McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book K

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4 6 Oct 1851 JAMES W. GRISHAM, Exec of PHILANDER WRIGHT, dec’d, to CHARLES F. KEITH; Bill of Sale for slaves


8 9 Oct 1848 HARTWELL IVEY JR to DAVID W. BEAVER of Meigs Co.

10 4 May 1850 MIRANDA THOMPSON of McMinn Co to ROBERT CORCHRON; witnesses depose that MIRANDA (he) acknowledged deed.

11 24 Feb 1851 JEPTHA SIVILS of Bradley Co to WILLIAM W. COWAN of same; Deed of Trust.

18 17 Oct 1851 THOMAS and ELLEN KENDRICK of Polk Co to GEORGE W. BRIDGES; their undivided interest in land where JOHN RUDD now lives, which came to them by descent from THOMASRUDD, dec’d.

20 18 Mar 1846 FANEY DODSON, widow, and the heirs of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, to ROBERT COCHRON; FANEY DODSON widow of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, WILLIAM L. DODSON as Atty for ALFRED and JAMES P. DODSON, heirs, resident citizens of Missouri, and WILLIAM E. MARTIN husband of NANCY W. DODSON, and MARY JANE DODSON, heirs, and ELIZABETH DODSON late wife of ADISON JENKINS by her or their Atty.; signed by all heirs including ADISON and ELIZABETH A. JENKINS who also acknowledged deed, ELIZABETH apart from her husband ADISON; 11 Aug 1848, JOHN JACK deposes that he lived as near neighbor to witness C. SANDERS who has departed this life.

22 26 Sep 1851 JAMES A. JARNAGIN to MORRIS M. SMITH; his undivided interest, being 1/10, as heir of CASWELL JARNAGIN, dec’d.

23 9 Sep 1851 ISAAC and MARTHA HART to JAMES SMITH; Bill of Sale for slave.

24 28 Aug 1848 ANDERSON COFFMAN and wife LOUISA formerly CAMPBELL to DANIEL WAUMACK; land where WILLIAM JANUARY now lives.

29 12 Apr 1832 WILLIAM HUGHART to JOHN HAYNES; 17 Nov 1851, JOHN MURPHY identifies handwriting of witnesses GEORGE H. RAMSEY and DAVID H. SHIELDS, each of them having moved from the limits of Tenn.

38 1 Nov 1851 JAMES HAGGARD and wife SEYAPHENE former wife of WILLIAM McCROSKY, dec’d, to DAVID P. McCROSKY; their interest in undivided real estate of WILLIAM McCROSKY, dec’d.

40 11 Aug 1848 STERLING CAMP to SARAH McNIGHT; for love and affection; witness STERLING P. CAMP proves deed in McMinn Co and witness WILLIAM CAMP proves deed in Bradley Co.

43 24 Oct 1834 ROBERT WALKER to WALLIS W. SEVILS; 8 Dec 1851, witness DAVIS PRIDDY proves deed in Meigs Co and WILLIAM McKAMY identifies handwriting of witness JAMES W. ERWIN who has removed beyond the limits of Tenn.

47 2 Jan 1846 JOSEPH S. McCONNELL and wife MARY ANN and ADOLPHUS P. McCLATCHY to WILEY J. McCLATCHY; whereas WILEY J. and ADOLPHUS P. McCLATCHY and MARY ANN McCONNELL, sons and daughters of the late JOHN McCLATCHY, dec’d, have divided title and hold equal undivided interests in land, subject to the dower interest of the widow ELIZABETH McCLATCHY.

53 4 Feb 1851 RHUHAMA BEVINS (her mark) to JOHNATHAN BACHMAN of Sullivan Co.

54 15 Aug 1849 MICHAEL DARTER, Adm. of JOHN DARTER, dec’d, who died n 1844 in Scott Co., VA, o SALLY PATTERSON.

56 30 Jan 1849 WILLIAM J. JOHNSTON to J. M. WALLIN; 20 Dec 1851, JOHN AMBRIGHT identifies andwriting of witness ISAAC WALLIN who has died.

59 13 Apr 1850 Circuit Court Decree: JOHN L. BRIDGES, Adm of JAMES IKE, dec’d, VS SUSANAH IKE widow, and JAMES H. and JOHN B. PIKE, HARLES DICKISON and wife LUCY, OHN MIRZER and wife SUSANAH, DAVID HARGAS and wife ELIZA M., WILLIAM WIAYATE and wife POLLY, and ELIZABETH C. PIKE, heirs of JAMES PIKE, dec’d.

61 18 Dec 1850 Circuit Court Decree in petition to sell land, JOHN M. CANTRELL , Adm of CLEMENT SANDERS, dec’d, VS MARGARET SANDERS widow, JAMES M. HICKS and wife ELLEN, JAMES J. RAYBOURN and wife CATHARINE, MARY JANE BROCK, COLVIN KERBY and wife ELIZABETH, WILLIAM T ., ARDEN, JOHN, NANCY J., MARGARET, and MARTHA SANDERS, heirs and distributees of C. SANDERS, dec’d.

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68 21 Nov 1851 MINA J. (her mark) RUDD to JOSHUA, a free man of color; Bill of Sale for my negro woman called ANNA aged about 60 years, for and in consideration that the said JOSHUA supports and maintains me during my natural life, I being old and unable to support myself.

79 15 Nov1851 THOMAS CAMP, WILLIAM C. PORTER, SARAH McNIGHT, MARY BATES, JOHN HAMBRIGHT, and WILLIAM CAMP to OSWELL M. LYNER and JAMES M. WALING, Trustees of the United Baptist Church of Christ know as the Hiwassee Church; for the purpose of a public grave yard; one acre, so as to leave the grave of STERLING CAMP, dec’d, in the center of said lot.

80 17 Feb 1849 WILLIAM DAVIS and wife POLLY formerly HELLEMS, WILLIAM CEMENT and wife ELIZABETH formerly HELLEMS, THOMAS HELLEMS, MADISON CARNEY and wife MARTHA JANE formerly HELLEMS, of Bradley Co., to ELI HELLEMS; their part as heirs of JOHN HELLEMS, dec’d.

83 25 Dec 1851 JAMES GETTYS to Dr. JOHN L. ATLEE of Lancaster, PA; house and lot where EDWIN ATLEE now resides

84 17 Jan 1852 W. C. BEWLY and wife LAVINIA A. formerly PECK, one of the eight heirs of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, of McMinn Co., to W. W. PECK; land where ELLIOTT PECK formerly lived and on which his widow NANCY now lives; our father’s estate.

90 3 Mar 1848 JAMES COWEN to WILLIAM R. WEIR of Knox Co.

93 14 Feb 1852 GEORGE M. HUTSELL to JOHN HUTSELL; Writings Obligatory; in return for JOHN’s land, GEORGE M. agrees to maintain JOHN and CHRYSTENA HUTSELL during their life, and they are to retain possession during their life.

95 26 Feb 1852 J. W. MILLER to WILLIAM H. BALLEW; Deed of Trust of personal property, including one gold watch in possession of JAMES TURNER subject to the claims upon it, one library of books, etc.; owes money to various persons.

98 19 Feb 1852 AUGUSTUS O. FISHER of Roane Co to THOMAS N. VANDYKE

100 27 Feb 1852 MARY L. RIDDLE to WILLIAM A. G. REED; her 1/14 part, as heir of JEREMIAH REED, dec’d, to land, subject to the widow’s dower.

