McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book H

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2 11 Sep 1826 ABNER LEA, OLIVER, ELIJAH, WILLIAM, JESSE, and LAZARUS DODSON to WILLIAM DODSON; Obligation; they appoint ABNER LEA and OLIVER DODSON, the two “Gardeans” of the estate of LAZARUS DODSON, dec’d, to make deed to WILLIAM DODSON; also agree to give land to heirs of DAVID DODSON, dec’d, that was assigned to him by LAZARUS DODSON, dec’d; 3 Oct 1842, the handwriting of witnesses GARRETT F. LANKFORD and DAVID RHODES is identified, as they reside outside the State of TN.

3 2 Feb 1842 HENDERSON, ROBERT B., and CALLOWAY H. (W.) SMITH, MALINDA PICKENS formerly SMITH and husband CHARLES A. PICKENS, heirs of JOSEPH SMITH, dec’d, to ISAAH SMITH: their interest in land, part paid to JOSEPH in his lifetime.

6 4 Oct 1842 A. D. KEYES and O. H. LIDE, Adms. of JOHN W. LIDE, dec’d, to JAMES S. BRIDGES; Bill of Sale for slaves.

9 1 Oct 1842 LEONARD P. CHEATHAM of Davidson Co., to WILLIAMS WYNNE of same; one half interest in stallion named Merman now standing at the house of H. HUMPHREYS in Athens; Deed of Trust. 14 21 Oct 1842 ROBERT FRAZIER and JARVIS WILLIAMS to JOHN CRAWFORD and A. J. and W. H. BALLEW; Deed of Trust for everything pertaining to the printing office; FRAZIER and WILLIAMS to rent it all for $40 per year.

21 25 Oct 1842 ISAAC and GEORGE W. GALLAGHER to HIRAM PLANK; Deed of Trust.

23 28 Oct 1842 WILLIAM SHAMBLIN of Polk Co., to JOSEPH McCULLY; Bill of Sale.

24 8 Sep 1842 JAMES PARKISON to ERBY BOYD of Polk Co.; Bill of Sale.

26 15 Oct 1842 CHARLES CATE to DAVID SMITH; Deed of Trust; ELIZABETH McMAHAN, Gnd of JOHN McMAHAN holds note.

28 1 May 1837 WILLIAM BROWN to JAMES S. GREEN; 3 Nov 1842, witness B. H. TAYLOR has removed from this State.

32 24 Oct 1842 ELIZABETH and CALEB FANN to WILLIAM MOORE; Bill of Sale for slaves

34 5 Nov 1842 JOSEPH McCULLEY, Sheriff, to JOHN D. CHATTIN; on 15 Dec 1841, FRANKLIN and NEWTON LOCK and ORVELL PAYNE, Adms, of JOHN LOCK, dec’d, recovered judgment against JESSE WALLING.

38 4 Nov 1842 MALCOTH FANN to JOSIAH CHILDERS, both of Polk Co.

48 21 Nov 1842 ROBERT FRAZIER to NICHOLAS G. FRAZIER of Rhea Co; undivided one third interest in slave now in possession of JAMES F. BRADFORD.

50 12 Mar 1842 JAMES GETTYS and JOHN J. DIXON, Commissioners appointed by the Congregation of Mars Hill Church in Athens, to T. NIXON VANDYKE; two acres that were donated by the Legislature of TN to the Presbyterian Church, lying on the south side of Athens and adjoining the land donated to the Baptist Church on which the Baptist Church building now stands.

53 25 Nov 1842 ALEXANDER WOODWARD to JAMES WITTEN of Meigs Co., mortgage of his library including his medical books, listed.

57 29 Nov 1842 JOHN McGINTY to JACOB TIPTON of Monroe Co.

84 12 Dec 1842 WILLIAM LOWRY to T. NIXON VANDYKE; lot or parcel of land beginning at the SE corner of the new grave yard on VANDYKE’s line, running thence E with said line 16 poles thence 16 poles to the SE corner of a piece of ground formerly owned by HUGH SMITH thence W with said SMITH line 16 poles, thence S with SMITH line to the NE corner of new grave yard, and with the grave yard line to the beginning, being the same lot of ground formerly occupied as a Presbyterian Camp ground, in the vicinity and on the S side of the town of Athens.

94 21 Dec 1842 THOMAS FRAZIER of Polk Co., to JOHN J. DIXON; Deed of Trust; is indebted to ELI DIXON.

99 10 Nov 1842 JAMES BENTLY JR of Washington Co., KY, to HUGH P. WILSON; Bill of Sale for slaves.

110 21 Jan 1843 DRURY P. ARMSTRONG of Knox Co., General Assignee in Bankruptcy, to JAMES GETTYS and JAMES H. REAGAN; land of JOHN WILSON, Bankrupt.

