McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book D

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1 16 July 1835 James Smith of Lincoln Co., Power of Atty. To Mathew Stephenson and John Lyons both of Habersham Co., Ga., to sell land on Red River is Texas; acknowledged in Davidson Co.

4 29 Sept 1835 James Smith of Lincoln CO. by his Attys. In fact Mathew Stephenson and John Lyon of Habersham Co, Ga. To Wiott W. Bailey and david Cochran of Smith Co: $3,864.50; undivided 22ned part of two tracts of land on SW bank of Red River between the Cado Lake and the sulphur fork of the same containing twenty-two leagues of 4428 acres each, one tract known as granted to citizen Vicente Sanchez of Town of Goliad by State of Coahuila and Texas on 16 March 1831, the other tract lying on Red River immediately below Mill Creek thence to the Cado Lake near the Louisiana line containing eleven leagues of 4428 acres each and known as granted to Citizen Jose Del Rea of Town of Goliad 2 Feb 1830; Bailey and Cochran to have one league.

11 Sep 1832 Jediah Fields of Rhea County to John Hemphill; land in Rhea Co.

14 4 Jul 1835 Paul C. Hudnall of Knox Co, KY, to John Matlock; land in McMinn Co where Hudnall once lived.

20 1 Oct 1835 Carey Allen Armstrong, Atty, in fact for William Farmer late of McMinn Co, to Russell Smith.

38 26 Oct 1835 John Cromley of McMinn Co to John L. Cromley of Butler Co KY, Power of Atty to sell lot in Morganton, KY whereon said John L. now lives.

39 28 Oct 1835 Ruben White to Willis White; Bill of Sale for Slaves.

49 20 June 1835 Jacob Wormack to Daniel Wormack

52 4 Nov 1835 Rachel Davis to James R. Davis, both of McMinn Co; Power of Atty. To collect money willed to her by James Russell dec’d, from John Russell of Cabarrus Co., NC, Exec. Of James Russell dec’d.

55 22 May 1833 William Cate Sr. to William Bryan of Sevier Co; Bill of Sale for slave.

60 11 Apr 1835 William Johnson to Matilda and Vevica Bigham.

62 13 Nov 1835 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to William Crow; land of Robert C. Crow, which was sold to satisfy judgment, was bid in by John Davis who directed title to be made to William Crow.

65 14 Mar 1831 Micah Sellers to James Gallant of Rhea Co.

69 5 Sep 1835 Robert Ash to grandson Robert Ash Firestone, son of Alfred Firestone and wife; personal property

71 29 Aug 1833 Stephen Kelly to William Lowry; 5 acres covered by Lowry’s mill pond.

72 5 Sep 1835 Orville Bradley, acting Exec. Of Joseph mcMinn dec’d, to William W. Cowan’; the Reservation granted to Eliza Ross by Treaty of 1819 and sold by her and her husband Templin W. Ross to George Harlin and by Harlin to the late Joseph McMinn dec’d, it being the tract on which John McMinn and family now live and have lived for several years; land on N. side of Hiwassee River joining the Reservation of Major John Walker on which the Town of Calhoun stands, now belonging to Lewis Ross, above, and Berry Atkerson, below, this tract.

80 1 Jan 1835 Caleb Haymes and wife Oney to Jeremiah F. Strange, Vincent Haymes, Robert McKnight, Alexander C. Roberson, and Joseph Gaston, Trustees, for 25 cents, land adjoining Malcom McDougald “that they shall or have builded or erected thereon a house of place of worship for the use of the Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America”; also use of the spring.

81 23 Jan 1835 Malcom McDougald to same Trustees in D 80 above; 25 cents; land adjoining Caleb Haymes; Church to be called Clark’s Chapel.

84 21 Oct 1835 Asbury Atkerson to Archibald R. Turk: land on Spring Creek adjoining said Turk and formerly owned by John McDowell dec’d.

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88 20 Nov 1835 John rudd to William and Thomas Rudd; Deed of Trust for personal property and for his share of father’s estate that may descend to him at mother’s death.

91 19 Oct 1835 William P. Reid to Robert S. Reid, Trustee for Alexander Stowell.

95 9 Dec 1835 Ruben Dodson to James Dodson; personal property.

98 10 Dec 1835 Eliza Ditmore to John Jack; loan of a horse

99 25 Dec 1833 Elijah Hurst to Lewis R. Hurst: land willed to Amos Cate by Charles Cate dec’d and purchased by said Elijah.

107 1833 Elijah Hurst to Lewis R. Hurst; land willed to Amos Cate by Charles Cate dec’d and purchased by said Elijah.

113 Nov 1835 William and Margaret Mathew to Hugh Preston Wilson for use of John F. Hays; Deed of Trust for personal property; Hays became security for Mathews to john Wilson and Judgment was rendered against Hays and Mathews.

116 7 Dec 1835 Charles and John Matlock to Jonathan Thomas; land whereon Goerge Greenway formerly lived.