102 4 Mar 1852 JOHN KING FITZGERALD of Monroe Co to SETH THOMAS of Litchfield Co, Conn.; land in McMinn Co.

107 15 Oct 1846 JOHN, LETTIS (her mark), and RHUHAMA (her mark) FIELDS to ABIJAH BOGGESS of Meigs Co; land on Sooey Creek…said land is described in the Will from JOSEPH FIELDS to the aforesaid JOHN FIELDS and others.

109 8 May 1851 THOMAS B. McCLURE of Meigs Co to CHRISLEY and ANDREW FOSTER, land known as the Old Cash Mill Place.

116 31 Mar1852 ROBERT F. BRADEN, Sheriff, to NEWTON J. PETERS; whereas of the day of 1849 CHARLES A. PICKENS, Gdn of JOSEPH N. SMITH, and others recovered a judgment in the Chancery Court at Cleveland against LANDON C. PETERS; land in McMinn Co. sold to high bidder JOHN G. MAYFIELD who transferred title to N. J. PETERS.

117 17 Oct 1851CHRISLEY FOSTER, Exec of DANIEL PERCELL’s Will, to ELIJAH McPHERSON; Bill of Sale for slave.

118 27 Mar 1852 ANN ARMSTRONG to brother JOHN ARMSTRONG; for love and for her support during her lifetime; Deed of Gift of slaves.

119 2 Apr1852 JACKSON SMTH to WILLIAM D. SMITH; Power of Atty to sign his name to bond of WILLIAM D. as Gdn to minor heirs of ELLIS M. RIGGS, dec’d.

120 8 Apr 1852 WESLEY GASTON and wife LAURA J. formerly PECK, one of the eight heirs of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, to W. W. PE CK; their interest in land where ELLIOTT PECK lived and where his widow NANCY now lives and owns dower; our father’s estate.

123 15 Oct 1848 THOMAS, MASTIN JOHN, and JAMES H. SHIPLEY to NEHEMIAH SHIPLEY; their equal shares in land which their father CHRISTOPHER SHIPLEY bequeathed to them with his other legal heirs at the death of our mother ELIZABETH SHIPLEY; proven by witnesses URIAH H. and DAVID F. (H.) SHIPLEY.

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126 24 Feb 1852 THEODORE H. McCALLEE and MARY DIXON, Execs. of WILLIAM T. McCALLEE, dec’d, to SILAS SMITH.

132 19 Apr 1852 ROBERT F. BRADEN, Sheriff, to THOMAS HOYL; land sold for taxes in 1845 was bid off by REUBEN SHARITTS, and whereas REUBEN SHARITTS being a nonresident of the County of McMinn, CHRISTOPHER HUFACRE redeemed said lands, in pursuance of the laws of the State of Tenn. in such cases.

136 19 Apr 1852 HENRY L. SMITH to ISAAC BENSON; Deed ofTrust; SMITH to pay to said BENSON or his agent MATHIAS BENSON….and in consequence of MATHIAS BENSON intending to remove to Benton Co., AR, where the said SMITH resides I agree to let said SMITH have the use of said waggon and harness to take his family to Bento Co in company with the said MATHIAS.

137 2 Oct 1844 MARY HOYLE to nephew JAMES HENRY SMITH son of brother HENRY L. SMITH and ANN T. SMITH now citizens of AR; for love and affection; Deed of Gift for slaves, made in duplicate lest one copy be lost or mislaid.

139 28 Oct 1850 THOMAS STAINER of Independence Co., AR to ROBERT S. MAHAN; by virtue of a Power of Atty giving him full authority to sell all of his father’s land in McMinn Co.

143 7 May 1852 NANCY FORGY to JOHN ARMSTRONG; her interest, as an heir or otherwise, in slaves. [These are the same slaves as named in deed on page 118 above]

145 17 Oct 1849 GEORGE CLARK to WILLIAM STEPHENSON; 1 Jun 1852, witness JAMES B. RIDDLE has removed to Oregon.

146 5 Apr 1852 JOHN HAMBRIGHT to ROBERT B. DAVIS of Polk Co.

150 5 Jun 1852 WILLIAM LEDBETTER, Pres. and S. R. ANDERSON, Cashier, of the Bank of Tennessee at Nashville, to STEPHEN K. REEDER; land lying near the railroad depot near Athens, beginning on the east line of the depot ground as donated by the Bank to the E. T. & GA R. R. Co., by deed dated 12 May 1851

153 23 Jun 1852 STEPHEN and SETH BEDFORD, Merchants trading under the name of SETH BEDFORD & Co., to WILLIAM A. G. REED; Deed of Trust for all their merchandise in their store in the west part of Athens.

154 26 Jun 1852 WILLIAM LOWRY and wife POLLY to BYRUM ALLEN; Bill of Sale for slave.

156 15 Jul 1852 MARSHALL W. CUNNINGHAM to ALEXANDER H. and WILLIAM F. KEITH; land where he now resides.

159 12 May 1852 HARVEY McKENZIE to BENJAMIN H. MCKENZIE and N. G. GIVEN of Meigs Co.,; Deed of Trust for woolcarding machine situated on Short Creek.

163 24 Apr 1852 JAMES and BENJAMIN KIBBLE to WILLIAM KIBBLE; their undivided interest, as heirs, in land of JOHN KIBBLE, dec’d.

168 10 Aug 1852 LYDNAH (LYDNEY) HALE of Franklin Co by her Atty ALEXANDER W. HALE to JAMES W. McSPADDEN; Bill of Sale for slave.

171 12 Sep 1851 WILLIAM LEE to EDWARD LEE

185 17 Sep 1852 WILLIAM W. NEAL of Monroe Co to JOHN O. NEAL.

187 Aug 1852 Decree of Chancery Court at Athens in Ex Parte Petition of heirs of WILLIAM H. COOK, dec’d WILLIAM H. COOK died in McMinn Co on 9 Oct 1848, testate, and possessed of lands not particularly mentioned in his Will, among which is land on Conesauga Creek known as the home plantation, including the forge lands; also WILLIAM H. COOK in his lifetime and THOMAS COOPER had purchased land known as STARR Reservation, about 1533 ½ acres on both sides of Conesauga Creek including the 640-acre reservation of CALEB STARR and his wife NANCY, but WILLIAM H. COOK and THOMAS COOPER, making a division of said land among themselves, never made any other title other than the memorandum signed by them; WILLIAM H. COOK in his Will left in trust to GEORGE W. COOK for the benefit of NANCY W. THOMPSON land beginning at the WILLIAM RANDOLPH house, and including the Iron Works of WILLIAM H. COOKE, land lying above the road leading to the Iron ore bank, as her full proportion of his estate; the other heirs, being of full age, gave a Power of Atty to ROBERT F. and GEORGE W. COOKE to sell all the land not mentioned in Will; land sold and now purchase money has been paid, but COOKE, two of the signers of the Power of Atty, had died, and a perfect title could not be made. Heirs of the Petition are ROBERT F., HEZIKIAH C., GEORGE W., and JAMES B. COOKE, DANIEL THOMPSON and wife NANCY W., DUKE W. KIMBROUGH and wife ELIZA, THOMAS COOPER and wife CLARISSA, ELMIRA COOER, JAMES CARSON and wife ATALINE JOHN D. CHATTIN and wife SUSAN, CALEB R.HOYLE and CLINTON D., PUTNAM W., MARY B. J., DAVID, and SUSAN HOYLE, minor children of SARAH M. HOYLE, dec’d, by their Gdn. CALEB R. HOYLE.

