Surname: Hunter

Hunter, Christopher

CHRISTOPHER HUNTER: (1675-1757), physician and antiquary, born in July 1675, was the only son of Thomas Hunter, of Medonsley, Durham, by his second wife, Margaret Readshaw (Surtees, Durham, ii. 289). He was educated at the free grammar school of Kepyr in Houghton-le-Spring, Durham. In 1692 he was admitted pensioner of St. John’s College, Cambridge, and became a favourite pupil of Thomas Baker (1656-1740) (q.v.), whose sister Margaret was the wife of John Hunter, Christopher’s eldest brother. From this connection he derived a taste for antiquarian pursuits. He took the degree of bachelor of medicine in 1698, and soon afterwards settled

Hunter of Elms, Leamington Spa

E139 DAVID HUNTER. E140 DAVID HUNTER: died 1676. E141 DAVID HUNTER: d. 1699. E142 DAVID HUNTER: d. 1728. E143 DAVID HUNTER: d. 1758; Captain in Prince Charles’ Life Guards. E144 CHARLES HUNTER: d. 1809. E145 GENERAL DAVID HUNTER: d. 1846. E146 GENERAL DAVID HUNTER: d. 1846. E147 WILLIAM HUNTER: b. 1796; Major; Aide-de-Camp to General Burke. E148 DAVID HUNTER: d. 1847. E149 WILLIAM HUNTER: of the Elms. (1) George: b. 1889. (2) Charles: b. 1893. (3) William: b. 1895. (4) Robert: b. 1899. (5) David: b. 1881 (?).

Hunter of Beech Hill, Co. Berks

G156 HENRY HUNTER: Merchant of London; b. 1634. G157 JOHN HUNTER: lived in Berkshire; d. 1714. G158 HENRY LANNOY HUNTER. G159 HUNTER. G160 SIR CLAUDIUS STEPHEN HUNTER: b. 1775; created Baronet, 1812. G161 JOHN HUNTER: b. 1798. G162 SIR CLAUDIUS STEPHEN PAUL HUNTER: 2nd Baronet. G163 SIR CHARLES RODERICK HUNTER: 3rd Baronet; b. 1858.

Hunter, George Leland

GEORGE LELAND HUNTER: author; b. Bellingham, Mass. May 8, 1867; grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., N.H., 1885; A.B., Harvard 1889; m. Esther Kennedy Boardman, Pittsburgh March 24, 1913. Writer, lecturer on tapestries and other decorative subjects; decorative author: new edit. “New Internat. Ency.,” 1914. Clubs: University (Chicago), Harvard New York City. Author: “Tapestries. Their Origin, History and Renaissance,” 1912; “Home Furnishing,” 1913; “Inside the House that Jack Built,” 1914; “Italian Furniture and Interiors,” 1917; “Decorative Textiles,” 1918; “Decorative Furniture,” 1923; “Practical Book of Tapestries,” 1925; “Tapestries of Clarence H. Mackey,” 1925. Contbr. of 300 articles on tapestries, etc. to mags. Home:

Hunter, John

JOHN HUNTER: mechanical engineer; b. Girvan, Scotland, Aug. 11, 1866; s. John and Elizabeth (Templeton) H.; educ. Ayr. Acad., and Hawthorne Acad., London; m. Minnie L. Templeton, of Detroit, Mich., Jan. 18, 1899. Apprentice in Mech. Engring., Ayr., 1881-86; sea going engr., 1886-95; Sr. 1st Asst. Engr. steamship St. Louis, Am. Line, New York 1895-98; Chief Engr., steamship St. Paul, 1898-1906; Chief Engineer Union Electric Light & Power Co., St. Louis, 1905-17; Chief Engr. Heine Boiler Co., 1923-24; now Consulting Engr. Chief Engr. with rank of Lt., steamship St. Paul, under Capt. Sigsbee, during Spanish-Am. War, May-Sept. 1898; awarded 3

Hodgen Cemetery, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

Hodgen Cemetery, Hodgen, LeFlore County, Oklahoma

To get to Hodgen Cemetery take Hwy #59 south from the main intersection in Hodgen about 1/2 mi, then right. This is the cemetery for the town of Hodgen, and still active. Our thanks to Paula Doyle-Bicket for the submission of these cemeteries to our online collection. [box]Source: Copyright © 2004, by Paula Doyle-Bicket. All Rights Reserved[/box]

Slave Narrative of Elbert Hunter

Interviewer: Mary A. Hicks Person Interviewed: Elbert Hunter Date of Interview: May 19, 1937 Location: Method, North Carolina Date of Birth: 1844 Age: 93 I wuz borned eight miles from Raleigh on de plantation of Mr. Jacob Hunter in 1844. My parents were Stroud and Lucy an’ my brothers wuz Tom, Jeems an’ Henderson. I had three sisters who wuz named Caroline, Emiline an’ Ann. Massa Hunter wuz good to us, an’ young Massa Knox wuz good too. My mammy wuz de cook an’ my pappy wuz a field hand. Massa ain’t ‘lowed no patterollers on his place, but one

Slave Narrative of Charlie H. Hunter

Interviewer: T. Pat Matthews Person Interviewed: Charlie H. Hunter Location: 2213 Barker Street, West Raleigh, North Carolina Date of Birth: May, 1857 Place of Birth: Wake County NC Age: 80 My full name is Charlie H. Hunter. I wus borned an’ reared in Wake County, N. C., born May, 1857. My mother wus Rosa Hunter an’ my father wus named Jones. I never saw my father. We belonged to a family named Jones first, an’ then we wus sold to a slave owner seven miles Northwest by the name Joe Hayes an’ a terrible man he wus. He would get

Biographical Sketch of William Wallace Hunter

William Wallace Hunter has been a lifelong resident of Raymond Township. He was born on the old family homestead October 4, 1862, his parents being William and Andica (Boyd) Hunter, who are mentioned above. He is indebted to the district school system for educational privileges which were accorded him and he began life on a farm, choosing to follow the occupation to which he had been reared. He has since carried on general farming and dairying and he keeps on hand a good grade of Holstein cattle. He is now operating eighty acres and the tract is in a high

Biography of William Hunter

William Hunter was engaged in farming near Franksville and is now living retired. He was born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, September 15, 1829, a son of James and Jane (Hasty) Hunter. They were also natives of Dumfriesshire, the land of hills and heather. At an early day in the development of Racine County they established their home in Yorkville Township, becoming pioneer settlers of that region. William Hunter is the only survivor of their family of eight children. The father had forty acres of land, which he carefully and successfully cultivated. His religious faith was that of the Presbyterian Church and