1758, November 6, Fort Loudoun


J recived your Letter of the 2 of Octr. And Since j had the Honour to write you Excellency last, Every Body has been very Quiet in these Parts. Few Days ago old Hop invited me to go to his Town, accordingly j went; as j was riding throw their Towns j was Sruprised to See all their House Shewt up, and no Man, When j camd to Chotee j asked the old Man what was become of all the Men, for j had seen but three of four, he answered they are all gone hunting but, said he, j am afraid they will Come back Soon, for Said he, last Night a Runner came to me, & said that a Party that went down the River, Beaver Hunting had been Surrounded by the Enemy’s jndians, and four of them had been killed, and a whit Man with them, and two had made their excape, four Days ago said he, an other Party that was going hunting, they agreed in the Morning to be a Certain place at Night, and a Man & his wife went first, the rest followed them, little while after they had not been long, before they found the man and woman killed on the Path, and Scalped, an which they came back, and have alarmed Many Camps, & great many are coming back, j do not know Said Old Hop, if our Enemy’s or Friends have done it, but continued he, our young People, have killed Some of our Friends, and j am a afraid we shall Suffer for it. J was told yesterday that the Man & Woman that were killed on the Path, had been Scalped by Tweektwees, because they left behind, a French Hatchet, & a French Gun.

J wish our two Gangs that are gone to war against the French Fort meet these jndians. J have ordered the Store Keeper to keep in Readiness the accounts of Provisions that were left in the Store, the 2 of February, in the Publick account, and j Shall Send it the Next Opportunity. J am with the greatest Regard,


Your Excellency’s

Most Obedient
and most Humble Servant

Paul Demere

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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