Jackson Wassen, Erpha and Meredith Paul, and Mary, John, George, and Cassa Ann Wassen; sale of land of Jonas Wassen dec’d to Catherine Wassen, high bidder.

87 8 Jun 1868 Daniel McKinney to Epperson and Porter; part of the Riceville Farm; Lots 1, 2, and 3, reserving a space of 15 feet between lots 2 and 3 which he hereby gives to the public for an alley; he also gives for a public street the land lying between the first of said lots and the E.T. & Ga. R.R. line.

89 7 Nov 1868 Joseph C. Weir to Thomas McCully of Bradley Co.

90 15 Mar 1869 Declaration, Henry Sloop to William A. (H.) Whitess and William Dover; “To building One House 40 feet long 18 feet Wide 10 feet story with 5 doors four Windows, two partitions and a hall running through the same and sealed rough inside for papering and doing all the Carpenter work on the same $140.00. Said House was built upon lot No. 11 in McKinnie’s addition to the Town of Riceville McMinn County Tennessee and is known in said Town of Riceville as Henry Sloofer’s Nice House.”

91 10 Nov 1867 Elias Walker to Fanny Turk.

91 17 Dec 1868 John Crews and wife Eliza A. to Thomas Edgeman; acknowledged in Hot Springs Co., Ark.

96 17 Mar 1868 W.R. Grubb to son W.W. Grubb; for love; lot in Athens where Charles F. Gibson now lives.

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97 4 Jan 1866 Benjamin Shell of Polk Co. to Ransom A. Wamack.

100 11 Feb 1868 John F. Sharp, Trustee, to John M. Miller; on 1 Jul 1858 William Thompson then of McMinn Co. made a Deed of Trust to Sharp for lot No. 1 in Calhoun, which was in the plan of lots laid off around what was intended as a Public Spring.

102 17 Jul 1868 Clemuel Gregory to son Green C. Gregory; for love.

104 19 Apr 1869 J.W. Gibson, Sheriff, to M.A. Cass; Sheriff levied on individual interest of R.G. Blackburn in land of Jessee R. Blackburn in Aug 1866.

105 8 Mar 1869 C.C. Curtis to Ann E. Trust, Adm of Robert Trust dec’d of Waldo Co., Minn. [Main?]; Deed of Trust to secure notes due her.

108 17 Apr 1869 Erastus Rowley of New Albany, Ind. To David M. Wilson; house and lot on which William Graves was living at the time of his death and subsequently owned by Samuel P. Ivins and conveyed by him to Rowley, adjoining Athens on the N side….on the East by Tennessee Wesleyan University; acknowledged in Floyd Co., Ind. Before Henry M. Rowley, Notary.

110 9 Oct 1868 David Hart, Gdn. &C of M.L. Hickox, to F.Brigham; a house and lot in Athens which was laid off as dower to Mrs. M.L. Hickox, widow of John E. Hickox dec’d; acknowledged in Campbell Co.

113 19 Mar 1869 A. and Rachel Howard and Joseph and Margaret E. Farris to H.H. Hays.

114 1 Apr 1869 Mahala, E.C., Amanda L., Mahala V., O.S., W.L., and H.B. Burn, and Tennessee T. Bloom and husband G.M. Bloom to Samuel C. Burn.

115 25 Nov 1867 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: James Forrest Adm. et al VS Lydia Ann Smith widow et al; Title to land on which Josiah Smith lived and died divested out of Lydia Ann Smith and Adaline D., F.M., Mary C., and Christopher C. Smith, Harriet S. McCuistian, James M., Sarah C., John S., Thomas R., Misourie P., and Margaret T. Smith; their 1/11 interest as heirs of H.B. Smith dec’d.

122 6 Mar 1869 Jacob A. Tibbs to John Grubb as trustee for Mary A. Grubb wife of Jackson Grubb, and at her death to her children Ernest L. and Arthur Grubb and any other children which she may bear; for natural love and affection to my “selection” Mary A. Grubb; lots in Athens; acknowledged in Whitfield Co., Ga.

126 29 Apr 1869 John F. Robinnett of Edgar Co., Ill. To Samuel Creasman; acknowledged in Edgar Co.

129 Aug 1868 Daniel McKinny to son John L. McKinny; for love; lot 13 in Riceville upon which John L. is now building a house.

131 8 Sep 1865 Jane Hawk to James D. Poter.

133 25 Nov 1867 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: James S. Russell Adm. VS Widow, heirs, and creditors of C.B. Newman dec’d; Mrs. C.Newman the widow was high bidder for the land, and title divested out of Margaret E. and William Armstrong, Sarah A., Mary E., Spencer F., David M., Robert C., Lafayette C., and John M. Newman, heirs of C.B. Newman dec’d.

137 24 May 1869 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Lattimore and Cantrell VS Cantrell; sale of undivided 6/12 interest of L.E. Cantrell dec’d in land of Gabriel Cantrell dec’d, subject to dower of Nancy widow of Gabriel and dower of Sarah E. widow of L.E.; on Federal Road from Madisonville to Columbus; interests of Robert P., John, Mary S., Thomas J., and Ernest Cantrell, heirs of L.E.

143 25 May 1867 James Glasgow Parshall of Monroe Co. to Samuel W. Royston; his undivided interest in land in right of his sister Jane A. Parshall who is now dec’d, land described in deed to his father John Parshall.

