Biography of E. A. Griffith

E. A. Griffith, a well-known attorney and counselor at law of Geneva, Ontario county, New York, has, by his honorable efforts and moral attributes, carved out for himself friends, affluence and position. The strength and force of his character have overcome obstacles which to others have seemed well nigh insurmountable, but with boldness and enterprise …

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Biography of George Bancroft Griffith

George Bancroft Griffith, a well-known littérateur residing in Lempster, N.H., was born February 28, 1841, in Newburyport, Mass. His parents, Robert and Charlotte (Merrill) Griffith, were both natives of that town, with whose mercantile interests his paternal grandfather, who also bore the name Robert, was for many years identified. The elder Robert Griffith married Nancy …

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