Surname: Preston

Timothy Todd of Rutland VT

Timothy Todd5, (Timothy4, Jonathan3, John2, Christopher1) born May 16, 1758, died Dec. 1, 1806, married Nov. 27, 1783, Phebe, daughter of Jehiel Buel of Killingworth, Conn. “Timothy Todd was sergeant after the Lexington Alarm, served as coast guard 150 days. Enlisted May 15, 1780.” He was a physician in Southern Vermont. Dr. Todd removed to Arlington, Vermont, having previously seen Vermont while in the Continental army as he was engaged in the battle of Bennington. “He was active, resolute and Persevering, his professional reputation rising and he soon had an extensive medical practice.” He was a man of considerable literary

Biography of Frenn L. Preston, M. D.

Frenn L. Preston, M. D. Distinguished alike as a physician and surgeon, Dr. Frenn L. Preston, of El Dorado, occupies a pre-eminent place among the professional men of Southeastern Kansas, where for six years he had devoted his high attainments toward accomplishing what had brought him wide reputation, universal recognition and honors of an enviable nature. Doctor Preston’s professional achievements are based upon an intimate knowledge of the intricate subjects of human anatomy and scientific therapeutics. Like many other capable, successful and prominent men, he did not start out in life with the ambition to accomplish something phenomenal, but at

Victims of the Fugitive Slave Law – Fugitive Slave Law

The remainder of this Tract will be devoted to a record, as complete as circumstances enable us to make, of the Victims Of The Fugitive Slave Law. It is a terrible record, which the people of this country should never allow to sleep in oblivion, until the disgraceful and bloody system of Slavery is swept from our land, and with it, all Compromise Bills, all Constitutional Guarantees to Slavery, all Fugitive Slave Laws. The established and accredited newspapers of the day, without reference to party distinctions, are the authorities relied upon in making up this record, and the dates being

Rough Riders

Rough Riders

Compiled military service records for 1,235 Rough Riders, including Teddy Roosevelt have been digitized. The records include individual jackets which give the name, organization, and rank of each soldier. They contain cards on which information from original records relating to the military service of the individual has been copied. Included in the main jacket are carded medical records, other documents which give personal information, and the description of the record from which the information was obtained.

Biographical Sketch of Roger Preston

Roger Preston, the immigrant ancestor, was born in England in 1614. In 1635, at the age of twenty-one years, he took the oath of allegiance in London and sailed for America in the ship “Elizabeth and Ann.” Tradition says that he was accompanied by a brother who settled in the south. Roger Preston took up his abode in the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, where his name first appears on the records in 1639. His wife, Martha, whom he married in 1642, was born in 1622. They resided in Ipswich until 1657, when they removed to Salem. Massachusetts, where Roger Preston

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Preston

Samuel, son of Roger Preston, was born at Ipswich, in 1651. He went to Andover with his mother and there passed the remainder of his life. He married, May 27, 1671, Susanna Gutterson, who died December 29, 1710. He married (second) September 24, 1713, Mary (Rolandson) Blodgett, widow of John Blodgett. Samuel died at Andover July 10, 1738. Children, born at Andover: 1. Samuel, born March 16, 1672, mentioned elsewhere. 2. William, March 30. 1677. 3. Mary, January 5, 1678. 4. Jacob, February 24, 1680-81. 5. Elizabeth, February 14, 1682. 6. John, May 1, 1685. 7. Joseph, January 26, 1686-87.

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Preston

Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) Preston, was born at Andover, March 16, 1672. He married Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah (Howe) Bridges. She married (second) William Price. Children of Samuel and Sarah (Bridges) Preston, born at Andover: 1. Sarah, February 5, 1694-95. 2. Levi, October 25, 1696. 3. Mary, March 31,1699. 4. Jemima, 1701. 5. Samuel, mentioned elsewhere. 6. Child, born October 1, 1710. 7-8. Phoebe and Isaac, twins, born 1711. 9. Ruth, July 25, 1713. 10-11. Caleb and Joshua, twins, April 3. 1716.

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Preston

Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2) Preston, was born in 1708. He settled in Littleton, Massachusetts, and was captain of the Littleton company in the Crown Point expedition in the French and Indian war, ill 1755, being accompanied by his son, Dr. John Preston, afterward of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. He married. April 8. 1728, at Andover, Hannah, daughter of James and Sarah (Marston) Bridges. She was born in 1702, in Andover, her father afterward settling at Littleton. Children, all but the eldest born in Littleton : I. Samuel, mentioned elsewhere. 2. Dr. John, married Rebecca Farrar. 3. James, January

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Preston

Samuel (4), son of Samuel (3) Preston, was born and baptized in 1728, at Andover, and was a child when his parents removed to Littleton. He married Elizabeth Whitcomb. Children, born at Littleton: 1. Elizabeth, September 4, 1750. 2. Abel, October 2, 17533. Abner, mentioned elsewhere.

Biographical Sketch of Abner Preston

Abner, son of Samuel (4) Preston, was born at Littleton, July 31, 1756. He was a soldier in the revolution. He enlisted in the Continental army for three years in the quota of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, in April, 1777 (vol. i, p. 375, New Hampshire Revolutionary Rolls.) He was in Captain Isaac Farwell’s company, Colonel John Stark’s regiment, October 20, 1778. He was on the pay roll of the New Ipswich company in February, 1778 (vol. i, p. 583.) He was a drummer in the Seventh Company, First Regiment, Colonel Joseph Cilley (Roll dater January 1, 1780, vol. ii,