145 15 Nov 1866 Andrew L. Rogers of Monroe Co. to J. Bovey.

147 10 Mar 1869 G.W. Standifer to Sallie McKeldin.

149 15 Apr 1867 Joseph B. Smart of Williamson Co., Ill. To John Hill; his undivided interest in estate of Thomas Smart dec’d.

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150 23 Jan 1869 John W. Cloninger to Susan E., Francis A., Huldah J., John Luther, and Margaret A. Cloninger, minor heirs of James J. Cloninger dec’d, subject to dower of widow Sarah A. Cloninger as required by a decree of Chancery Court at Benton, Polk Co., in case of Sarah A. Cloninger VS Jason Coe and said minor heirs.

152 26 Jul 1869 Allen Ware to John R. Ware; farm, stock, and all personal property; Allen and his wife Rutha are both getting old and “yet they are hale and harty and bid fare to live many years”; John R. agrees to support Allen and Rutha for 15 years, giving them plenty of good food either at John R’s Table, or food to cook themselves, also to furnish them three suits of clothes every year, “said Allen’s coat pants and vest to be of Good Janes and his under close of Good Plain domestic Goods with linnen for the bosom and ristbands of his Shirts and said Rutha to have one Cotton one linsey and one calico dress each year with three suits of Good cotton under close. I am also to pay said Allan two dollars in money for spending money each and every month for 15 years”; also a horse and buggy when they wish to ride.

155 24 May 1869 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: James M. Browder VS Letitia Anderson et als; title to land divested out of Letitia, Thomas, and John M. Anderson, Joseph Hendrix and wife Sarah, Rhoda J., Lewis, and Samuel H. Anderson, as widow and heirs of Allen Anderson dec’d.

156 26 Nov 1867 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: James Smart Exec. of Thomas Smart dec’d VS Widow and heirs; land, subject to dower of widow Margaret, sold to John Hill.

158 31 Jul 1869 John Baker and wife Emily to Alexander Crockett and Hamilton Browder; one half of undivided land subject to dower of widow Mary Davis, widow of Alfred Davis.

159 8 Feb 1869 S.A. Wallis to Alexander Maxwell; Deed of Trust for personal property; owes Maxwell $300. For taking care of and clothing his children for 1867 and 1868.

162 10 Aug 1869 Francis M. Ellis to M.L. Ellis; his interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis dec’d.

168 14 Sep 1868 Elmore Brock and wife Mary formerly Bonner of White Co. to Levi and Diana Fitzgerald; their 1/10 part of land of James Bonner dec’d.

170 9 Nov 1858 Jacob Houts to Orville Holland late of N.C.

171 10 Sep 1869 Orville Holland to son A.A. Holland; land and personal property, for love; Orville reserves life estate for himself and wife Harriet.

177 18 Jul 1865 Simeon Boggess to James Gettys of Meigs Co.; undivided half of land in Meigs Co., Abijah Boggess Sr. owning the other half.

178 8 Jul 1868 Epperson & Porter to Mary Gilliland.

180 28 Aug 1869 Susannah Sanders and husband Robert, and John and Henry St. John, all of St. Clair Co., Mo., Susannah, John, and Henry being three of the five children of Arthur St. John dec’d; Power of Atty. to John W. Davis of St. Clair Co., Mo., to go to Athens and collect their share of estate of Arthur St. John especially in hands of Adm. A.H. Crow.

185 13 Mar 1869 Catharine Wassom to Martha Sellers; land except dower laid off to Catharine for her lifetime.

189 14 Sep 1859 “State of Georgia County”; Thomas L. Hoyl of County and State aforesaid to David Cobb and Wm. Mayfield; Land known as Huffaker Chilhowee Springs; acknowledged 14 Sep 1869 in Ga., the County not given, before J.C.F. Clark, Clk.; Webster Co., Ga., David R. Herrill, Judge, certifies that J.C.F. Clark is Clerk of Court in Terrill Co., Ga.

191 14 Apr 1869 William J. and Stephen A. Bryant to William Gibony of Meigs Co.

193 11 Oct 1869 Agreement between Mark Dennis Jr. (of Allen) and the said Allen Dennis; Mark agrees to care for the said Allen and wife Mary (mother and father of said Mark) and to furnish a home for his invalid sister Matilda Dennis as long as she wishes; also to pay Elizabeth Erikson, wife of Robert Erikson, another daughter of said Allen.

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200 16 Oct 1868 Joseph (Jasper) F. Wilson and wife Frances J. formerly Barnett, William C., Charles A., and Stephen L. Barnett, Harison B. Burns and wife Margaret E. formerly Barnett, Mary C. Wilson formerly Barnett widow of Patrick Wilson dec’d, George W. Bowgart and wife Nancy L. formerly Barnett, and Elizabeth Barnett widow of James Barnett dec’d, the only heirs of said James M. Barnett dec’d to John Norvell; 17 Mar 1896, W.C. Barnett declares that satisfaction of this lien has been paid.

202 29 Oct 1869 James Bayless to Sarah Jane Ragan.

203 5 Oct 1868 Cyntha, A. Jackson, Charlotta, and Susanah Waller to A.H.M. Gregory.