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193 4 Sep 1852 JAMES CARSON of Bradley Co to HEZEKIAH C. COOKE

194 24 Sep 1852 N. C. HOOD to THOMAS WALLIS of Monroe Co.

208 16 Mar 1852 DANIEL D. GIBSON of Bradley Co to ELENER C. MARTIN of t he same.

210 5 Oct 1852 E. J. GRISHAM and wife MARY J. formerly PUGH, of McMinn Co. to J. W. and H. PLANK; her 1/3 part of land of FLEMIN PUGH, dec’d; acknowledged on same date by the GRISHAMs in Hamilton Co.

212 4 Oct 1851 MARGARET and JOHN A. (C.) IRKPATRICK to E. A. TAYLOR



218 12 Oct 1852 NANCY, ISABEL E., ESTHER S., and NANCY M. TEMPLETON, heirs of JAMES A.TEMPLETON, dec’d, to M. R. GIBSON

219 12 Oct 1852 NANCY, ISABELL E., ESTHER S., and NANCY M. TEMPLETON, ROBERT H. PORTER, and JAMES H. PEARCE, Title Bond to M. R. Gibson; Gibson has purchased from the Grantors all the claim that DAVID J. and JOHN D. TEMPLETON, VINCENT HAYMES and wife ABAGIL C., they being lawful heirs of JAMES A. TEMPLETON, dec’d, late resident of McMinn Co., have to land.

224 9 Aug 1846 PETER FITE JR of Murry Co., GA to ELIAS FITE; his undivided interest in lands of PETER FITE SR, dec’d.

226 12 Aug 1852 DANIEL W., THOMAS, and JOSEPH LATTIMORE (LATIMORE), CATHARINE THOMPSON, GEORGE W. and RACHEL QUEENER, JOSEPH and CAROLINE COBBS, LE. E. and SARAH CANTRELL, JAMES and KATY BURCHAM, to THOMAS and JOSPH LATIMORE; Power of Atty; being desirous of selling at as little expense as possible all the property coming to us as heirs of JOHN LATIMORE, dec’d,…and as there are other heirs not embraced in this agreement, who are all understood to be willing thereto, but whose consent and signatures cannot now be had, on account of absence and minority; signed by JOSEPH and THOMAS LATIMORE, JAMES and CATHARINE BURCHAM, JOSEPH and CAROLINE bCOBBS, L. E. and SARAH ANN CANTRELL, ALFRED THOMPSON by his Gdn JAMES BROOKS, D. W. LATIMORE, G. W. and RACHEL QUEENER, JOHN LATIMORE, JAMES and NANCY BROOKS, and CATHARINE THOMPSON

227 12 Aug 1850 JAMES HICKEY and MARY W. PARIS, Marriage Contract: Property that MARY W. has is to remain hers and at her death to go to the heirs of her body by JAMES HICKEY (if any) and if no children, then at her death to the children that JAMES HICKEY now has (or may have); witnesses A. J. and L. J PARIS

229 1 Nov 1852 RACHEL SIMPSON formerly FITE to ELIAS FITE of Adams Co.,”elenoise”; her undivided interest in lands of PETER FITE, dec’d, joining in the conveyance hitherto made by husband JOHN SIMPSON

230 12 Oct 1852 JOHN SCARBROUGH to WILLIAM B. JOHNSTON, Trustee; Deed of Trust for land on which is situated the Spinning Factory formerly know as McConlays Factory, on Eastanalle Creek.

231 18 Feb 1852 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: WILLESTON M. COX VS heirs and widow of CHARLES McDONALD, dec’d, and JOEL K. BROWN; title divested out of respondents NANCY McDONALD, JOHN McDONALD, JAMES RUCKER and wife VIRIGINIA. CHRISTOPHER, LAURA, REBECCA, EGLENTINE, ISABELLA, SEMENTHA, and EMELINE McDONALD, and JOEL K. BROWN; minor heirs have six months after reaching 21 to impeach the decree.

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232 2 Nov 1852 M. T. CALLAWAY to WILLIAM B. JOHNSTON in trust for JARROTT G. DENT of AL; Deed of Trust for slave and DENT is to have use of said negro for the interest on the note.

234 16 Oct 1852 ELIZA SMITH of Osage Co., MO, to PHILLIP FRY and JAMES H. REAGAN; Power of Atty to lease, sell or rent her 1/8 part of undivided land of her father JAMES RETHERFORD; acknowledged before STEPHEN C. ATKERSON, J. P. in the township of Jackson Co., MO and certified by E. M. LETTON, Clk of Osage Co., MO Court.

235 19 Jun 1852 ELIZABETH DODD, widow of WILLIAM L. DODD, dec’d, late ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD, of Sangamon Co., IL, on of the heirs of JAMES RUTHERFORD, dec’d, of McMinn Co. to JAMES H. REAGAN; Power of Atty to sell her interest in land and in the dower interest of her mother NANCY RUTHERFORD, the widow; acknowledged in Sangamon Co., IL.

239 1 Dec 1851 MARGARET SANDERS to JOHN L. BRIDGES; land on which she now lives, it being her dower interest in land of her husband C. SANDERS, dec’d,


245 19 Mar 1847 STERLING CAMP to STERLING JACKSON McKNIGHT; for love and affection; witness WILLIAM L. McKNIGHT proves deed, 20 Nov 1851, and THOMAS CAMP identifies handwriting of STERLING CAMP who has departed this life.

248 25 Nov 1852 JOHN GOSS SR, to CURD GOSS.

250 25 Nov 1852 JOHN GOSS SR. to JAMES GOSS

252 10 Apr 1852 WILLIAM HARRIS of Walker Co., GA, to ADOLPHUS D. McCLATCHEY; acknowledged in Walker Co., GA before DAVID IRWIN, Judge and JOHN DICKSON, Clk of Superior Court.

255 13 Nov 1850 FLOYD McGONIGAL to WILLIAM F. PECK of Bradley Co.

259 4 Jan 1853 MARY ANN and SUSAN JANE FRANKLIN to JACKSON WILLSON; Power of Atty to collect $118 bequeathed to them by their father EDMUND FRANKLIN, dec’d, of McMinn Co.; acknowledged in White Co before GEORGE G. DIBRELL, Clk, at his office at Sparta.


269 26 Aug 1851 WILLIAM H. DEDRICK to FLEMING G. GIBBS and wife; Obligation; whereas JAMES F. BRADFORD on 30 Oct 1846 sold unto JANE EATON now wife of FLEMING G. GIBBS.

270 3 May 1852 SALLY (SARAH) HALE to WILLIAM BAIN; her Deed of Gift of life estate in land from JOHN CANSLER.


272 12 Feb 1853 DAVID CLEAGE, trustee for JOHN E. CATE, to ANNE B. PATTON; land whereon said CATE then (1842) lived.


274 12 Feb 1853 JANE THOMAS of Bradley Co to CHARLES STAPLES

276 18 Feb 1853 JAMES R. PECK of Bradley Co., to W. W. PECK; his interest in estate of his father ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, and in dower of NANCY PECK, widow of ELLIOTT PECK.

