Surname: Williams

Slave Narrative of Charley Williams

Person Interviewed: Charley Williams Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Date of Birth: Jan. 11, 1843 Age: 94 Iffen I could see better out’n my old eyes, and I had me something to work with and de feebleness in my back and head would let me ‘lone, I would have me plenty to eat in de kitchen all de time, and plenty tobaccy in my pipe, too, bless God! And dey wouldn’t be no rain trickling through de holes in de roof, and no planks all fell out’n de flo’ on de gallery neither, ’cause dis one old nigger knows everything about making

Slave Narrative of Cornelia Andrews

Interviewer: Mary A. Hicks Person Interviewed: Cornelia Andrews Date of Interview: May 21, 1937 Location: Smithfield, North Carolina Age: 87 An interview on May 21, 1937 with Cornelia Andrews of Smithfield, Johnston County, who is 87 years old. De fust marster dat I ‘members wuz Mr. Cute Williams an’ he wuz a good marster, but me an’ my mammy an’ some of de rest of ’em wuz sold to Doctor McKay Vaden who wuz not good ter us. Doctor Vaden owned a good-sized plantation, but he had just eight slaves. We had plank houses, but we ain’t had much food

Slave Narrative of Harriet Ann Daves

Interviewer: T. Pat Matthews Person Interviewed: Harriet Ann Daves Location: 601 E. Cabarrus Street, Raleigh, North Carolina Date of Birth: June 6, 1856 My full name is Harriet Ann Daves, I like to be called Harriet Ann. If my mother called me when she was living, I didn’t want to answer her unless she called me Harriet Ann. I was born June 6, 1856. Milton Waddell, my mother’s marster was my father, and he never denied me to anybody. My mother was a slave but she was white. I do not know who my mother’s father was. My mother was

Biographical Sketch of Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams came into town about 1785; first settled on the farm now owned by Rodbert Hutchingson, where he carried on the clothiers’ trade by coloring and dressing home-made woolen cloth. He subsequently gave this business to his son Amasa, and bought the place where his grandson, F. A. Williams now resides, where helived many yers and died in 1847, aged eighty-one years.

Biography of Frank A. Williams

Williams, Frank A., Bridport, was born in Bridport, Addison county, Vt., on July 29, 1831. He was educated in the common schools at Bridport, and also at the select schools at Vergennes and Bridport. He was brought up on the homestead to farming pursuits. He was lister of the town in early years, selectman for three years prior to 1878, when he represented his town in the Legislature; he also had charge of the Fletcher Cemetery fund for two years. He is a successful breeder of fine sheep, horses, and also has a large and very fine dairy, and owns

Biographical Sketch of Sarah B. Williams

(See Cordery) Sarah, daughter of William and Susan (Vance) Burgess, was born near Pryor, Saturday December 19, 1857. Educated in the Cherokee Public Schools. Her first husband was John McPherson and her second husband, whom she married in 1893 was William, son of Edward Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are the parents of Willie Jane, and Annie Gladys Williams. John, son of William and Mary (Vann) Burgess married Mary Smith and they were the parents of William Burgess who married Susan Vance.

Biography of A. J. Williams, M. D.

Rush Medical College of Chicago has sent several of its alumni to Racine and in the field of active practice they have won success and by their careers have conferred honor upon their alma mater. Such is the record of Dr. A. J. Williams, who, since 1900, has practiced continuously in Racine. He is a native son of this city born November 18, 1872, his parents being Thomas R. and Eliza (Williams) Williams, the former a native of Wales and the latter of Racine. She was a daughter of William J. Williams, who was also born in the little rock-ribbed

Biography of Rev. William Williams

William Williams, pastor of the Norfolk Street Methodist Church, Guelph, dates his birth, in Stonehouse, Devonshire, England, January 23, 1836, his parents being William and Margaret Williams. His mother was a daughter of Robert Pearse, of Cornwall, member of a numerous Methodist family in that place. Mr. Mark Guy Pearse, author of “Daniel Quorn,” and other works, is a member of the family, and Rev. William Burgess, deceased, was connected with it by marriage. In 1842, William Williams, senior, brought his family to Canada, settled in Toronto, and was there engaged in mercantile pursuits, being still alive, and residing near

Biography of Thomas Williams

Few men now living are more worthy of a place in this book, as a pioneer in Elgin county and a self made man, whose self reliance, perseverance and industry in life made him successful, than Thomas Williams. He was born in Manchester, Eng., April 5, 1803. His father, a silk manufacturer, was Richard Williams, and the maiden name of his mother was Mary Rice. The latter died at the great age of ninety-three, and then from the effects of an accident, and the former lived to be seventy-eight. In 1816, the family left the old country, and came to

Biography of Lieut.-Col. Arthur T.H. Williams, M.P.

Arthur Trefusis Heneage Williams, member of the House of Commons for East Durham, was born in Port Hope, Ontario, June 13, 1837. His father was John Tucker Williams, who, when a young man, was an officer in the navy; came out from England during the war of 1812-15; had command of a vessel on the lakes during that contest; afterwards located in Cobourg, going thence to Rice Lake, and finally settled in Port Hope retiring on half pay. He commanded the Durham regiment during the rebellion of 1837-38, represented the county of Durham in the Parliament after the union of