208 31 Aug 1869 Indenture made at Calhoun; James H. Hays and wife Susan C. formerly McElrath, of Bradley Co., to Emeline S. Saulspaw; their ¼ undivided interest in land heretofore set apart to Eliza L. McElrath in the Walker Mill reservation.

211 19 Jun 1869 J.E. McElrath of Cleveland, Bradley Co., to Emeline S. Saulpaw of Calhoun; 5/8 undivided interest in Walker Mill reservation.

212 1 Mar 1869 Indenture made at Spring Place, Ga.; Ellen F. Morris formerly McElrath and husband James C. Morris of Georgia to J.E. McElrath of Cleveland; ¼ undivided interest in Walker Mill Reservation.

213 30 Oct 1869 William H., R.A., J.C., M.J. (M.T.), Catharine, Nancy E., and Amanda Stevenson to W.H. Cooper.

214 2 Nov 1869 Herod H. Rudd and wife Harriet S.. to M.D. Anderson; acknowledged in Hamilton Co.

215 15 Nov 1869 John Smith, Agreement with son Joseph A.R. Smith; John deeds all crops, stock, farming equipment, and furniture to Joseph A.R. if he will live with said John and his mother Elizabeth who are both old and infirm.

217 27 Nov 1869 John Edgemon to Thomas Edgemon; his 1/10 interest in land, as an heir, of Thomas Edgemon dec’d and in dower of his mother.

222 15 Apr 1866 Joel Culpepper and Eliza K. Jenkins, Marriage Contract; money to buy land for her own use during her lifetime, and then for Millard L. Jenkins, minor heir of Eliza K., and Sarah A. Culpeper, minor heir of said Joel by adoption; acknowledged 6 Dec 1869.

225 1 Nov 1869 M.L. Phillips, Mayor, and Theodore Richmond, James H. Hornaby, M.A. Helm, James Baker, James Turner, and Henry Rowley, Alderman of the municipal corporation of the Town of Athens, have received a proposition from W. McKeldin & Co. to purchase an alley in said town lying between Jackson and White Streets and separating the lot formerly owned by the Matlock heirs and the Twomey property owned by said McKeldin and W.M. Sehorn, for $65.; lot is of no public use or benefit and is sold. 226 26 Nov 1868 Copy of Chancery Court decree: Samuel Martin Adm. VS Catharine Fite et als; title divested out of complainant and respondents as heirs of Samuel Wilson dec’d.

229 25 Jun 1867 Patton L. Gamble of Hamilton Co. to Louisa J. Roland; lots 17 and 18 in Athens where he formerly had a residence.

231 10 Dec 1866 Copy of Circuit Court Decree: C.L. Rice, Adm. of Henry Rice dec’d VS Margaret Rice widow, and Henry M., Martha E., and Sarah R. Rice; sale of two town lots in Athens, the first known as Lot No. 1 on left hand side of Washington St. going West, the first lot W of the original plan of said town and in the John K. Farmer addition, and the second lot adjoins above lot, with Washington Street on the N and Main Street on the S.

233 29 Dec 1869 Thomas Gibson to daughter Margaret Lourse__y Swaffer; land and personal property for which said daughter and John Westley Swaffer agree to care for Thomas and Henrietta Gibson during their lifetime.

234 20 Dec 1869 Abijah Boggess of Meigs Co. to Drucilla Fry of Rhea Co.

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236 1 Jan 1870 Annie M. Kilgore, Admx. Of F.M. Kilgore dec’d, to Julius Aytes; F.M. Kilgore had made Title Bond 22 Sep 1865.

238 16 Dec 1869 Rev. John Worthman of Trenton N.J. to Rev. John W. Mann of Greeneville, Tenn.

240 10 Mar 1868 Katharine Kibble to James Kibble.

245 12 Oct 1868 Paul Bunch and wife Mahala (Hulda) Bunch to Martin Bunch, all of Phelps Co., Mo.

251 1 Jan 1870 The East Tennessee Virginia and Georgia Rail road Company, Thomas H. Callaway President, party of the first part, and Philo C. Calhoun, Richard T. Wilson, and John McGinnis Jr., all of New York, Trustees, parties of the second part; R.R. to issue $3,900,000.00 in bonds to pay debts to State of Tennessee and to extend its “phasilities”, etc.

263 19 Jun 1860 James Wilson to Trustees of Mouse Creek Male and Female Academy; for $275, for purpose of a schoolhouse; lot at Mouse Creek, beginning at the street running from the N corner of the Depot towards James Wilson’s 225 feet from the Public depot ground, measuring from the corner of Magill’s store house….; 16 Feb 1870, deed proven by witness J.F. Lowry and by J.B. Kenedy who identifies handwriting of witness John McPhale who is dead.

265 22 Jan 1868 Nancy Jan Delzell and husband John N. Delzell of Richland Co., Ill. to John D. Lowry Jr.; Lot No. 5 allotted her by Commissioners.

266 1 Mar 1870 John L. Atlee to Wahington L. Atlee, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.; right to redeem lots in Athens sold for debts of Edwin A. and John L. Atlee; lot 7 on N side of public square upon which Robert N. McEwen formerly lived and now occupied by John L. Atlee.

267 22 Nov 1869 Henry H. Matlock and J.W. Lillard and wife M.E., heirs of John Matlock dec’d to W.B. McKeldin.