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112 24 Jan 1843 HEROD H. RUDD to ALEXANDER HOOD of Monroe Co.

115 23 Jan 1843 WILLIAM CLARK of Monroe Co., to PATTON A. BRADFORD of Polk Co.

127 17 Feb 1843 JAMES MASSINGALE to ADAM G. MASSINGALE; Deed of Trust of personal property; owes WILLIAM MASSINGALE of Campbell Co.



139 24 Feb 1843 HENRY G. GAINES of Roanoke Co., VA. and MARTIN KERFMAN of McMinn Co., to DAVID Cleage, Truestee; Indebtedness to SAMUEL CLEAGE; GAINES has purchased the stallion Padorgus from his father KEMP GAINES.

141 1 Mar 1843 GALLOWAY CAMPBELL to daughter CATHARINE and daughter LOUIZA CAMPBELL; personal property

147 11 Mar 1843 HARDY S. MORRIS to GEORGE G. MORRIS.

148 9 Mar 1843 ADAM BURNES to WILLIAM L. BURNES; land…adjoining lands of ISAAC LOWRY, dec’d.

151 4 Mar 1853 JAMES WILLSON to WM C. GRIFFITH of Anderson Co.

152 11 Mar 1843 JOHN L. KLINE and wife SERENA J., late SERENA J. HOLT, one of children of IRBY HOLT, dec’d, to JAMES H. REAGAN.

171 10 Apr 1843 WILLIAM LOWRY to SAMUEL H. JORDAN; Deed of Trust for slaves, stock, and furniture (all listed); LOWRY is Gdn. of TIMOTHY M., MINERVA JANE, and JOHN O. WALKER, minor heirs of JOHN WALKER JR and holds their funds in his hands.

173 Apr 1843 WILLIAM LOWRY to JOHN McGHEE of Monroe Co.; land…on which my dwelling and improvements are, and the residue of said quarter on which a part of the Town of Athens is situated having conveyed a part of said quarter to the Town of Athens and to others; for $903.45.

174 10 Apr 1843 WILLIAM LOWRY to SAMUEL H. JORDAN; Deed of Trust for slaves and furniture (all listed); LOWRY is indebted to JOHN McGHEE of Monroe Co., by note dated 20 Feb 1818, and to THOMAS B. MAYFIELD.

178 9 Apr 1843 HARDY S. MORRIS to son-in-law THOMAS NEWTON and daughter ELIZA NEWTON his wife; for love and affection; Bill of sale for slave.

183 17 Apr 1843 RUBIN and JOHN C. CASADA to JAMES PARKINSON; Deed of Trust; they are indebted to JOHN CAMP of Bradley Co.

185 20 Apr 1843 JOHN WOLFF, Advance Bid on JAMES W. ERWIN land; land sold under Deed of Trust, one tract that WILLIAM ERWIN formerly owned which was sold by SPENCER BEAVERS, Sheriff.

88 16 May 1840 HENRY JONES of Hamilton Co., to JAMES GETTYS; acknowledged in Hamilton Co. before ASHAL RAWLINGS, Clk of Co. Ct.

189 No date THOMAS ELLIOTT to JESSEE ELLIOTT, trustee for JONATHAN J. ELLIOTT; acknowledged 1 May 1843.

197 18 Jan 1841 CHARLES W. PARKS of Benton, Polk Co., to WILLS CLIFT of New York City; for $5500.; 5000 acres in McMinn Co.

199 17 May 1843 JESSEE M. HORTON to WASHINGTON Y. WEATHERLY of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust for personal property.

208 10 Feb 1843 JOHN ALLEN to daughter NANCY ALLEN and her son BYRUN ALLEN; for love; land, with deed to take effect after death of JOHN.

209 1 Jun 1843 JOHN ARMSTRONG to his sisters JANE and ANN ARMSTRONG; land for their lifetime.

210 1 Jun 1843 JANE and ANN ARMSTRONG to brother JOHN ARMSTRONG; Bill of Sale for slaves; to make fair family settlement.

216 20 Jun 1843 BARBARA KETRING, JOHN M. GIBBS and wife ANGELINE GIBBS late ANGELINE WHITESEL late ANGELINE GRAHAM to JOHN CRAWFORD; Deed of Trust of personal property and one half of the undivided Lot No. 108 on Eastanallee Creek, which they now occupy as a tavern.

221 1 Mar 1843 DOUTHETT HICKS to GEORGE B. HICKS of Monroe Co.

223 4 Jul 1843 Petition to Circuit Court by heirs of JOHN ATKISON, dec’d, for partition of land; partitioned among JOHN GREGORY and wife PARALEE, NAT ATKISON, and VELINA ATKISON; lands in McMinn, Bradley and Meigs counties.

