1757, July 11, Fort Loudoun Letter 2


On the 9th Instant the Little Carpenter came with Several of the head men into the fort, and brought two _________of Stillards with him, from the Traders to Compare them to the pair our Excellency has Sent, which they Like much one of the pair proved good, and the other very bad, which did belong to that Elliot, what weighs twelve pounds on the new Stillards, weighs but ten in his, and his yard is a good deal Shorter than you Sent, the Little Carpenter Says that you told your Excellency, that he ws a great Rogue and now he hoped that you would be convinced, by my Acquainting you of it, and by what I saw, by sending his Stillards to Chareles Town to your Excellency, which the great Warriour took from Elliots people, he being now Virginia, he further Say’s that here is a man that mend’s Gun’s and hatchets, it would be good that the Governour would Send a man that can Stock Guns, when their Guns are broke, he Say’s that when he was Down Left, he told the Governour that his Nation wanted Traders that would Supply them with a Sufficient Quanity of goods in their Towns, for the Traders that is amongst tehm, brings but very few goods, which Occasion’s their people So many Talks amongst them, and Say’s that the Governour promised him that his Towns Should have a Sufficient Supply, but he has not heard of any Traders, but Such as formerly came amongst them, and the Trade is as before, for they have at this time no ammunition brought to them, therefore cannot See any Alteration as yet, but thinks that the Governour when he hears this, he will think on his promife Concerning the Trade, which when it Shall be Down what is it then his people can Grumble about, for all will be quiet and Easy, he Likewise Defires that their may be a Trader at the fort, that when his people huts and brings in Skins they may buy Such thing as they Shall want, he Sahys his People is very much Difsatisfied at the white People’s bringing up Nothing but flour, for they Say, that where Should they go to buy anything but were the white people are, the white people Lives at Tufkegee which is very near to our Towns and when our People cannot buy anything of the Traders by the reason of their bringing So few goods, that they are Soon gone, then they will Say to one another, Lett us go Down to the white people at Tufkegee, & buy what we want, but when they come, there is nothing brought up but flour, this is the Reply at Tufkegee, and altho there is now a great many white people Living amongst us, the goods are as Scarce as ever they was before, and he Desire’s that instead of much flour, for the futur that theire may be a Supply of Ammmition and other things for the Indians, not to be had for asking only, but Expects that when his people has Skins, they man then know, that if they want to buy anything for there own ufe they may be Supplyed, with what the Skins will Purchase this he Defire’s the Governour will do, the Sooner the better that his People may See it, and be all quiet & easy, for its on the account of Traders, that there dayly complaint is, which has been a long time Promised to them, but not yet performed it is my humble Opinion that the Little Carpenter is Sincere in everything he Say’s and has a great affection for us, and would have his People pleased, that they may not find fault with the whit people in the Leaft, to carry his point in every thing there is not a grain of Ammunition in the Nation, but the Little we have in the fort; which Vexes and Discourges the Indians, Since my Last of the 26th of June, I ordered the flour to be overhalled on Some Complaint I had heard, & Six baggs of Buckwheat were found amongft the Reft and Six baggs was Ifsued out to the men before, each bagg weighs 150wt by whose knowledge it was done I cant tell, but I think it was a great piece of Roguery, This day Leuit. Howorth Setts out for Theowee. With a party of 25 men to excort everything that is there belonging to the Officers Commander’s of Company to Supply their men with, which wil the Same time come up, and not to Receive things in the manner we do now in time of Danger, as I expect my Brother at Theowee about this time, he will come up under the Same efcort as M. Jacob Motte’s Letter is on the Publick Serviece I have left it unSeald for your Excellency Persual, I Send inclosed a plan of the new Settlement the french are now making on this River, belwo the Forks of the Savannah River I am Sir with the Greateft of Refpect

Your Excellency moft Hmble
& Obedient Servant

Ray Demere

Yesterday Old Hop Sent me word that it I woud not buy a French Defertear that has been Some time in this Nation & his own Property, that he woud kill him before night & throw him into the River for the fish to eat, for to Save his Live I bought him, & Leuit. Adamson has taken him of me, this Mefsage was brought to me by Samuel Benn the Trader the price I am to give me is 142 wt of Leather which he says he Cost him.

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