269 25 Feb 1870 John L. Thompson to James Neill Gdn. of Margaret and Louisa Neill; Deed of Trust.

269 4 Mar 1870 J.M. Johns to James S. Richards; his 1/6 interest in land.

270 29 May 1869 Copy of Chancery Court Decree; house and lot in Mouse creek known as residence of Tandy S. Rice sold 1 Aug 1862 for debt; title divested out of children and heirs of Tandy S. Rice dec’d.

280 14 Oct 1868 C.L. Rice to Mrs. N.M. Carlock and Mrs. E.C. Redmon.

281 1 Apr 1870 James C. Carlock Exec. of John Crawford dec’d to C.C. Wester, assignee of Hugh Crawford; Lot No.10 in Athens, bounded on E by P.C. Wilson, on S by Property formerly owned by State Bank, on W by Church alley, and on N by Main Street, known as the property upon which John Crawford lived and died.

282 1 Apr 1870 James C. Carlock Exec. of John Crawford dec’d to C.C. Wester, assignee of Hugh Crawford; Lot No. 66 bounded on N by lot owned by Wm. Atlee, on E by Church Alley, on S by Bank Alley, and on W by lot formerly owned by Frank Boyd dec’d.

283 15 Dec 1869 R.H. Wells, Statement of Facts, for the purpose of giving full satisfaction to J.A. Turley; in 1864 William Turley with some 5 or 6 Federal soldiers came to my house with an order for the arrest of William Mayfield and myself and one of the soldiers in searching for firearms, took my wife’s breast pin, and out of this grew the trouble that we are now settling; I am satisfied that Mr. Turley came at the suggestion of William M. Scarborough his father-in-law for the purpose of befriending me, and that I lay no blame on him and never knew him to do a dishonest act but to the subject, Joseph Lattimore and Robert Smith informed Mr. Turley and others that sometime since as they and myself were coming from Athens together that Mr. Turley’s name was mentioned as a suitable candidate for J.P. and that I remarked what elect a damned thief and prowler that robs the houses of honest men and that they cautioned me and that I told them I knew what I was saying that Mr. Turley came to my house and robbed it and took my wife’s jewelry and bed chloes and that she followed him to Mr. Wm. M. Scarbrough’s and took the bed cloes away and brought them home on my mule and. could prove the same by as good a man as there was in Polk Co. to wit Wm. Mayfield which conversation I deny and had I have had any such it would have been willfully and maliciously false.

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285 20 Jul 1868 Thomas Gibson to daughter Margaret Louiza Swafferd; for love; land adjoining the land that he gave to his daughter Mahala Jane Jones.

285 4 Oct 1869 Jacob A. Tibbs of Dalton, Ga. to P.M. Milligan.

286 22 Jan 1870 James C. Carlock to John H. Brunner of Monroe Co.; land beginning at the end of the plank fence that divides the Cane Creek Academy from the Grave yard lot.

291 23 Apr 1870 Richard C. Jackson to Martha E. Lillard; lots 20, 22, 23, and the E half of lot 21, now occupied by him as a residence together with the stable lots, Stables, Railroad office, bounded on E by Jackson Street, on S by Prison Alley and half of lot 21 now owned by John L. Atlee, on W by White Street, and on N by College Street.

293 17 Oct 1867 Stephen Bedford of La. to daughter Mary Farmer wife of Isham W. Farmer; for love.

295 13 Sep 1867 Joseph C. Stipes to B.F. Morgan and A.C. Stipes; his 1/4 undivided part of land now held by heirs of George W. Stipes dec’d.

297 15 Nov 1869 Harlin S. Wood and wife Nancy E. formerly Stephens to Jason Coe; acknowledged by Nancy E. in Casey Co., Ky. and by Harlin S. in McMinn county.

298 5 Apr 1870 Susannah P. Sanders and husband Robert to Mary E. Davis of St. Clair Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. to collect from A.H. Crow, Adm. of Arthur St. John dec’d in McMinn Co., her 1/5 equal share of estate of Arthur St. John late of St. Clair Co., Mo, who died intestate; acknowledged in St. Clair Co., Mo.

299 7 Apr 1870 John St. John to Mary E. Davis, both of St. Clair Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. for his 1/5 share of estate of Arthur St. John dec’d.

300 15 Jan 1870 William Terry to Sarah Ann Isbell of Monroe Co.

302 27 Sep 1869 Levi Fitzgerald to Margrate Willis.

303 19 May 1870 Thomas Stephens of Barto Co., Ga. to Jacob, Adam, J. N., and Samuel Sligar. 304 21 May 1870 George W. Standifer to Mary Morgan.

316 12 Dec 1863 John T. Barton to William Green; 6 Jun 1870, witnesses J.G. Moss and S.W. Foster are nonresidents of Tennessee.

317 24 May 1869 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: title to land divested out of Anderson Fox, Nancy and Thompson Sanders, Sarah McCormack, William Fox, Mary and George Scott, Amanda and Daniel White, Williamson and David Fox, William and Paralee Gold, Malinda and Asa J. Howell, Josephine and Ransom Wamack, Caroline, John, and Samuel Fox, Caroline Fox widow of Abraham Fox Jr., Wesley Cal William Coe [sic], Elizabeth Coe, Levi, Mary Caroline, and Nancy Ann Fox, all heirs of Abraham Fox Sr. dec’d.