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226 22 Jun 1843 CATHARINE J. CHUNN to JOSEPH BOWDER; Bill of Sale for slave.

29 11 Jul 1843 BEVIL McENTIRE to JOSEPH DIXON; for love and affection; personal property, including cattle which are now at ELI DIXON’s

230 18 Jul 1843 JAMES WITTEN of Meigs Co., to JOHN O. CANNON; Deed of Trust for land in McMinn Co., known as the Bradley place on Suee, a lot in Philadelphia, Monroe Co., on which there is a brick house used as the Methodist Church.

236 4 Jul 1843 THOMAS W. MASTON to GEORGE G. HARDEN of Knox Co.

238 22 Feb 1843 JOSEPH McCULLEY, Sheriff, to ABRAHAM SLOVER; judgment recovered against SAMUEL H. JORDAN, Adm, de bonis non of YOUNG COLVILL, dec’d. in 1834; Sheriff sold lands which descended to WARNER E. COLVILL, BATHAINE EDMONDS (EDMONSON), OBEDIAH EDMONS (EDMONSON), and ARMANDA M. COLVILL.

249 21 Mar 1843 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: HUGH L. and JOHN MIDDLETON VS AMOND BOND, LANDON C. PETERS and wife MARGARET formerly MARGET SMITH wife of JOSEPH SMITH, dec’d, and his heirs ISARAH, HENDERSON, and ROBERT SMITH, CHARLES PICKENS and wife MALINDA, CALLOWAY and JOHN SMITH, also ERBY, JOSEPH N., MATILDA and LOUISA SMITH by their Gdn. MARGARET PETERS; in Aug 1839 AMON BOND delivered to JOSEPH SMITH a title bond; in Feb 1839 JOSEPH SMITH issued title bond to Complainants; JOSEP SMITH died about Jul or Aug 1840.

251 20 Sep 1842 Copy of Chancery Court Decree at Madisonville: RICHARD and ALFRED SWAFFORD VS ELIZABETH SENTER Gdn. of PRESTON and JAMES B. SENTER, and WILL BATES, Adm of JAMES S. SENTER, dec’d.

262 6 Sep 1843 SIMEON ELDRIDGE and RICHARD CURD to BENJAMIN ELDRIDGE of Roane Co.; whereas SIMEON ELDRIDGE on the marriage of his daughter MARY ELDRIDGE with RICHARD CURD placed with them a slave for the benefit of his daughter and her heirs, but retained title in his possession…whereas MARY has died leaving issue EVELINE CURD now married to WILLIAM P. COPELAND, ELIZA JANE, BENJAMIN C., JOSEPH A., and MARY CURD; with consent of the said RICHARD CURD, SIMEON makes deed in trust for said heirs; slaves to be divided at the time JOSEPH A. would, if living, attain the age of 21, he being five years old on 14 May 1843.

268 14 Dec 1842 Copy of Chancery Court at Greeneville Decree: MILTON SHIELDS and others, surviving partners of D&M SHIELDS & Co VS MARY SHIELDS, widow of D. SHIELDS, REESE B. BRABSON, Gdn & C; in 1840 the Clerk and Master sold land in Grainger Co. on which the Holston paper mill is situated, also the Middle Brook paper mill in Knox Co.; also Bright Hope Furnace land in Greene Co., lots in Athens, Madisonville, and Maryville, all in pursuance of a decree in above case.


273 18 Jan 1835 WILLIAM JONES of Rhea Co., to CALEB MOORE.

277 27 Sep 1843 JOHN CROUSHORN and wife FRANCES H. to R. A. McADOO; Deed of Trust; their share, as heirs, of land of WILLIAM RICHARDSON, dec’d.

278 23 Sep 1843 DAVID WELLS of Meigs Co. to LARKEN BUTRAM.

284 5 Oct 1843 ABNER LEA and OLIVER DODSON to the heirs of DAVID DODSON, dec’d; deed made in compliance with agreement made Sep 1826.

288 30 Sep 1843 ROBERT STEPHENSON to SAMUEL HARDY, JAMES GAUT, and DIMMON DORSEY SR., Trustees of Mount Cumberland Meeting House; $1.00; two acres and recourse to the spring, for the use of said meeting house.

291 8 Jul 1843 ISOM JULIN to SAMUEL HARDY, DAVID SMITH, ROBERT P. JULIUN, SAMUEL WILSON, and ISRAEL SMITH, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church called Mt. Pisgah; one half acre where the meeting house now stands, Deed of Gift, of his own free will and pleasure.