279 1 Dec 1852 JOHN MORRIS of Polk Co to JOHN W. CULLINS.

281 21 Sep 1852 LEWIS PIERCE and wife CHRISTINA formerly FITE of Bradley Co., to HENRY FITE; their half of their undivided share of land of PETER FITE, dec’d.

282 26 Mar 1852 LEWIS PIERCE and wife CHRISTINA formerly FITE of Bradley Co., to JOHN SIMPSON; other half of their interest in land of PETER FITE, dec’d.

283 11 Jan 1851 ELIZABETH WHITE widow of NATHANIEL WHITE, dec’d, JAMES FINNELL and wife ANN, ALFERD H. LAWSON and wife ELIZABETH, JOHN HANKINS and wife MARTHA, NATHANIEL WHITE, all of Bradley Co., JOHN WHITE of McMinn Co., COMODORE WHITE of IL, heirs of NATHANIEL WHITE, dec’d, to WILLIAM MARTIN; their interest in land.

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285 5 Mar 1853 GEORGE W. MAYO to THOMAS J. CAMPBELL; Deed of Trust for twenty bedsteads, feather beds, and furniture now in the hotel where I now reside and keep public house.

287 7 Mar 1853 HARRY RECTOR a free man of color to JAMES B. COOKE; Deed of Trust.

288 23 Feb 1853 WILLIAM W. ANDERSON of Hamilton Co to ROBERT N. McEWEN.

290 14 Mar 1853 WARNIN SMITH, who lives in AL, to J. METCALFE & Co; her dower interest in lands of her dec’d husband STEPHEN SMITH.

293 25 Mar 1853 JOSIAH CHILDERS of Carroll Co., AR, to HEZEKIAH C. COOKE; land….conditional line made by JOHN SHELTON….except the widow ELIZABETH SHELTON’s dower.

295 19 Feb 1853 THOMAS J. CAMPBELL, Trustee appointed by deed for GEORGE W. ROSS, JAMES W. McSPADDEN, RICHARD C. JACKSON, ROBERT C. MORRIS, ROBERT N. McEWIN and THOMAS J. CAMPBELL to convey title in their behalf to ELIZABETH J. FUQUAY.

297 4 Apr 1853 DAVID SMITH of Bradley Co to WILLIAM G. BARKER


305 17 Aug 1852 JOHN SCARBROUGH to ANDERSON CLARK, JOHN CLARK, THOMAS BISHOP, WADE HAMPTON, WILLIAM SCARBROUGH, and WILLIAM PORTER, Elders of the Cumberland Presbyterian Camp Ground or Church; for $12.50 paid by ANDERSON CLARK

310 19 Feb 1853 W. F. FORREST, Exec of JOHN MATLOCK, dec’d to NIMROD DODSON.

312 22 Apr 1853 ISRAEL C. SMITH to ELISHA BRIENT, JOHN SMITH, JOSEPH SMITH, JOHN MIDDLETON, SAMUEL WILSON and ELISHA COX, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; for love and affection for laws of God and His people; for a location for a public school house and contingent buildings; land on Middle Creek to include the meeting house, schoolhouse, and contingent buildings, also one tract inclosed and used as a grave yard, near the house in which the said ISRAEL C. SMITH now lives.

313 27 Apr 1853 JONATHAN PICKEL and WILLIAM PATTEN, Execs. of WILLIAM H. CUNNINGHAM, dec’d, and both of Monroe Co., to FRANCIS BOYD.

314 24 Feb 1852 ISAAC LOW and WILLIAM R. LONG, Adms. of SAMUEL LONG, dec’d, to JAMES W. LONG.

315 5 Oct 1846 JOHN R. AHL to A. J. A. and E. M. NEWTON

316 12 Apr 1847 MARY and MELTON J. DOAN to JESSE W. FLINN.

317 29 Sep 1852 JOHN GRUBB and wife NANCY ANN, lately citizens of McMinn Co., to ELISHA BRYANT; Power of Atty. to sell their interest in land on which ELLENDER ROBINSON, widow of THOMAS ROBINSON, dec’d, now resides and which was set apart to her as her dower interest; the GRUBBs acknowledge in White Co.

319 19 Apr 1853 ISRAEL and GEORGE W. STANDEFER to CHARLES W. RICE; Deed to Trust for personal property

323 23 May 1853 JOHN HANKINS of McMinn Co and N. C. WHITE of Adams Co., IL, to JOHN HOYL.

324 29 Nov 1852 JOHN H. EIFFERT and wife MARGARETT A. H. to WILLIAM B. JOHNSTON; Deed of Trust for one undivided half of the JACK WALKER Reservation, lying at the mouth of Eastanallee Creek and on which the EIFFERTs now live, and on which the mills called McELRATH’s Mills are situated.

325 14 Feb 1846 JACOB FITE of Lewis Co to JOHN SIMPSON; his undivided interest in land of PETER FITE, dec’d; acknowledged 21 May 1853 in Lewis Co.

326 23 Feb 1847 POLLY MURRAH formerly FITE and her husband JOHN MURRAH of Adams Co., IL, to ELIAS FITE; their interest in land, as heirs of PETER FITE, dec’d; acknowledged in Adams Co., IL.

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328 21 Jun 1853 A. J. HILL of McMinn Co to ROBERT F. COOKE, JOHN KING, GEORGE BROWN, JOSIAH I. WRIGHT, and WILLIAM L. EAKIN, all of Monroe Co; Title Bond in the amount of $50,000.00 on condition that he make title to one half the mineral interest in land in McMinn Co., if copper or other minerals shall be found, the Grantees testing for minerals at their own expense, but to have the use of timber from the land for mining purposes; the operation to commence in twelve months.

329 21 Jun 1853 ROBERT F. BRADEN to same Grantees as in deed on page 328 above, same conditions; land on which he lives.

330 21 Jun 1853 BENJAMIN MARRS to same Grantees as in deed on page 328, above, same conditions, land he now lives on.

331 2 Jul 1853 Article of Agreement, JOHN C. WILSON and GEORGE W. NORVELL with ROBERT F. BRADENand STEPHEN K. REEDER; whereas WILSON and NORVELL are owners of land….and it is believed by all parties that there are veins of copper ore on the land, and for the purpose of testing for same, and developing the mines, if any…

332 22 Jun 1853 JOHN BAKER to same Grantees as in deed on page 328, above; same conditions.

333 16 Aug 1852 REUBIN SHARITS to L. D. MERCER and all the other heirs of STANDWIX HORD, dec’d, any interest that he may have acquired in land.

334 9 Jul 1853 JOHN HOYLE SR to son LEVI HOYLE for use and benefit of daughter SUSAN E. JONES of Georgia; Bill of Sale for slave; for love and affection; witnesses J. B. and JOHN H. HOYLE

335 6 Dec 1852 JAMES T. FITZGERALD to C. L. OWEN of Monroe Co.

336 27 Jul 1853 JOHN L. NEWMAN and wife CATHARINE to MORGAN MILLER; land which was previously conveyed to MILLER by SARAH and JAMES M. ST. JOHN and JOHN L. NEWMAN, and this deed made for purpose of conveying whatever interest wife CATHARINE may have in said land.