319 4 Mar 1870 A.K. Johns to James S. Richards; his undivided interest in land.

221 2 Dec 1869 James F., Henry, Mary, and William A. Bradford to Lucy Kamey Colored ; their undivided interest in land, a part of the Homestead farm of the late Jams F. Bradford and occupied by us as his heirs, we being the only heirs having any interest therein.

322 4 Jul 1870 J.A. Gouldy, Sheriff, to Wesley Avens; lots in Calhoun owned by Thomas Denson a nonresident of Tenn., attached 2 Dec 1867.

323 7 Jul 1870 John L. Atlee to It’s. Sarah C. Leuter; one half interest in lots 47 and 48 in Athens adjoining Jackson Grubb, also the lot known as the Cumberland Presbyterian lot, both on the S; said lots 47 and 48 fronting on White Street and Prison Alley; Deed of Trust.

325 21 Mar 1870 James Gettys of McMinn Co. to Samuel F. and Richard F. Gettys; .930 acres on Eastanallee Creek with all machinery, mills, buildings, the same conveyed to him 26 Dec 1862 by W.J. McClatchey.

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328 17 May 1870 P.C. Calhoun, R T. Wilson, and John McGinnis Jr. to East Tenn., Virginia, and Georgia R.R. Co.; release of mortgage.

331 25 Nov 1868 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: F.M. Rowan At. of Eli Dixon dec’d VS Widow, heirs, and creditors; Mrs. Charity Dixon, widow, is high bidder for land.

(346) 9 Jul 1870 Alexander M. McKinsey to Francis M., Margaret, and Mary C. McKinsey, and Martha Coles.

348 25 May 1870 Paralee Gregory to G.W. Moore; signed by Paralee Gregory, Adolphus P. and Malissa A. McClatchey, and they all acknowledge.

349 27 May 1870 George W. Moore and wife Rebecca J. to John Gregory.

(351) 17 Aug 1869 Stanley G. and John S. Stevens of Casey Co., Ky’. to David Bowerman.

(352) 23 Aug 1870 Jeremiah B. Ellis to Margaret A. Woolsey; his interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis dec’d.

360 31 Jan 1870 J.W. Gibson, Sheriff, to Robert Cochran Adm. of John Thomas dec’d; land of J. M Cass.

361 7 Jan 1853 Humphrey L. and Granville Shults, and David Neill and wife Elizabeth A., a part of the heirs of David Shults dec’d, to John Neil Sr.; their fifth parts, each one their undivided claim or dower; Granville Shults and the Neils acknowledge in Bradley Co. on date given; 6 Jun 1870, witnesses R.S. Lane and John F. Sherman saw Humphrey Shults sign.

364 7 Oct 1862 J.W. Gibson to Jane Walker.

365 21 Apr 1869 A.S. Jones and M.P. Salley of Wayne Co., Ky. to William McKinsey; acknowledged in Wayne Co., Ky. by M.P. Salley before John L. Sallee, his office at Mounticello.

368 19 Aug 1856 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Richard C. Jackson VS Mary Camp widow, James M. Knox and wife Nancy H., George P. Billingsly and wife M.J., William P. Caldwell and wife Elizabeth T., Sterling P., Thomas J., and John B. Camp, by their Gdn. Mary Camp, heirs of John Camp dec’d; petition filed prior to 1 Oct 1849 in Circuit
Court for sale of land of John Camp dec’d known as the Cedar Springs Farm and sale made to Richard C. Jackson 1 Oct 1849, high bidder; all money has been paid, but papers, orders, and decrees have been destroyed by fire, and Jackson does not have title; the original Grant is in possession of the heirs.

369 12 Sep 1870 M.A. Newman and husband A.A. Newman to Virginia N. Pennington; Lot No. 2 as divided by Connissioners.

370 12 Sep 1870 Martha N. Lowry to Margaret A. Newman; Lot No. 3 as divided by Commissioners.

371 12 Sep 1870 Virginia M Pennington and husband F.M. to John D. Lowry Jr.; Lot No. 6 as divided by Commissioners.

372 10 Sep 1870 Nathan Kelly and Miss Virginia K. Thompson, Marriage Contract; Virginia agrees that if Nathan should die after their marriage, she is to receive a child’s part instead of dower.

373 27 Jul 1870 William Martin to John Martin; signed by William and Caroline Martin.

380 28 May 1867 Jasper Newton to Susan C. Cobb.

381 Seo 1870 John B. Cobb and wife Susan C. to Thomas Lattimore.

383 4 Oct 1870 Jeremiah Lawson and wife Dicy formerly Ellis to Ransom A. Ellis; their interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis.

384 23 Aug 1870 Benjamin A. Ellis of Barry Co., Mo. to Margaret A. Woolsey; his interest in estate of Ezekiel Ellis dec’d.

384 23 Aug 1870 Alvin D. Ellis of Barry Co., Mo. to Ransom A. Ellis; his interest in estate of. Ezekiel Ellis dec’d.

385 3 Sep 1870 Andrew 3. Thompson of Grayson Co., Texas to John B. Cobb; Power of Atty. to sell his real estate in McMinn and Polk Counties.

Page 128

388 11 Sep 1868 William and Joseph Neil, Execs. of John Neil dec’d, to John F. Sherman.