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300 14 Oct 1843 HAMILTON SUMERS and wife LEVINIA of Bradley Co. to WILLIAM THORNBERY of DeCalb Co., AL

304 15 Aug 1843 NANCY P. McSPADDEN of Noxubee Co., MS, to CHARLES CARTER JR. of Bibb Co, AL; Power of Atty. to collect her part of the estate of CHARLES CARTER, dec’d, who died in McMinn Co., she being one of the legatees; deed proven in Noxubee Co., by witness H. L. JARNAGIN before ANDERSON W. DABNEY, J.P. certified at Macon, Noxubee Co. by JNO B. ROBERTS, Clk. and JOHN J. BEAUCHAMP, Judge.

306 1 Jun 1843 BYNOM JARNAGIN of Bradley Co. to REUBEN THORNTON; mortgage


319 4 Dec 1843 HENRY L. BURCH to JOHN and SHADRACH HAYS; Title Bond.

323 25 Nov 1843 DOUTHAT, SHADRACH, and GEORGE B. HICKS to GILFORD CANNON, all of McMinn and Monroe Counties; land that SHADRACH now lives on.

326 6 Dec 1843 GEORGE COLVILL SR, to SARAH COLVILL of McMinn Co and KATHARINE WAUGH of Bradley Co.; his undivided part of land…line with DAVIDSON COLVILL and A. R.TURK.

330 6 Jan 1838 JOHN MOODEY to JAMES CARTER of Monroe Co.

332 23 Dec 1843 GEORGE COLVILL to George COLVILL JR.; personal property

338 12 Jan 1844 JACOB FISHER to HENRY H. RIDER and RICHARD M. FISHER; for money loaned and work done, three acre lot adjoining Town of Athens on road from Athens to Forest Hill Academy.

340 12 Jan 1844 JACOB FISHER to AUGUSTUS O. FISHER; for work done, 300 acres and Lot No. 10.

344 4 Dec 1842 JOHN CAMERON to WILLIAM CAMERON of Polk Co; his undivided interest in land left to him by his father, ARCHABALD CAMERON in his last will which bears date of 24 Feb 1842.

345 13 Jan 1844 ELISHA DODSON to HENRY BRADFORD of Polk Co.

347 13 Jan 1844 JOHN M. DODSON to HENRY BRADFORD of Polk Co.

356 27 Jan 1844 Decree of Chancery Court at McMinnville: WARNER E. COLVILL, ARMANDA MURRELL COLVILL by her next friend and BETHEA EDMONDSON and OBEDIA B. EDMONDSON her husband VS NUTTY COLVILL surviving Admx of YOUNG COLVILL, dec’d, and WILLIAM LOWRY and GEORGE COLVILL SR; Adms have failed to pay to Complainants the balance of the estate; Hon. B. L. RIDLY, Judge, JOSEPH F. MORFORD, Clerk and Master.

360 3 Feb 1844 SAMUEL WOLFF to JOHN WOLFF; Bill of Sale for slave.

362 No Date JAMES ATKINSON of Meigs Co., Advance of bid he made on 24 Jan 1844 at sale of land of THOMAS McINTURFF for debt.

370 15 Feb 1838 ELIJAH HURST to son RUSSELL (L. R.) HURST; for love.

372 17 Jan 1844 JAMES HELLUMS to JOHN WOLFF; land willed to him by his father.

380 22 Mar 1844 WILLIAM RUDD to REUBEN FAULKNER, JOHN McGAUGHY and AUSWELL PHILIPS; mortgage; property devised to him by will of father HEROD RUDD, after death of mother SARAH RUDD.

385 6 Apr 1844 JOEL K. BROWN to MARTHA L. AIKEN of Bradley Co.; mortgage

391 15 Aug 1842 ALEXANDER D. KEYES, Trustee to ANDREW HUTSELL; land deeded in trust by ABRAHAM L. SLACK, including a saw mill but excluding the machinery in the spinning factory in which said SLACK and others are interested.

395 24 Jan 1844 MOURNING JULIAN and husband GEORGE JULIAN, heirs of JAMES SMITH, dec’d, claim title by Certificate from the State of TN under MARY SMITH, widow of JAMES SMITH, dec’d, to ourselves for 6/7 of land; EBENEZER FAIN claims title; Quit claim deed to FAIN.

397 10 Nov 1843 WILLIAM RIVERS and wife SUSANNAH to DANIEL WAUMACK; Whereas by descent from JACOB WAUMACK, one DESSY MOORE, JACOB WAUMACK JR., JOHN WAUMACK, THOMAS WAUMACK, MARY POWELL, SARAH ELDER, DANIEL WAUMACK, NARCISSUS W. LUCAS, and myself, SUSANNAH RIVERS, have derived title; SUSANNAH, daughter of JACOB Sr., sells her interest in family of slaves.