337 30 Jul 1853 ELIZA SMITH LIPSCOMB to her daughters MARGARET T. MOORE and HELEN M. FIFFE; for $300, and for love and affection.

340 6 Aug 1853 THOMAS VAUGHAN, Clerk of McMinn County Court, by virtue of a decree of said Court, conveys and transfers various slaves to ALEXANDER MAXWELL, NATHAN THOMAS and wife MARY, CATHARINE J., ROBERT W., SARAH, LOUISA, and CORNELIA MAXWELL.

342 29 Jul 1853 JAMES W. LONG to WILLIAM R. LONG; in consideration of amount which is to be deducted from the said WILLIAM R. LONG’s portion of the said JAMES W. LONG’s estate after the said JAMES W. LONG’s deceased, land with exception of portion and privileges conveyed to T. L. HOYLE and his associates, and also one fourth part of the minerals that may be found by T. L. HOYLE and associates, which is one half of said JAMES W. LONG’s part.

345 29 Jul 1853 JOHN W. HOYLE, CALEB R. HOYLE, THOMAS COOPER, WILLIAM P. COOPER, of the first part, and JACOB QUEENER of the second part, Agreement; whereas JACOB QUEENER possesses title to Pain Town Farm; parties of the first part to test land for copper, and if any found, they are to have half the mineral rights.

349 8 Jan 1852 WILLIAM N. HICKS of Bradley Co to ELIZABETH SENTER of Calhoun

350 3 Feb 1852 REUBIN HUMPHREY to JOHN L. BRIDGES, Power of Atty; whereas by last Will of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, late of McMinn Co., dated 9 Jun 1845, there is bequeathed to the heirs of HIRAM and GEORGE HUMPHRY, brothers of said JAMES, dec’d, a certain estate, and whereas the said HIRAM HUMPHREY has lately departed this life leaving a widow LORINDA HUMPHREY, and the following children and heirs, to wit, three sons, REUBIN, STEPHEN and NORRIS, and four daughters, CAROLINE wife of JAMES OLIVER GOODSON, LOIS wife of HAMILTON NELLIS and LUCY and MARY JANE HUMPHREY, all of age except the last two named daughters; REUBIN is their agent and by the Power of Atty gives Bridges power to recover the estate; acknowledge in St. Louis Co., MO.

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352 10 May 1852 GEORGE HUMPHREY of township of Gainsborough in County of Lincoln and province of Canada to JOHN L. BRIDGES, Power of Atty; same as in deed on page 350 above; GEORGE is proper son of GEORGE HUMPHREY named in the Will; witnesses JOHN PECK, carpenter and JAMES GILLIAM, blacksmith, both of township of Gainsborough, County of Lincoln, province of Canada, appear before JOHN GUSTAVOUS STEVENSON, a Notary Public for that part of Canada formerly upper Canada, and residing at Cayuga in County of Haldimand in said province, and declare that they have for many years known GEORGE HUMPHREY, cooper, of said township of Gainsborough and that he is the son of GEORGE HUMPHREY, brother of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, of McMinn Co.

353 1 Oct 1852 JOHN C. ROBINSON to WILLIAM S. ROBINSON; his fee simple interest in remainder in land after the death of ELEANOR ROBINSON who has a life estate in same.

354 1 Feb 1849 DAVID CLEAGE, Trustee and Cashier to Mrs. JANE AGNEW, widow and sole heir of DANIEL R. AGNEW, dec’d; JANE having fully paid note made by
DANIEL for Lot No 31 in Athens.

355 14 Sep 1850 JAMES ARNWINE to C. SHELL; 5 Sep 1853, witness H. SMALL has removed from the State of Tenn.

359 10 Sep 1853 JAMES S. BRIDGES to WILLIAM H. BALLEW; Deed of Trust; is indebted to ELIZA WHITE Admx, of Washington Co., VA


369 4 Oct 1853 THOMAS A. ANDERSON of Coffee Co to T. NIXON VANDYKE; whereas on or before 5 Jun 1833 I was the owner of a piece of land conveyed by WM LOWRY Esq., and whereas I the said ANDERSON, and SOLOMON BOGART paid for building a small brick house within the NW corner of said lot, and after said house was built, I conveyed, on 5 Jun 1833, said lot with the said building thereon, to SOLOMON BOGART and JAMES H. REAGAN, GEORGE W. MAYO, VICTOR M. CAMPBELL, and T. NIXON VANDYKE as trustees for the purpose of establishing a Normal school on said lot, and whereas said trustees, having declined to execute said trust, conveyed said lot and building to the said ANDERSON and BOGART, the original owners, so that they should own the same interests that they had before; lot and building being South of and near the town of Athens, bounded by lands now owned by said T. NIXON VANDYKE, WILLIAM H. DEADERICK, and the Presbyterian grave yard.

370 13 Oct 1853 WILLIAM J. YOUNG and wife DARCUS E. formerly PUGH, to J. W. and H. PLANK; the one third part of land of FLEMING PUGH, which DARCUS inherited as heir.

371 24 Oct 1853 MILTON R. MAY to GEORGE W. BRIDGES; Deed of Trust for 140 medical books and furniture, including one fine French bedstead.

375 3 Oct 1853 MORRIS M. SMITH to BIRDEN M. C. SMITH

376 8 May 1853 MOSES BONNER to WILLIAM KNOX of Bradley Co.

379 6 Nov 1846 BARSHEBA JOHNSON widow of JOHN JOHNSON, WILLIAM J., MARY, JOHN , and NANCY A. JOHNSON, and JOHN STANDFIELD and wife SARAH formerly JOHNSON, heirs of JOHN JOHNSON, dec’d, late of McMinn Co., to JAMES SMITH of Murry Co, GA.

383 4 Sep 1841 JACKSON SMITH to MARY THOMPSON; Bill of Sale for slaves; “the cause of our swapping is to keep family together, as we think it humane to do.”

384 25 Sep 1851 BING NEWTON to JOHN MASSEY; 18 Nov 1853, Witness ISAAC H. McNABB having removed to Missouri, his handwriting is identified by M. G. McNABB.

385 29 Sep 1852 VINCENT HAYMES and wife ABIGALE CAROLINE, of Green Co, MO, to WILLIAM F. FORREST; Power of Atty to sell ABIGALE’s interest, as heir, in land of JAMES A.TEMPLETON, dec’d, as heir of JAMES A. TEMPLETON JR, dec’d, both of whom died in McMinn Co and as heir of ZEBULON B. TEMPLETON who died in AL, and also as heir of WILLIAM F. TEMPLETON who died in Mexico, the first being the father and the other three being the brothers of ABIGALE; acknowledged in Green Co., MO; ABIGALE C. HAYMES is proved to be such by JAMES JONES and JOSHUA HAMILTON, two respectable witnesses.

Page 76

386 25 Dec 1852 DAVID G. TEMPLETON of Cherokee Co., Texas, to WILLIAM F. FORREST, Power of Atty to sell his interest as “heir of JAMES A. TEMPLETON and MARY TEMPLETON, dec’d” and interest in land “on which my mother NANCY TEMPLETON lately resided” and in land “sold by my father JAMES A. TEMPLETON in his lifetime”; acknowledged in Cherokee Co, Texas before W. C. HENRY, Chief Justice of County Court, at his office at Rusk, certified by O. G. WOODALL, Clerk.