. 393 25 Nov 1868 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: H.B. and James Yearwood VS Sam-uel B., Samuel Y., and Walter S. Haynes, F.A. and Sarah D. Holt, Cornelia H. and Stephen P. Hale, James M. Yearwood, Robert S., James R., William H., Virginia, Thomas, Martha, and Irene Johnson; title divested out of defendants and complainant Thomas Yearwood, as heirs of William Yearwood dec’d, and vested in H.B. Yearwood, the purchaser.

394 22 Jun 1870 Richard C. Jackson of Knox Co. to Smith S. Robbins of Jefferson Co., N.Y.; the Cedar Springs farm.

397 29 Aug 1870 Hent Robison to W.C. Owen; his undivided interest in house and lot whereon Cynthia Robison lived and died.

408 10 Nov 1870 William T. McCarty of Dalton, Ga. to Mary I. Smith; his interest in the part of the Eliza Ross reservation which his mother now occupies as her dower interest in land of her husband John L. McCarty dec’d.

409 4 Jul 1870 John W. Paris to John H. Brunner, President of the Cane Creek Joint Stock Company.

410 6 Oct 1869 Mrs. Elizabeth Cowan to Donald Bales of Roane Co.

411 3 Dec 1870 James L. and William H. Gregory to George W. Moore; their undi vided share of land.

415 13 Nov 1856 Robert B. Wilson and H.T. Middleton relinquish all their claim to the l{iddleton farm and to boy Thomas, to Elizabeth Wilson.

415 22 Aug 1870 J,C. Wilson relinquishes his interest in lands of his father Samuel Wilson dec’d to P.W. Hoyl.

418 2 Oct 1869 Mary C. Guffey to Archibald Hampton.

419 12 Dec 1870 John Evans to Hezekiah Evans; one brick house between the store house of C.P. Wilson and the dwelling of Timothy Sullins, on S side of Public Scuare in Athens, fronting the street, on a lot 15 feet, running back 30 feet, also my chairs, glasses, and barber tools in my shop at Athens and Cleveland,

424 15 Sep 1870 Matthew S. Briant to Nancy A. Briant.

428 9 Dec 1867 Circuit Court Decree: A. Blizard, Adm. of John N. Thurman dec’d VS Widow and heirs; title divested out of Mary Lee, James, and William Thurman, children of John M. Thurman dec’d and vested in R.N. Hamilton the purchaser, subject to dower of Malinda Hamilton.

431 2 Apr 1870 Ezekiel Swaffor to Drucilla Swafford.

432 9 Jan 1871 A,V. Netherland she to A. McKeldin; acknowledged in Knox Co. before Julius Ochs, Notary.

434 23 Sep 1869 Thomas J., Margaret B., and Bell Bella Weir, and Sarvilla McMinn, heirs of John M.C. Weir, to T.W. Brock.

435 7 Sep 1870 John G. and Henry H. Hale, Execs. of Thomas Hale dec’d, to J.W. Lillard.

437 13 Jan 1871. W. S. Burger and wife Mary C. to W.B. Dixon; two acres being the W half of four acres conveyed by N.?. Jarnagin to D.W. Robinson, Nov 1857, and bounded on W by Kilgore St., on College Street.

440 26 Jan 1871 Partition of lots of James Forrest dec’d in Mouse Creek among his heirs, Albartus, William H., and John N. Forrest.

443 28 Jan 1871 P.H. George and William H. Howard to J.K. Clingan of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust for one undivided interest in lots now known as owned by Mrs. Mary George, it being the interest of P.M. George as heir of William George dec’d.

444 12 Sep 1870 Susan Lowry to M.A. Newman Alexander A. Newman ; Susan has dower in lands of Daniel Lowry dec’d, and part of dower land is included in Lot No. 3 which was allotted to Martha N. Lowry by Chancery Court; Susan is selling this part of her dower.

445 1 Feb 1871 Isaac Cookson to Mary A. Cookson; personal property and interest in land on which the children of John F. Miller dec’d reside; “All of which property I acknowledge to be the lawful inheritance of said children”.

Page 129

447 21 Oct 1869 Mary D. Newton widow of Edward Newton dec’d to E.M. Newton; relinquishment of all her claims on estate. 448 11 Feb 1871 William M. Gate of Bradley Co. to A. B. Blankenship; half interest in lot in Athens, corner of Washington and White Streets. 448 17 Feb 1871 William W. Alexander to A.B. Blankenship; half interest in lot in Athens, corner of Washington and White Streets.

450 13 Feb 1871 Henry H. Rider to William H. Rider of Loudon Co.

457 29 Mar 1870 Rebecca 0. Bridges to Sarah Cates, wife of Eli B. Cates.

458 24 May 1869 Copy of Circuit Court Decree Jane Turner VS H.H. Turner; one half in —value of his lands set apart to Jane as alimony.

461 2 Jan 1871 Charles L. King and wife Julia to David Cleage; their interest in Glenmore Mill property.

466 1 Feb 1871 Gideon Gate and Mary Elder, Marriage Contract; Mary agrees to turn over to Gideon her personal property and proceeds or rents from her Dower, but retains the Dower, where she now lives, in her own name; Gideon agrees to take into his family Craton Elder, daughter of said Mary, support and educate her, and at her majority or marriage to give her $3OO.