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399 24 Apr 1844 MARGARET CUNNINGHAM, widow to MARSHALL W. CUNNINGHAM; land, with life estate secured to her by the Grantee.

400 22 Mar 1842 Decree of Chancery Court at Madisonville; ROBERT H. and ELIZABETH McEWAN, Execs of JOHN McEWAN, dec’d, VS HENRY MATLOCK, JOHN McPHERSON, THOMAS JOHNSON and wife MARY, WESLEY WHITTEN and wife SARAH, HENDERSON SMALL and wife ELIZA, and ANN McPHERSON, heirs of BARTON McPHERSON, dec’d, RUFUS, SARAH ELIZA, ELIZABETH, and ISABELLA McPHERSON, children of RICHARD McPHERSON, dec’d, who was an heir of BARTON McPHERSON, dec’d.

404 11 May 1842 JOHN WILSON of Monroe Co to JOSEPH HAMILTON.

405 21 Jul 1843 JAMES H. SENTER of Lincoln Co., KY to JOHN L. SENTER; Power of Atty; acknowledged in Lincoln Co., KY before THOMAS HELEN, Clk, WILLIAM SHANKS SR, J.P.

410 11 Jan 1844 JOHN A. BELL and wife JANE late JANE MARTIN of Crawford Co., AR, BENJAMIN F. THOMPSON and wife ANN, JOSEPH M. LYNCH and wife CHARLOTTE, D. M. WRIGHT and wife ELIZA, GEORGE W. Adair and wife MARTHA, S. W. BELL and wife RACHEL, DAVID BELL and wife NANCY, CLEMENT V. McNARY (McNAIR) and wife SUSANNAH, BRICE, JOSEPH L., JOHN, and G. M. MARTIN, children and heirs of JOHN MARTIN, dec’d, of the Cherokee Nation, of full age, and ELEANOR and LUCY MARTIN, widows of said JOHN MARTIN,dec’d, and said BENJAMIN F. THOMPSON and JOHN A. BELL as Gdns of RICHARD, ELEANOR, and PARLINE MARTIN, minor heirs of said JOHN MARTIN, dec’d, all of Cherokee Nation West, to ALBERT G. RICE; Letter of Atty; sworn to in Benton Co., AR, before JOHN A. P CARR, J.P., JOHN SMITH, clk, JOSEPH M. HOGE, Judge.

415 6 Jun 1844 WILLIS WASHAM to son WILLIAM JEREMIAH WASHAM of Bradley Co; for love; land and personal property; son to care for WILLIS and wife MARGARET during their lifetime, and at their death to pay to WILLIS’ other children what will be an equal to two-thirds of the value.

418 18 Jun 1844 ELIJAH HURST to JOHN McREYNOLDS of Bradley Co., Conveyance in Trust; for love and affection for daughter-in-law ELIZABETH H. HURST, wife of JOHN L. HURST, and the heirs of her body to be born in wedlock with the said JOHN L., and in default of such heirs, then to the legal heirs of said JOHN L., reserves part of land for his home and support for himself and wife MARY during their lifetime.

429 15 Jul 1844 JOSEPH SCHOLLER of Morgan Co. to JOHN O. CANNON; Bill of Sale for slave; witnesses WILLIAM S. McEWAN and JAMES FREEMAN prove deed in Roane Co.

430 26 Dec 1843 EDMUND ROBERTS to EDMUND D. Roberts.

431 2 Aug 1844 GEORGE ROBERTS a free man of color to THOMAS M. ROBERTS; whereas the said GEORGE is owner of two persons of color by name of RICHARD and ZILPHY, children of GEORGE by descent from ELIZABETH ROBERTS, mother of said THOMAS M. ROBERTS; Deed of Gift of RICHARD and ZILPHY.



438 13 Sep 1844 JOSEPH McCULLY, Sheriff, to MARGARET A.W. HANKS; MARGARET was high bidder at sale of land known as Walkers Mill Reservation, the property of GIDEON MORGAN, sold to satisfy judgment.

441 17 Sep 1844 SAMUEL McCONKEY to ELLIOTT GRAY and wife ELIZABETH, daughter and son-in-law of SAMUEL; Deed of Gift of personal property.

442 17 Sep 1844 NEOMY and ISAIAH FIELD to WILLIAM MOORE; “I release all my right and title to two negroes….I do certify that I have no right nor claim to said negroes the property that ELIZABETH FAYNN sold to WILLIAM MOORE;” Teste: JNO GAMBILL, CALEB FANN; signed by NANCY FIELD, ISAIAH FIELD; witness CALEB FANN deposes that he is acquainted with FAOMY [sic] FIELDS and that they assigned the same.

