Surname: Staple

Herbert M Staples

Staples Family of Taunton, MA

STAPLES (Taunton family). The Staples name is one of long and honorable standing in New England and the country. The family has been a continuous one in the Bay State for two hundred and seventy and more years, and at Taunton, in this Commonwealth, have lived generation after generation of the name down to the present – a worthy race, one representative of the best type of citizenship. Such men in more recent generations as the two Sylvanus Staples, father and son, and the latter’s son Sylvanus Nelson Staples, and the two Ebenezer Staples and Abiel B. Staples – all

Staple, Eugene – Obituary

Island City, Union County, Oregon A very deplorable accident occurred at Island City Monday morning resulting in the death of Eugene, the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Staples. At eight o’clock the child was kicked in the breast by a horse and the injury proved fatal, the child dying three hours thereafter. This was the only child of the family and the deep grief that is thus so suddenly inflicted upon the parents will deeply touch the hearts of their friends and neighbors. The funeral interment will take place at Baker City Wednesday. – La Grande