468 14 Mar 1871 James W. Saynisch and wife Pauline A.C. to John L. McKinney; Deed of Trust for farm on which they now live.

469 30 Nov 1870 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: John B. Kennedy and James S. Beavers VS Elizabeth McPhail, Martha J. Kennedy, Nancy M. Beavers, and Mary J., Daniel B., Elizabeth P., and John W. McPhail; land subject to widow’s dower, sold to John B. Kennedy.

469 20 Mar 1871 Rebecca Burns, widow of William Burns dec’d, to William H. Briant and Theodore Richmond; part of lot 41 in Athens.

470 20 Mar 1871 M.L. Phillips and Theodore Richmond, Execs. and Rebecca Burns widow of William Burns dec’d to William W. Alexander, high bidder at sale; lot, facing Washington St. on S, with a front of 20 feet 6 inches, including the building known as the Burns Drug Store, and running back same width to the lot on which said Alexander now resides, bounded on N by said Alexander’s lot, and on E by Church Alley, in Athens; said Alexander stipulates that Rebecca Burns shall have, during her lifetime, the right of pass-way to the Wood-pile, through large gate, in rear of Drug Store.

471 7 Mar 1868 John W. Paris, William Paris Sr.., and James C. Carlock to C. R. Hoyl, W.C. Vaughan, Robert H. Paris, Robert H. Wells, A. Slack, John Mayfield, J.B. Cobb, Robert Reynolds, E. W. Carlock, John Benton, Joseph S. King, Uriah Payne, and John A. Turley, as Trustees of the new College building and lot; for love for religion, morals, and literature, one acre, the center of which is to be about one rod S of Coghill School House, so as to include the new College building and the graves; said House is to be used, first, for Educational purposes, secondly for Religious purposes, by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the Baptist Church, and the Methodist Church South, when not in use by the school, and by all denominations when not otherwise occupied, thirdly the Free and Accepted Masons are privileged to occupy the upper part of the new house for a lodge.

(473) 31 Mar 1871 Noah L. Cate and wife Mahala D. of Meigs Co. to James Alexander Cochran; their 2/3 interest in lands of the late John Issom of McMinn Co.

(474) 7 Feb 1871 B.E. Cass to Charlotte Gentry, land where she now lives.

(475) 14 Jan 1871 D.P. Walker of Monroe Co. to John L. McKinney.

477 1 Oct 1868 William Shipley to James Dean; 8/10 shares of land of father Christopher Shipley dec’d which descended to his ten children; one share to William by inheritance and the other seven shares purchased by him from Thomas, Mastin J., James M., Nehemiah, David, and Randal Shipley, and E1izabeth Smith formerly Shipley wife of John Smith.

Page 130

479 26 Nov 1869 J.W. Gibson, Sheriff, to N.J. Lillard; the undivided interest of J.F. Kinser in land on which Rachel Kinser now resides,

481 13 Apr 1871 James McClarney of Bledsoe Co. to Hugh Pinckney Burk.

482 14 Apr 1871 Thomas Denton and wife Mollie E. to H.R. Chesnutt.

483 11 Jan 1871 William J. Walsh to John N. Workman of Bradley Co.

486 8 Apr 1871 Simeon Edgeman to Thomas K. Edgeman; his 1/10 interest in land.

486 25 Aug 1869 Anna Bonner and John E. Hutsell, Agreement; Anna deeds her life interest in the Homestead tract corner of Marion Bonner for her natural life to Hutsell and he agrees to board, and she is to live in her own house, and clothe, and provide the best medical attendance for her during her lifetime.

487 21 Jan 1871 G.W. D’Armond to J.B. Davis; his one half interest in land; Attest: F.M. and C.C. D’Armcnd.

489 24 May 1869 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Title to land on which John E. Orr lived and died divested out of Edith, Joseph, and Aquilla Orr, William and Caroline Weathers, James H., Sherman, Robert, Elizabeth, Harriett, Lee, David, and John Orr, the widow and heirs of John E. Orr, and vested in George Isbell the purchaser.

489 7 Nov 1870 Joseph B. Harrel to Moses Harrel; his undivided interest in lands of his father John Harrel dec’d in McMinn Co., in return for the interest of said Moses in land in Girardeau Co., Mo.

490 7 Nov 1870 George W. Brown and wife Elizabeth Jane formerly Harrel, daughter of John Harrel dec’d, to Moses Harrel; her interest in land.

491 13 Dec 1866 Copy of Circuit Court Decree: Robert A. Love Gdn. of Robert McNutt VS James McNutt; sale 27 Oct 1866, after advertising in the Athens Press, and title divested out of James and Robert McNutt.

494 4 Jan 1871 Robert N. Hamilton and wife Sarah M. formerly Thurman widow of John M. Thurman dec’d to James Howe.

497 27 Apr 1871 A.E. McLelland McClelland and wife Kate to Herman Warnecke, Trustee for Julius E. Raht; lot in Riceville; acknowledged in Bradley Co.