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446 7 Oct 1844 REUBEN CASADA to NATHAN SULLINS, JOSEPH GASTON, EDMUND BROWDER, WILLIAM RUDD, and A. SLOVER, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States; $200.00; three acres so as to embrace the Spring on the south side of the Cedar Spring Camp Ground used as a place of worship by the Methodist Episcopal Church.

447 10 Feb 1843 JOHN BOWERMAN to JANE BOWERMAN; four deeds.

458 3 Mar 1843 MARY WITT, MORDECAI RUCKER and wife MIRAM, GEORGE W. CATE and wife MARY, ROBERT ELDER and wife MARY (POLLY), THOMAS GRISHAM and wife ELIZABETH (Betsy), all of McMinn Co., to JAMES E. RUCKER of County of McMinn, Meigs and Bradley; interest in land descended to them from estate of NATHANIEL WITT, dec’d. [ Places of residence are probably reversed.]

465 14 Oct 1844 Marriage Contract between ROBERT M. NEWMAN and SARAH E. JONES; marriage is shortly absolutely to take place; SARAH now owns slave and furniture which she shall continue to own as though no marriage had taken place.

474 24 Jul 1844 WILLIAM MAYNOR to JOHN MAYNOR; division of land which they jointly purchased.


476 9 Jul 1834 ABNER WEATHERLY of Rhea Co., to BARTON WHTE of same; land in Rhea Co.


480 27 Nov 1844 JOHN OWENS to PHILIP OWENS; Deed of Trust.

482 6 Jul 1844 JACOB McDANIEL to JOHN HUTSELL of Wythe Co., VA.


486 13 Jan 1844 MARY ANN FITE to PETER FITE JR., HENRY FITE, JOHN SYMPSON, ELIAS FITE, and LEWIS PIERCE; her dower interest in lands of PETER FITE SR., dec’d.



498 11 Nov 1844 WINSTON CARTER to WILLIAM BLAIR; Deed of Trust for personal property, to secure debts due to HUGH F. and WILLIAM P. LUTTRELL of Knox Co. and PTER CARTER of White Co.

499 25 Mar 1842 JAMES WILSON to JAMES and ANNA HICKEY, Obligation; WILSON has bought slaves but the HICKEYs have right to redeem them.

501 1 Jan 1845 JAMES HICKEY and wife ANNA to SAMUEL N. JOHNSON; Deed of Trust; debt due to ROBERT H. HICKEY.

505 28 Dec 1844 JOHN MOORE JR. to ELIZA C. DUGGAN of Monroe Co.

508 17 Oct 1842 JACOB WIMBERLY to BENONI PRITCHARD of Blount Co.

514 5 Jan 1845 PATTON A. BRADFORD to HENRY D. MERSEREAU late of Wisconsin Territory.


517 28 Feb 1828 ROBERT SCARBROUGH of Knox Co., to JOHN POE of same.

529 24 Jan 1844 LITTLEBERRY MOORE of Bradley Co., to WILLIAM MATLOCK.

532 10 Mar 1845 LEWIS R. and JOHN L. HURST, Execs. of ELIJAH HURST, dec’d, to FANNY ROMINES; land that she had deeded to ELIJAH HURST.

535 11 Mar 1845 MARGARET T. MOORE to THOMAS C. BRADLEY of New Castle Co., DE; Power of Atty. to receive monies coming to her as the sole heir of her husband THOMAS P. MOORE in the hands of WILLIAM THOMPSON of New Castle Co., DE.

538 20 Jan 1845 ISAAC G. WRIGHT and wife DARCAS CAROLINE to TUBAL ZEIBLER; their interest as heirs in the land of PETER SMITH, dec’d.

545 3 May 1839 JOHN H. BECK of Rhea Co. to DAVID G. SCOGGINS of Meigs Co.; undivided interest in land of JOHN CROW willed to his son ROBERT C. CROW and conveyed by Robert to BECK.

551 3 Apr 1844 WILLIAM H. BALLEW, surviving partner of firm of J.J. and W.H BALLEW, to HARTWELL IVY JR. and EDWARD S. IVY; land formerly owned by HARTWELL IVY SR., sold at Sheriff’s sale.

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554 1 Apr 1845 WILLIAM H. SLOVER to C. O. SLOVER.

557 27 Nov 1842 JOHN L. HURST to ELIJAH HURST; Bill of Sale for slave now in possession of COL JOHN C. GAUT of Cleaveland.

558 10 Jan 1844 Maury Co., GA; JOHN L. HURST and wife ELIZABETH H. to ELIJAH HURST; Bill of Sale of slave; acknowledged in Murrey Co, GA before JAMES BUCKHANNON, J.P. by ELIZABETH H. HURST on date of Bill of Sale; acknowledged by JOHN L. HURST in McMinn Co on 12 Apr 1845.

