Surname: Poindexter

Biographical Sketch of Joseph Poindexter

Joseph Poindexter, of Bedford County, Virginia, was a Captain in the revolutionary war. He married Elizabeth Kenerly, and they had a son, Richard, who married a Miss Ford, of Virginia, and settled in Montgomery County in 1837. They had Elizabeth A., Parthena S., Caroline K., Hezekiah F., Eliza, Edward L., Joseph C., James W., John D., and Mary L., most of whom settled in Montgomery County.

Biography of Charles Poindexter

CHARLES POINDEXTER. Farming in Madison County has always been a most profitable general occupation, and though within recent years manufacturing has become so important a part of the productive activities, agriculture is likely to remain through all the years as the most substantial pursuit to which man’s attention can be given here or elsewhere. In Stony Creek Township Mr. Poindexter is a farmer who for a number of years had experience in the industry, and finally retired to an estate in the country where his enterprise has been put to excellent use, so that he now owns one of the