499 23 May 1870 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Joseph Hamilton VS E .A. and John L. Atlee et als; Title to land divested out of D.G. Atlee widow of E.A. Atlee dec’d, and John L. Atlee, P.C. Wilson and wife L.A. formerly Atlee, E.A. Atlee, A.F. Cox and wife A.V. formerly Atlee, John S. McCampbell and wife A.E. formerly Atlee, S.E. Luter widow of E. Luter dec’d and formerly S.E. Atlee, T. Coleman and wife M.S. formerly Atlee, N.T. Ayres and wife M.A. formerly Atlee, and B.G. Atlee, the children of E.A. Atlee dec’d, and vested in D.G. Atlee.

501 12 May 1871 John L. Atlee to Margaret L. Gilbert; Atlee releases lien 11 Nov 1899.

501 12 May 1871 D.G. Atlee to Margaret L. Gilbert wife of George G. Gilbert.

502 12 May 1871 Calep McDermott to Betty Fore.

503 23 May 1870 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Deniza and William Scarbrough, William S. Hambnight, Ann E. and Benjamin S. Knight, John P., B.F., H. H., T.A.C., and D.R.T. Hambright, B.J. and Samuel Henry, E.S. and J.D. Haskins VS John, G.R., M.I., J.F., J.R., Loureina, N.N., Lizzie, and Gaut Hambright, Rebecca and Robert Castle, John and Nancy Hambright, Charlotte Hambnight, and William H. Briant, Gdn. ad litem; land bought by W.R. Hambright.

504 7 Apr 1871 Thomas Caldwell to William G. Horton, Chairman of County Court; lot 34 in Athens.

505 25 Aug 1866 James Gettys and Rebecca Glenn, Marriage Contract; Rebecca of Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa.; Gettys agrees to set apart $5000. in U.S. bonds, the interest on which is to be hers if he should die, and at her death to revert to his estate; Rebecca agrees to relinquish all claims to his estate, dower, etc., except the above interest; James and Rebecca Gettys acknowledge, 23 May 1871.

Page 131

506 17 May 1871 J.C. Weir of Bradford Co., Fla. to Joseph.McCulley; the farm upon which Isaac B. Haney now resides, known as the old George Colville farm.

517 2 May 1871 M.A. Helm & Co., M.A. and John J. Helm, to William W. Alexander; lot 43 in Athens known as the Gibson lot and where John J. Helm now resides, and lot 44 lying immediately N of lot 43 and has upon it stable, cribs, carriage-house, cow-house, etc.; said two lots bounded on E by alley, on S by Washington Street, on W by alley separating said lots from the Grubb property now occupied by J.J. Manker, on N by alley and opposite commons, or land supposed to belong to the Baptist Church, or once held in trust for a Female School ; the terms E, S, N, and W are not strictly in accordance with the direction of the sun or compass, but in accordance with usuage in this locality.

518 12 Mar 1863 Lewis R. Hurst to James Willson; proven by witness W.L. Burn in McMinn Co, 11 Apr 1871, and by witness D.G.. Russell in Hardeman Cc. 12 Jan 1871.

519 18 Feb 1834 Williams Mayfield, Instrument with Alexander D. Keyes and Thomas B. Mayfield; on 4 Nov 1853, John B. McJunkin of Polk Co. obtained a lease from W.M. Biggs on land, for twelve months, to test, mine, and prospect for metal, minerals, and fossils, and should he find workable ore, he was to have one half of the mineral interest; on 26 Nov 1853, McJunkin sold to said Williams Mayfield one half of the lease, Col. Biggs being present and consenting; Keyes and Thomas B. Mayfield are to pay Williams Mayfield 1/3 each of the purchase price, and are to be joint beneficiaries on any profits or losses; acknowledged by Williams Mayfield 2 May 1871.

520 3 Sep 1870 John M. Miller to Mary H. Bushong of Cocke Co.; lot 86 in Calhoun where W.J. Walsh now lives.

521 18 May 1871 William H. Howard and wife Nancy L. to Corporation of Town of Athens; their interest in land, beginning at NW corner of the Grave yard, S of the Court House in Athens, on the road leading to Matthews Mill.

522 May 1871 Lois Deaderick, Uriah L. York and wife Mary D., all of Sullivan Co., to Corporation of Town of Athens; land in above deed, to which they had given title bond to the Howards; acknowledged in Washington Co., Va.

523 1 Jun 1871 Thomas Yearwood of Monroe Co. to William Winters.

523 1 Jun 1871 William Winters to C.C. Zachary of Monroe Co.

524 1 Jun 1871 William Winters to R.T. Wilson, President of the East Tenn., Virginia, and Georgia R.R. Co.

526 25 Dec 1869 Ellen 3. Hoge and husband Wallace N. Hoge to William J. Walsh.

528 5 Jan 1871 William Divine of Dade Co., Mo., son of John Divine dec’d late of McMinn Co., to Ewing W. Carlock; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate; acknowledged in Dade Co., Mo.

529 1 Feb 1854 Henry Matlock, surviving Exec. with Will annexed of Henry Matlock dec’d, to Sarah Arnwine.

530 15 Oct 1870 William J. Walsh to Mary Bushong, wife of John Bushong, all of McMinn Co.

531 2 Dec 1867 Copy of County Court Decree: R.A. McAdoo and S.W. Royston, Adms. of James Elder dec’d VS Nancy Elder and others; title divested out of Nancy Stephenson, Jacob Elder, Mary Dennis, and Daniel, Sarah W., Robert, Mark, Lou, and Crayton Elder, and vested in John Elder the purchaser.

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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