559 11 Apr 1845 GEORGE W. MAYO to JAMES MAYO, Trustee; owes VALENTINE MAYO SR. and others; mortgage of personal property, including 14 feather beds and bedsteads, one large steamboat dining table, 12 Windsor chairs, three dozen split bottom chairs.

567 11 Apr 1845 GEORGE W. MAYO to JAMES DENNIS; for $150.00 paid in a new six horse waggon now at JAMES DENNIS’ and $25.00 in two notes, the 1/8 interest in lands of WILLIAM RICHARDSON, dec’d, which JOHNATHAN RICHARDSON, heir, owned and was sold at Sheriff’s sale.

568 6 Feb 1844 JOHN HOYL to THOMAS L. HOYL.

576 29 May 1845 JENNETT (JANETTE) NELSON of McMinn Co., to JOHN L. BRIDGES; Power of Atty to collect her share of estate of her father, JOHN McVAY, dec’d, formerly of PERSON Co., NC, now in hands of McVAY CHANDLER, Exec., who lives in Granville Co., NC; she revokes any Powers of Atty obtained from her in Sep 1844 either by WILLIAM GLENN of White Co or by DAVID J. YOUNG of North Carolina, or to said GLENN and YOUNG jointly. Certified for registration in Granville Co., NC.

581 1843 ROBERT THOMPSON of Roane Co to RANSOM I. MOORE of Monroe Co.

585 16 Jul 1845 NANCY FORE to WILLIAM McTEER of Maryville, Blount Co; Bill of Sale for slave.


587 26 Jul 1842 Decree of Supreme Court of Tennessee at Knoxville, with Hon. NATHAN GREEN, WILLIAM B. REESE, and WILLIAM B. TURLEY as Judge, in Case of RICHAD ROTHWELL VS MARSHALL W. CUNNINGHAM, HUMPHREY REYNOLDS, and JAMES GETTYS, decided in favor of Defendants; Copy certified by JAMES W. CAMPBELL, Clk of Supreme Court.

591 2 Aug 1845 IRBY H. SMITH to CHARLES A. PICKENS; his interest in undivided land left to him by his father.

595 2 Aug 1845 STEPHEN H. MILLER to THOMAS C. ROBERTS; undivided 1/9 part of land.

601 16 Aug 1845 ELISHA DODSON to JOHN M. and JESSEE A. DODSON.

604 28 Aug 1845 JONATHAN T. SMITH to CHARLES A. PICKENS; his interest in undivided land left to him by his father.

608 19 Aug 1845 HENRY M. SIMPSON to nephew JOHN R. SIMPSON; for love; personal property.

610 18 Aug 1845 ROBERT H. McEWEN of Davidson Co formerly of Fayetteville to S. BOGART and others; whereas on 2 Jun 1817 articles of partnership were entered into by JOHN MCEWEN and JAMES McKAMY, both at that time of Roane Co…..said partnership was to continue from the two to six years….in event of death of JOHN McEWEN, his wife ELIZABETH and brother ROBERT H. McEWEN of Fayetteville were to settle the business and in event of the death of JAMES McKAMY, his wife POLLY and his brother WILLIAM C. McKAMY were to settle the business…. about 5 Nov 1821 JOHN McEWEN died testate, leaving wife ELIZABETH, ROBERT H. McEWEN, and MATTHEW STEPHENSON as his Execs., and the partnership was permitted to continue, up to the time of the death of JAMES McKAMY which occurred about Sep 1826….administration on the estate of JAMES McKAMY was granted to his wife POLLY and his brother WILLIAM C. by Co. Ct of McMinn Co where said JAMES lived at time of his death….in the Fall of the year 1827 said POLLY McKAMY died….WILLIAM C. applied to Circuit Court for leave to sell the real estate of said firm…sold two quarter sections of land known by the name of the Pumpkintown place to CHARLES F. KEITH for $2450.00, on 6 Sep 1830. Present deed made by ROBERT H. McEWEN to ratify such sales.

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612 4 Sep 1845 GEORGE L. GILLESPIE and ROBERT N. McEWEN both of Roane Co to HENRY MATLOCK.

613 11 Sep 1845 Decree of Chancery Court at Cleaveland, Bradley Co., JAMES BERRY, Clerk and Master, in Case of STEPHEN H. MILLER VS heirs of PAUL BUNCH, dec’d, title divested out of heirs MARTIN, JOSEPH, MICAJAH, GREEN, LAMBERT, and DANIEL BUNCH, AMOS HARDIN and wife NANCY formerly BUNCH, BENJAMIN TAYLOR and wife LIVELY formerly BUNCH, ROBERT COLLINS and wife DICEY formerly BUNCh and JINSEY, CHARITY, PAUL, SALLY, and MARY BUNCH.