120 10 Nov 1834 Reece, Robert, Nancy, William C. and Andrew Pickens and Abraham B. Neal to Jacob Lingerfelt; Title Bond; “the condition of this obligation is such that of when the minor heirs of John Pickens deceased marries or comes of lawful age”; proven by witnesses and registered 13 Jan 1836

121 13 Jan 1836 William Armstrong Sr. to Absolam Armstrong

127 8 Jan 1836 Nathaniel Smith to William Clark late of Davidson Co but now of McMinn Co

134 April 1834 John Foster, Exec, and Lovy Pearson, Exec, of Doctor Pearson dec’d to Adam Slyger; land in Monroe and McMinn Counties

137 14 Feb 1834 Alexander Brown to Thomas Brown

146 4 May 1835 William Thornburgh of Sevier Co to William Bates; land in Calhoun; acknowledged in Sevierville 4 May 1836 {sic} before I. Riggen, Deputy Clerk, P.M. Wear, Clk. Of Circuit Court of Sevier Co. Registered 5 Feb 1836

151 26 Jan 1836 Elizabe4th Meigs to daughter Elizabeth Jane Hawke late Meigs; Deed of Gift of slaves.

152 4 Feb 1836 James F. Pryon and wife Matilda, John Grubb and wife Lydia, David Kelly and wife Rebecca and William H. McCoy to Wade Hampton; their for undivided shares in land of William McCoy dec’d; deed not signed by Kellys and McCoy

160 21 Jan 1836 William B. Lenoir of Roane Co to William Orr; land entered 1824 jointly.

162 15 May 1833 Thomas A. Anderson to Thomas Chilton of Roane Co

168 Jan 1836 Hezekiah Angel to Andrew Burk Sr. for use of William Burk and Alexander C. Robeson; Deed of Trust

175 18 March 1836 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to William S. Russell of Thea Co; land of Daniel D. Stockden on which Stockden then lived, sold to satisfy judgment

183 30 Jan 1836 james H. Fyffe, Onslow G. Murrell, J.K. Brown, Solomon Bogart, and W.W. Anderson, five commissioners of Athens, to John W. J. Breazeal; Lot No. 61 lying on s side of the street now called Jackson Street.

191 30 Dec 1835 Peter Kinser of Monroe Co. to Isaac W.H. Odonald; for natural love and affection

193 25 Feb 1836 Nathaniel Smith to William Bryan of McMinn Co.

196 6 Jan 1834 Thomas Shearman to John F. Shearman; bill of sale for slaves

203 18 Oct 1834 Isaac Huffaker to Amos Huffaker of Knox. Co

204 26 Mar 1836 John Threwitt and Thomas Mitchell of Roane Co to Joseph B. Carr for use of J.W. Blackwell & Co; notes executed by Grantors to be payable in whiskey delivered at Blairs’s Ferry at 30 cents per gallon, in spun cotton delivered at their cotton factory in Roane Co; Deed for one new flat half patent copper still and new copper doubling still cotton delivered at their cotton factory in Roane Co.; Deed for one new flat half patent copper still and one new copper doubling still.

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210 26 Sept 1835 George M. Haynes to James M. Fyffe for use of Aron Haynes; George M. to feed and fatten hogs.

223 25 January 1832 Samuel Conner of Blount Co. to James Hickey.

233 6 Apr 1836 Tidence Laine to Pleasant W. Laine.

236 9 Oct 1835 John Moody to James McClure, Trustee, both of McMinn Co., for use of John McClure of Monroe Co.

240 16 Feb 1836 Jessee C. Moore to John Cansellor; Title Bond; $10,000.; Cansellor has obligated himself to Moore to make 4000 gallons of whiskey and 10,000 pounds of pork a year for five years.

250 5 Jan 1830 John Priest and James Kennady to Thomas Dickson; their interest in land.

252 31 Oct 1835 William Rice of Rhea Co. to James D. Sewell.

260 26 April 1836 Elizabeth Walker of Bradley Co. to daughter Margaret Morgan and four grandchildren, Margaret Ann W. Hanks, Elizabeth Lowery Morgan, Cherokee America Morgan, and Rufus Montazuma Morgan; for natural love; deed for slaves, live stock, and furniture, all listed.

282 6 Jun 1836 Charles and Elizabeth Rice to William Ballew.

288 13 Jun 1836 John Rudd to Spencer Beavers, Trustee for use of Thomas Crutchfield and Thomas Rudd; Deed of Trust for personal property and for his interest in his father’s estate that may come at mother’s death.

290 9 Jun 1836 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to John White; land that William Tomlin family lived on as the property of William Tomlin, sold to satisfy judgment rendered May 1832 against Susana Tomlin, Admx. of Wm. Tomlin dec’d; land bid off by Abraham Linder Agent for John White, all of rights of Susan Tomlin and heirs of Wm. Tomlin.

294 25 Jan 1836 Wm. H. McCoy and David Kelly and wife Rebecca Kelly, all of Greene Co. to James F. Priest; their undivided interest in lands of Wm. McCoy dec’d; acknowledged in Greene Co.

298 4 Nov 1835 Samuel Cleage to Samuel Martin of Jefferson Co.

