Surname: Bragg

1st Mississippi Light Artillery

Aka Withers’ Light Artillery Company A — Ridley’s Battery, aka Jackson Light Artillery (raised in Hinds & Madison Counties, MS) Company B — Herrod’s Battery, aka Vaughan Rebels (raised in Yazoo County, MS) Company C — Turner’s Battery (raised in Choctaw County, MS) Company D — Wofford’s Battery (raised in Holmes County, MS) Company E — Carroll Light Artillery (raised in Carroll County, MS) Company F — Bradford’s Battery (raised in Lawrence County, MS) Company G — Cowan’s Battery (raised in Warren County, MS) Company H — Connor Battery (raised in Adams County, MS) Company I — Bowman’s Battery (raised

Norwich Vermont an Independent Township

In America the germ of political organization is the Township, older than the County, older than the State. In New England we find towns established as independent communities, endowed with distinctive rights and privileges, as early as the middle of the seventeenth century. It is to these town governments that we must look for the foundation of republican liberty, to the town meeting, where all citizens meet on a plane of equality to choose their local officers and manage their local affairs. Here is the firm basis upon which all free institutions can rest. Ralph Waldo Emerson once proposed that

B Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Marriage Records to 1850

BABBITT, Betsey and Samuel G. Clap, Mar. 8, 1843. Sarah P., 21, d. Willard and S., and Luther Hayward, widower [publishment of intention of marriage, omits widower], May 29, 1848. Sophia and George Copeland, Apr. 10, 1842. BACON, Alfred of Dover, and Harriett Perry, Nov. 27, 1834. Anna of Dedham, and William Kindall 1st, publishment of intention of marriage, Mar. 19, 1774. Betsy [publishment of intention of marriage, Betsey] and Jonathan Colbourn [publishment of intention of marriage, Coulbourn], May 23, 1797. Charlotte and George W. Thomas, May 28, 1840. Dean and Sybil C. Smith, publishment of intention of marriage, Nov.

Biography of Edgar E. Bragg

EDGAR E. BRAGG. – With what pride the American people can view the progress from Plymouth Rock to the position of leading nation of the world! But the keen observer is not satisfied with that: he will seek the cause, the principles put in force that brought about this gratifying result, the powers that have operated to bring this desired end. From the first little log school house that graced the bleak shores of the northern colonies, to the stately universities that are flourishing in every portion of the land, there has been the proper attention paid to the education

Biographical Sketch of Ira W. Bragg

IRA W. BRAGG, son of Ira Bragg, who came from Royalston, Mass., was born July 28, 1833. Fitted for college at Meriden and studied medicine with Dr. Perkins, of Marlow, N. H. He attended lectures at Dartmouth and Harvard Colleges, and graduated at the latter institution in 1859. After spending a year in the Marine Hospital at Chelsea, he went to Europe and passed several months in the hospitals of Liverpool and London, endeavoring to still further qualify himself for his profession. Upon his return, after practicing a year at Chelsea, Mass., he was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the Navy

Biographical Sketch of Sarah C. Bragg

SARAH C. BRAGG, sister of the above, a lady of much literary merit and one of our most accomplished teachers, was born July 3, 1830. She graduated at Meriden with high honors, in the class of 1852. By her own industry and perseverance she defrayed the expenses of her education. After graduating she went to Georgetown, Mass., and taught a year and a half, she then became principal of the Young Ladies High School at Haverhill, Mass., which position she occupied most acceptably to all for four years, until her marriage with Seth Littlefield, Jr.