South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Regiment, Field and Staff.

COLONELS: Williams, James H., Nance, James D., Rutherford, W.D., Moffett, R.C.

LIEUTENANT COLONELS: Foster, B.B., Garlington, B.C., Todd, R.P. Majors: Baxter, James M., Nance, J.K.G.

ADJUTANTS: Rutherford, W.D., Pope, Y.J. Sergeant

MAJORS: Williams, J.W., Simpson, O.A., Garlington, J.D.

QUARTERMASTERS: McGowan, Jno. G. (Captain), Shell, G.W. (Captain).

COMMISSARIES: Hunt, J.H. (Captain), Lowrance, R.N. (Captain).

SURGEONS: Ewart, D.E., Evans, James.

ASSISTANT SURGEONS: Dorroah, Jno. F., Drummond, —-, Brown, Thomas.

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