300 23 Jul 1836 Simeon and Thomas Cate to Charles Metcalf..

302-314 McMinn Co. Circuit Court, Oct Term 1834: James H. Fyffe, Nathaniel Smith, and William Hogan, Adms. of Isaac W. Fyffe dec’d VS Randolph Eason, Margaret Eason late Fyffe, Isaac W. Fyffe, the widow and children and heirs of said Isaac W. Fyffe dec’d, and Thomas H. Calloway, Nancy L. Caloway, Fanny L. Caloway, and Joseph Donohoo and wife Rebecca C., the heirs, legatees, and devisees of Joseph Caloway dec’d, and John Caloway, Arthur H. Henly, and Thomas H. Calloway, Execs. of said Joseph Caloway, and Archibald R. Turk and other Commissioners of Athens. by decree Nov 1834 land and lots in Athens to be sold to pay debts. Final decree, Apr 1836, title to lots 6 and 10 divested out of Fyffe’s heirs and title to one acre adjoining Athens and the other land adjoining Athens divested out of Fyffe’s heirs and Calloway’s heirs.

314 28 Jul 1836 Stephen Bedford to Joseph Bedford of Rutherford Co., N.C.; Title Bond; Stephen indebted to Joseph.

315 26 Feb 1836 Thomas Brown to James Cole of Monroe Co.

319 7 Sep 1831 Charles Metcalfe to Jane F. Johnson let Orr, John W., Josiah J., Francis G., Robert H., Lucinda A., William W., Nancy Jane, and Hetty Ann Orr, heirs of William Orr dec’d; Metcalf to build dam across junction of Little and Big Mouse Creeks.

326 1 Aug 1834 William Golden of Rhea Co. to James Dyer; land in Rhea Co.

347 1 Aug 1834 John Dearmon of Benton Co., Ala. to Edward Moss.

349 1 Sept 1836 John L. Bridges to James S. Bridges; parcel of land adjoining Athens, laid off by John K. Farmer on the N side of his new street running through his out lots at the W end of Athens, it being the first lot as designated in the plan of lots.


350 21 Jun 1836 Copy of Chancery Court Decree at Madisonville: John Locke and Palatiah Shelton, Execs. of William S. Leuty dec’d, Robert N. Gillespie and wife Hannah formerly Leuty, William N. Gillespie and wife Sidney Ann late Leuty, Staunton Leuty, Thomas Leuty, Benton Leuty, and Mary Leuty, widow, children and legatees of William S. Leuty dec’d VS Gideon Morgan Jr.

363 19 Sept 1836 John Beeler to John Graham of Monroe Co. and Onslow G. Murrell.

372 3 Oct 1836 John Byler to Noah White of Jefferson Co.; Bill of Sale for slaves.

374 5 Oct 1836 Charles T. Thornton to John Martin of Bradley Co.; mortgage of personal property.

379 29 Dec 1834 Mourning Witt to John McDonald.

386 3 Feb 1836 Reuben Lemmons to William Lemmons.

394 19 Oct 1836 Thos. Nixon Vandike, Sec. to Bd. of Trustees of the Normal School near Athens, to Thos. A. Anderson and Solomon Bogart; lot of ground whereon the brick Academy house has been erected, and including said house.

399 22 Feb 1836 James Hankins of Roane Co. to Wm. Armsted; signed by James and Anna Hankins.

405 15 Jun 1836 George C. Bradford to Henry Bradford; Bill of Sale for slave.

406 13 May 1834 Nathaniel Smith to John Martin of Cherokee Tribe of Indians.

408 7 Nov 1836 Edward Roberts, Sr. to son Thomas M. Roberts; for love.

412 5 Jan 1835 James Carroll of Carroll Co., Ga. to Daniel McPherson of Roane Co., land in Rhea Co.

418 15 Nov 1836 Joshua (signed John) T. Heard through his Atty. in fact Pryor Lea to Jesse Mayfield; Bill of Sale for slave.

419 12 Nov 1836 Samuel Prater of Roane Co. to James Gettys.

428 3 Apr 1832 Abner Casey of Rhea Co. to Micah H. Sellers.

434 27 Jun 1835 William Cate Sr. to William Cate Jr.

436 29 May 1828 Elizabeth Walker of the Cherokee Nation to John Walker, Jr. of the same; Bill of Sale; 6 Dec 1836, Lewis Ross swears to the handwriting of witness James McDaniel who is out of the limits of the U.S. and is in the Cherokee Nation beyond Mississippi.

437 6 Oct 1836 Chas. Havens to Mary Helvy.

441 4 Feb 1836 Benjamin S. Crow of Rhea Co. to James Gallant of McMinn Co.; land willed to Benjamin by his father John Crow dec’d.

443 10 Sep 1835 Newton Cowan of Campbell Co. to Lawson Rogers; acknowledged before Wm. Casey, Clk. of Co. Ct. of Campbell Co.

448 4 Dec 1836 John K. Farmer of Athens to Sally Lusk; lot on his new street.

449 10 Dec 1836 Sally Lusk to Tom Wear a free man of color; the lot in D 448 above.

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Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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