388 4 Oct 1852 JOHN D. TEMPLETON of Newton Co., MO, to WILLIAM F. FORREST; Power of Atty to sell interest in land of father JAMES A. TEMPLETON, dec’d, and of brothers ZEBULIN B.and WILLIAM F. TEMPLETON, dec’d, acknowledged in Newton Co., MO before ROBERT BROCK, Clk of Co Court, certified by JOHN PLUMMER, Presiding Justice.

394 6 Oct 1849 ALEXANDER C. ROBESON to WILLIAM ROBESON; his interest in land known as the old farm of A. C. ROBESON, dec’d.

400 10 Oct 1853 WILLIAM P. H. McDERMOTT to GANN NEWMAN, a free colored man.


406 7 Dec 1853 JOHN P. FOREE, Exec of LEWIS M. FOREE, dec’d, of Cattooga Co., GA to JOHN L. McCARTY .

409 13 Sep 1853 JAMES HILL to S. J. ROWAN of Monroe Co.

412 29 Sep 1852 JOHN LONG of Walker Co., GA to F. W. ETTER.

413 31 Dec 1853 “MARY MATHEWS guardian, of minor heirs, JACOB S. MATHEWS, JOSEPH MATHEWS, ASENITH MATHEWS, and SARAH E. MATHEWS, guardian and heirs, over twenty one years of age, of the Estate of AARON MATHEWS, dec’d,” to ELIJAH HUTSELL; signed MARY MATHEWS guardian, JOSEPH MATHEWS, ASENITH MATHEWS, SARAH E. MATHEWS; the witnesses depose that they are acquainted with MARY MATHEWS guardian, JOSEPH MATHEWS, ASENOTH MATHEWS, and SARAH E. MATHEWS.

416 24 Mar 1846 JAMES SMALL of Meigs Co. to THOMAS C. JORDAN of same; land in Meigs Co.

418 23 Dec 1853 WILLIAM P. H. McDERMOTT, JAMES W. McSPADDEN, WILLIAM H. BALLEW, ROBERT N. McEWEN, and GEORGE W. BRIDGES, Trustees of “Forest Hill Academy”, to ALEXANDER CLEAGE, the highest bidder at sale held in pursuance of a resolution of the Board of Trustees; 160 acres.

420 10 Nov 1853 BENJAMIN ROBERTS to CALVIN C. ROBESON of Meigs Co.

421 10 Nov 1853 WILLIAM S. ROBERTS to CALVIN C. ROBESON of Meigs Co.

424 4 Nov 1853 RICHARD A., LEWIS, and WILLIAM BRYANT to JOHN C. RUTHERFORD; their three tenths undivided shares, as heirs, in estate of RICHARD A. BRYANT SR., dec’d, late of McMinn Co.

425 4 Jan 1854 MARY MATHEWS, widow of AARON MATHEWS, dec’d, to ELIJAH HUTSELL; her dower interest in land sold 31 Dec 1853 by MARY, JOSIAH, ASENETH,and SARAH E. MATHEWS.

428 27 Nov 1852 P. C. STUBLEFIELD to MAHALA STUBLEFIELD and G. W. HANDLEY; one fourth part of undivided land.

429 7 Dec 1835 SAMUEL JOHN of Knox Co. to EZEKIEL JOHN; 30 Jan 1854, witness JONATHAN JOHN identifies handwriting of the other witness, THOMAS JOHN, who has departed this life.

430 18 Oct 1853 A. J. PECK of Gole Co., CA, one of the heirs of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d, of McMinn Co., to W. W. PECK; all his interest in his father’s estate and in dower of NANCY PECK, widow of ELLIOTT PECK, dec’d; acknowledged in Sacramento Co., CA.

431 23 Sep 1850 JOHN STANFIELD of Bradley Co. to LAMBERT BUNCH; the land where said BUNCH now lives.

433 28 Dec 1853 CHARLES HALEY and wife MARGARET L. formerly SMITH of Roane Co to MOSES LONG; land bequeathed to MARGARET L by her father JACKSON SMITH.

Page 77

435 9 Nov 1853 THOMAS J. CAMPBELL, Trustee, to JOSEPH McCULLY; that portion of Fyffe Farm, adjoining Athens, known as lots 13 and 14, according to the plat and survey as made out by H. B. HAYWOOD, Civil Engineer, on file at office of Register of McMinn Co.

436 3 Dec 1853 JOSEPH McCULLY to JOHN B. DUNCAN of Bradley Co.

437 7 Feb 1854 MOSES SWEENY, Adm of JOHN ARMSTRONG, dec’d, to JOHN KING; Bill of Sale for slave.

439 8 Feb 1854 ANNE LIZA HANNUM of Blount Co formerly ANN ELIZA WHITE, one of the children of JAMES WHITE, dec’d, late of Abingdon, VA, to THOMAS A. CLEAGE.

444 15 Feb 1854 BENJAMIN WASSON to MINTA E. WASSON; Bill of Sale for slave.

444 15 Feb 1854 BENJAMIN WASSON to ENOCH T. WASSON; Bill of Sale for slave.

445 15 Feb 1854 BENJAMIN WASSON to LYDIA C. WASSON; Bill of Sale for slave.

445 24 Apr 1852 JAMES M. McGONIGAL and wife MARY A., DAVID NEIL and wife ELIZABETH A. and GRANVILLE SHULTS, all of the heirs of OLIVIA SHULTS, dec’d, to H. L.SHULTS; JOHN CHILCUTT, Esq of Bradley Co., takes examination of ELIZABETH NEIL as to deed.


452 22 Feb 1854 JOHN W. BROWN of Roane Co to ROBERT S. MAHAN


457 11 Oct 1851 STEPHEN HUMPHREY of Wayne Co, Mich to brother REUBEN HUMPHREY in the Cherokee District of Canada West; Power of Atty to collect his share of estate of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, which was bequeathed to HIRAM HUMPHREY, brother of JAMES; STEPHEN is an heir of HIRAM; acknowledged in Wayne Co., Mich.

458 8 Dec 1851 NORRIS HUMPHREY of township of Seneca, Count of Haldimand, province of Canada, SAWYER, son of HIRAM HUMPHREY, to REUBEN HUMPHREY, SAWYER of village of Indian in said county of Haldimand; Power of Atty. to collect his share of estate of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, as heir of HIRAM HUMPHREY

459 7 Nov 1851 JAMES OLIVER GOODSON of township of Dumfries in the united counties of Wentworth and Hatton in province of Canada, and wife CAROLINE, daughter of REUBEN HUMPHREY, son of HIRAM HUMPHREY; Power of Atty. as in deed on page 458 above; acknowledged in village of Paris, county of Wentworth.

460 18 Nov 1851 JOHN HAMILTON NELLES of township of Seneca, county of Haldimand, Canada, and wifemLOIS, daughter of HIRAM HUMPHREY, to REUBEN HUMPHREY; Power of Atty, as in deed on page 458 above.

461 18 Jan 1854 GEORGE HUMPHREY, cooper, of township of Gainsborough, county of Lincoln, Canada,n to REUBEN HUMPHREY; Power of Atty. as in deed on page 458, above.

468 20 Feb 1854 GEORGE HORN to WILLIAM McKAMY for the sole use of wife AMANDA M. HORN; Deed of Gift; slaves were inherited by wife AMANDA and always considered as her property.

470 6 Oct 1848 GUILDORD CANNON of Monroe Co. to PLEASANT N. LEE.