624 30 Sep1845 JOHN M. GIBBS and GEORGE M. PIPER to JNO. McGAUGHY; Deed of Trust for two printing presses, type, and also one book binding establishment with its material and fixtures.

627 19 Sep 1845 JOSEPH W. GIBSON and wife SARAH ANN, heirs of WILLIAM MATLOCK, dec’d, to CHARLES L. KING; their undivided interest.

631 Oct 1845 FRANKLIN L. YOAKUM and wife FRANCES S., one of legatees of IRBY HOLT, dec’d, to SARAH HOLT, wife of the late IRBY HOLT; two interests in the dower of said SARAH, that of the said FRANCES S. and that of ROBERT S. HOLT which latter interest was purchased by said FRANCES S. in deed recorded by said ROBERT S. to FRANCES S. HENDERSON now FRANCES S. YOAKUM.

635 5 Sep 1843 JOSEPH McCULLEY, Sheriff, to DAVID VARNELL; whereas NANCY FORE, Execx of AUGUSTINE P. FORE, dec’d, recovered judgments against JAMES HICKEY.

636 11 Oct 1845 SARAH HOLT, Gdn of FRANCIS H. HOLT, to FRANKLIN L. YOAKUM; the interest of said FRANCIS H. HOLT in land lying between land allotted to EMILY S. JORDAN and land allotted to JANE M. HOLT, dec’d.

637 28 Nov 1844 Copy of Last Will of LEVI SPENCER of Cass Co., GA, certified by THOMAS A. WORD, Clk. Court Ordinary of Cass Co.: I, LEVI SPENCER, being of advanced age…body to be buried in decent and Christian-like manner…Savior Jesus Christ whose religion I have professed, and as I humbly trust enjoyed for many years…to beloved son THOMAS SPENCER, land in McMinn Co., also a note on JOHN BURNETT given for land inMcMinn Co., also my ox cart or waggon, and the rest of my property…beloved wife SUSANNA to be nursed and provided for by said son THOMAS during her lifetime; signed 25 Apr 1844; Teste: WILLIAM D. HUSSELL, ROBERT RUSSELL, and JOHN J. WORD; proven by witnesses 1 Jul 1844 before JAMES MITNER, NATHANIEL NICHOLSON, and JOHN DOBBS, Justices, Cass Co.

641 13 Oct 1845 THOMAS SPENCER, Adm of LEVI SPENCER, dec’d, of Cass Co, GA, to ABIJAH BOGGESS of Meigs Co.; JOHN BURNETT assigned bond for land to BOGGESS; land where HAMPTON SPENCER now lives, 29 Mar 1841.

644 14 Oct 1845 JOHN F. REEDER to STEPHEN K. REEDER; his undivided half of Lots 88 and 89 in Athens.

646 17 Oct 1845 WILLIAM KEITH to OWEN FISHER; Deed of Trust; is indebted to NOAH FISHER.

653 27 Oct 1845 BERNHART GILBERT to JACOB W. GILBERT; Title Bond.

661 21 Oct 1845 WILLIAM PHILLIPS of Henderson Co. to GEORGE W. EMMETT; interest in land which descended to him by the death of his brother CHARLES PHILLIPS; acknowledged in Henderson Co before JESSEE TAYLOR, Clk.

661 23 Oct 1845 CHARLES B. LEWIS and wife SARAH of Henderson Co. to GEORGE W. EMMETT; land which descended to them by death of uncle CHARLES PHILLIPS.

662 23 Oct 1845 WILLIAM HICKS of Henderson Co to GEORGE W. EMMETT; land which descended to him by death of uncle CHARLES PHILLIPS.

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668 19 Feb 1845 JOHN WHITMORE of Bradley Co. to JAMES M. WALLIN of same.

669 21 Nov 1845 JOSEPH McCULLEY, Sheriff, to JOSEPH McCORKLE of Meigs Co., Exec of JAMES HUMPHREY, dec’d, late of McMinn Co.

675 10 Dec 1845 FRANCES H. CROUSHORN to JAMES DENNIS; her undivided 1/8 interest as heir of WILLIAM RICHARDSON, dec’d, she does not now whether her husband JOHN CROUSHORN is alive or not

683 12 Dec 1845 JOHN HAMBRIGHT, Adm of JOHN CAMP, dec’d, to SAMUEL KELLY

686 6 Feb 1844 JOHN HOYL SR. to JOHN HOYL JR.

688 24 Nov 1845 MARY E. P. LIDE to HENRY H. RIDER and RICHARD M. FISHER; mortgage; land where she now lives which was laid off to her as dower.

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Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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