472 26 Jan 1854 CHARLES M. McCLARY to THOMAS R. McCLARY of Polk Co.

475 12 Sep1848 [Deed in Book I, page 603, is repeated] Acknowledged 29 Sep 1853 by LEWIS ROSS before DAVID WALKER, Judge of Supreme Court of Arkansas.

487 13 Feb 1854 WILLIAM ROGERS, Mayor of Calhoun, to WILLIAM THOMPSON

495 25 Feb 1854 Copy of Decree of Chancery Court: HUMPHREYS L. SHOULTS VS JAMES M. McGONIGAL and JOHN R. McGONIGAL by his regular Gdn JAMES M. McGONIGAL; on 24 Apr 1842 MARY ANN McCGONIGAL and her husband JAMES M. McGONIGAL were owners of one undivided interest out of five in land belong to OLIVIA SHOULTS, dec’d, and on that date, MARY ANN and her husband, and DAVID NEIL and wife ELIZABETH A., and GRANVILLE SHOULTS sold their undivided interests. to complainant HUMPHREY L. SHOULTS, it being three interests out of five; on 29 Oct 1852 the said MARY ANN McGONIGAL died in Bradley Co. leaving JOHN R. McGONIGAL, her minor child, and JAMES M. McGONIGAL, her husband.

Page 78

499 8 May 1854 HIRAM I. VAUGHAN and wife SARAH MARIAH of Blount Co., AL to AKE HENRY of same; Power of Atty to receive their share of estate of JAMES WILSON, dec’d, late of McMinn Co., from the Adm JAMES WILSON; acknowledged in Blount Co., AL before URIAH S. NESMITH, J.P., JOHN C. GILLESPIE, Judge.

502 19 Dec 1848 Four deeds to the East Tenn & GA R.R. Co. from LEWIS R. HURST, JOHN L. HURST, ELIJAH CATE and GREENBERRY CATE; all received $1000. each for the right of way through their farms in Mouse Creek Valley, and for damages done.

507 13 Feb 1854 MARK RICHARDSON of Campbell Co to JAMES DENNIS; his undivided interest being one fourth part, in land.

509 20 May 1854 ALEXANDER D. KEYES to WILLIAM M. SEHORN; lot on the NW side of Athens and between Athens and the Rail road depot, being part of the out lots laid off on the land donated by the Legislature to said town.

511 23 May 1854 CARY ARMSTRONG and JOHN MORRIS, Article of Agreement: in return for the great advantage that MORRIS has been to improving ARMSTRONG’s farm with money and hands, MORRIS is to have the privilege of erecting such buildings and using such land as he and his family may require.


514 12 Aug 1852 Copy of Circuit Court Decree: ISAAC LOW and WILLIAM R. LONG, Adms of SAMUEL LONG, dec’d, and ELIZABETH H. LONG, THOMAS and LUCY CALDWELL, JOSEPH LONG, and LUKE LEA LONG by his next friend HANNAH LONG, all heirs of SAMUEL LONG, dec’d, and HANNAH LONG, widow of SAMUEL LONG, dec’d,; petition to sell land for distribution; land is sold to JOSEPH H. LONG.

515 19 Jun 1854 JAMES METCALFE to CHARLES METCALFE; all his lands in McMinn Co.

519 16 May 1854 JOHN MOORE SR to ALLEN MOORE; tracts of land including the farm on which JOHN MOORE SR now lives and reserves the right of occupation to himself and wife ELIZABETH during their lifetime; ALLEN is to support said JOHN and ELIZABETH, they being both very aged, and is to pay sums to JOHN MOORE JR., GEORGE W. MOORE and REBECCA S. MOORE, children of said JOHN MOORE SR., at his death.

525 3 Jul 1854 THEODORE P. JOHNSTON of Walker Co., GA and NANCY BRADFORD, Adminx of JAMES F. BRADFORD, dec’d, to MARY ANN RAGSDALE; lot inAthens on which Mrs. RAGSDALE now lives. JOHNSTON acknowledged in Walker Co., GA.

528 26 Apr 1854 LEWIS BREWER to P. W. BREWER.

530 7 Jan 1854 JAMES H. McCOY of Monroe Co to JOHN WEBB of Roane Co.

533 7 Feb 1854 WILLIAM A. CARTER to JABIN S. TAYLOR of Monroe Co.

534 15 Mar 1854 SETH THOMAS of Plymouth, Litchefield Co., Conn. to G. W. WALLACE and J. T. FITZGERALD; acknowledged in Litchfield Co.


539 19 Aug 1854 DANIEL C. KENNER of Bradley Co to JOSEPH PELTON of Polk Co; on half of undivided interest in lost in Calhoun.

539 21 Aug 1854 JOSEPH PELTON to ROBERT H. WELLS, both of Polk Co.; the lots as in deed on page 539 above.

540 23 Aug 1854 SARAH E. NEWMAN, widow of ROBERT M. NEWMAN, dec’d, to DIMMON and McKAMY W. DORSEY, JOHN A. LONG, CLINTON B. NEWMAN, ALEXANDER CULUTON, and BUREL BUCKNER; Deed of relinquishment for all property bequeathed to her by her late husband.

541 26 Jun 1854 HENRY RICE, Adm. of MARTH RICE, dec’d, JAMES FORREST, ALLEN HALEY, WILLIAM L. RICE, ELISHA DODSON and wife MARY, C. L. KING, one of Adms. of WILLIAM MATLOCK, dec’d, HENRY MATLOCK Adm. of HENRY MATLOCK, dec’d, to ADOLPHUS H. CROW; whereas MARTHA RICE in her lifetime, ELISHA DODSON and wife MARY, ALLEN HALEY, JAMES FORREST, WILLIAM L. RICE, HENRY MATLOCK in his lifetime, and WILLIAM MATLOCK in his lifetime, made a Title Bond.

Page 79

550 12 Jul 1854 WILLIAM BURK to SAMUEL P. IVINS; Bill of Sale for Press and type now in his possession, being the materials which were sold by JOHN McGAUGHY, Trustee.

550 11 Sep 1854 Tennessee and Alabama Mining Co., Original Certificate: “We whose names are hereto signed, do certify that we have formed ourselves into a Company, under the provisions of an act of the general Assembly of the State of Tennessee, entitled, “an act to authorize the formation of Corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical, or Chemical purposes;” Signed by A. D. KEYS, C. W. RICE, JOHN L. SENTER, JOHN L. McCONNELL by C. W. RICE, Atty., J. M. HENDRIX, S. K REEDER, GEORGE W. ROSS, THOMAS B. MAYFIELD, ROBERT N. McEWEN, WMs. MAYFIELD, DAVID CLEAGE, THOS. A. CLEAGE, ALEXANDER CLEAGE, JOHN A. GOULDY, HENRY MATLOCK, J. B. COOKE, JANE E. McDERMOTT by J. B. COOKE, Atty., HENRY RICE, J. W. GIBSON, MILLER F. RICE by C. W. RICE, A. J. DODSON by C. W. RICE

552 19 Sep 1854 ROBERT H. McCROSKEY to ELISHA MELTON of Fannin Co., GA

553 29 Sep 1854 JOHN ELLIOTT and wife SARAH to B. E. CASS; their interest in land, which is one fourth held in the individual right of said SARAH ELLIOTT as one of the heirs of ABSOLOM CARNEY, dec’d, and also one third of the interest of JOSEPH and MARGARET HIGDON, the same having been conveyed to us by deed heretofore.



556 31 Aug 1854 CATHARINE DOBBS and husband JOHNSON S. DOBBS, both of Pulaski Co., VA, to GEORGE W. MOORE; their interest in land; acknowledged in Pulaski Co., VA

559 22 Feb 1853 Chancery Court Decree: JAMES P. SENTER VS JOHN L. and WILLIAM SENTER by their Gdn. TANDY S. RICE; title divested out of said minor heirs of MARTIN SENTER, dec’d.

560 23 Sep 1854 JAMES W. McSPADDEN to JULIANN WEST and her heirs.

570 5 Nov 1853 LAURA S. PATTY, feme covert, and GEORGE O. PATTY to JAMES S. RUSSELL; land on which they reside.

573 12 Dec 1850 RICHARD LAWSON to WILLIAM WASSON; 27 Oct 1854, handwriting of witness SETH BEDFORD, who has gone to parts unknown, is proven.

575 14 Dec 1853 WILLIAM H. and HUGH C. REYNOLDS to MARY M. and LUCY J. REYNOLDS; their interest in a slave which descended to them and to the Grantees as heirs of GREEN L. REYNOLDS, dec’d.

577 1 Sep 1854 JACOB QUEENER to NORMAN W. BLACKWELL of Polk Co.

579 18 Oct 1854 SAMUEL C. AGNEW to HENRY H. RIDER, ROBERT SNIDER, and LEWIS R. HURST, Common School Commissioners of Fourth Township, Range first: $200; for use of the Common School, lot on the south south west side of Athens, where said AGNEW now lives.

582 11 Nov 1854 ISAAC WIDOWS of Meigs Co. to DAVID S. CAMPBELL.

583 7 Mar 1854 MARTHA M. MARTIN, JOHN W. SMITH, MARK ROBERTS and wife EMILY, all of Anderson Co., TX, to MARY M. CARR of Galveston Co., TX; Power of Atty. to attend to all business in connection with settlement of the estate of our father NAT SMITH, dec’d, in the State of TN, also of the estate of our uncle STEPHEN SMITH, dec’d, in the State of TN; acknowledged in Anderson Co., TX.


585 12 May 1846 LOVEY (her mark) PEARSON to CHRISLEY FOSTER; her undivided share in the estate of her husband DOCTOR PEARSON, dec’d.

586 11 Mar 1848 GERSILDA PEARSON, GEORGE MONROE and wife ELISA formerly PEARSON, JAMES ELLIS and wife NANCY formerly PEARSON, LUCINDA PEARSON, and SHIRWOOD W. PEARSON, to CHRISSLEY FOSTER; their undivided shares of ` estate of DOCTOR PEARSON, dec’d.

Page 80

587 28 Oct 1854 WILLIAM M. STANFER and wife REBECCA L. formerly PEARSON and CHARLES M. PEARSON, all of Polk Co., to CHRISLEY FOSTER; their two undivided shares in estate of DOCTOR PEARSON, dec’d.

588 22 Apr 1852 SARAH PATTERSON to CHRISLEY and ANDREW FOSTER; two acres

593 22 Aug 1850 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: MOSES and JAMES LONG, execs of GEORGE LONG SR, dec’d, VS MILTON L. PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH LONG widow of GEORGE LONG SR. NANCY LONG widow of GEORGE LONG JR, dec’d, and as Gnd of WILLIAM, JACOB and MARY LONG, minor heirs of GEORGE LONG JR., PLEASANT LONG and wife ELIZABETH formerly ELIZABETH LONG daughter of GEORGE LONG JR., JOHN, ISAAC, and MAPLES LONG, JAMES LONGLEY and wife NANCY, JOSEPH MORTON and wife ELIZABETH, DAVID GORMAN and wife RUTH, JESSE WEAR and wife MARGARET, daughter of GEORGE LONG JR., dec’d, and JOHN S. LONG; land sold to high bidder MILTON L. PHILLIPS, who was the owner by purchase of four shares being one half of the land, and therefore was to pay only one half of the purchase price.

594 6 Dec 1854 CORNELIUS BROWN to daughter SUSAN SHARITS and her children; land for love and affection.

595 4 Mar 1845 Decree of Chancery Court: MILTON L. PHILLIPS and wife and others, heirs of HORACE HICKOX, dec’d, Ex parte; land of HORACE HICKOX, dec’d, sold for division of proceeds among heirs, and PHILLIPS was the purchaser; said PHILLIPS being one of the heirs by marriage, and Gdn of RICHARD A., JOHN E., and LAMIRA JANE HICKOX, minor heirs.

597 25 Aug 1854 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Ex parte; ELIZABETH JARNAGIN, widow of CASWELL JARNAGIN for herself and as Gdn of ALLISON W. B., ALFRED HOUSTON, CASWELL and JOHN N. JARNAGIN, minor heirs of said CASWELL, and MORRIS M. SMITH and wife AMANDA M., and HENRY LI. EATON and wife SARAH L., and A. M. RUNYAN and wife MARY ANN, said three femmes covert being also heirs and daughters of said CASWELL JARNAGIN, dec’d; land on Eastanallee Creek sold to D. W. PRATHER.

600 21 Nov 1854 WILLIAM A. DUGAN and wife ELMIRA to THOMAS COOPER; their interest in land, it being the farm of HENRY COOPER, dec’d, lying on Cain Creek.

603 11 Nov 1854 A. R. T. ROGERS to JAMES BLACKBURN of Bradley Co.; lot 63 in Calhoun.

605 30 Mar 1852 HENRY RICE, Obligation to M. R. GIBSON; agreement about fences; handwriting of witness WILLIAM WOOLF, who is dead, is proven 11 Dec 1854 by WILLIAM McKAMY and HENRY WOOLF.

606 11 Nov 1853 DICEY (DESA) CUNNINGHAM formerly WILSON, heir and distributee of JAMES WILSON, dec’d, late of McMinn Co., to brother JAMES WILSON; Power of Atty. to sign name to deed from heirs of JAMES WILSON, dec’d, to the East Tenn & GA R. R. Co., for four acres of land formerly know as the Hicky farm, for use as a depot and for railroad purposes; DISA CUNNINGHAM acknowledges, apart from her husband, in Polk Co., MO before ISRAEL W. DAVIS, Clerk of Co. Court.



613 3 Nov 1846 ELIZABETH MEIGS to ALFRED SWAFFORD; 4 Apr 1854, handwriting of witness M. C. HAWK, who has died, was proven.

619 3 Oct 1850 JAMES RUTHERFORD JR to WILLIAM RUTHERFORD JR; his one eighth undivided interest in land of JAMES RUTHERFORD SR, dec’d.

620 3 Sep 1854 WILLIAM, CALVIN M., RANDOLPH, and NANCY RUTHERFORD to H. M. SIMPSON; their undivided interests in land of their father, JAMES RUTHERFORD SR, dec’d, and in the dower laid off for mother NANCY RUTHERFORD.

622 24 May 1853 ISAAC C. THOMAS and wife EVALINA of Giles Co., to H. M. SIMPSON; their share of land of father JAMES RUTHERFORD, dec’d, and in dower of mother NANCY; acknowledged in Giles Co.

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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