South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Battalion, Company E.

CAPTAINS: Hunter, Melnott, Fowler, W.H., Ware, H., Burnside, Alien.

LIEUTENANTS: Riddle. A.J., Cooper, E., Cox, M.C., Henry, B.L., Moore, P.

SERGEANTS: Fowler, W.D., Farburn, N., Mills, J.A., Armstrong, D., Owens, M.

CORPORALS: Riddle, M., Ball, S.P.

PRIVATES: Balle, L.G., Bramlett, C., Bramlett, H., Bramlett, J., Bramlett, R., Brown, J., Bryant. T.T., Bryant, W., Burdett. J., Burns, J., Burns, R., Cheek, J., Cook, W.C., Cox, S., Culbertson, B., Culbertson, M., Farrow, T., Fleming, P., Fowler. J.R., Frank, J., Fowler, W., Garner, J., Garrett. P., Garrett, W.A., Gillian. W., Gideons, J.L., Guinn, M., Gray, J., Grumble, W., Hand, W., Handback, M., Handback, W., Higgins, A.H., Holcomb, A., Holcomb, H., Holcomb, J., Holcomb, S., Holcomb, Wm., Hunt, —-, Hunt, —-, Kernell, Wm., Knight, J., Long, J., Long, T., Martin, J.R., McNeely, J., Miller, J.D., Moore, G., Newman, B., Newman, S., Osborn. W., Owens, A.Y., Owens, G., Owens, T., Owens, Y., Park, J.H., Park, T., Patton, W.P., Powers. B., Powers, P., Prior, L, Riddle, D., Riddle, F., Riddle, G., Riddle, L., Riddle, M., Riddle. N., Riddle, W., Robertson, J.R., Ropp, H., Spelts, R., Stuart, B., Stuart, J., Stuart, John, Stuart, Joseph, Stuart, Robt., Sumerel, M., Sumerel, T., Sumerel, W., Switzer, L.O., Thompson, W., Todd, R.J., Garrett, J., Morgan, S.

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1 thought on “South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Battalion, Company E.”

  1. My great-grandfather, James Samuel Howard served in the 3rd battalion, company E. and has been left off the above names, (which I think was a typo). His name would have appeared where the first ____ Hunt is shown above. He was pensioned for his service, first from Greenville County, then later transfered to Pickens County.
    He was injured in the hand and arm which resulted in a permament disfigurement.
    He appears in “Laurens County, SC – Enrollment Book of Confederate Veterans” page 134, listing the battallion, and company number. (Blank) Hunt also shows in this record as “killed at Cedar Run”. (on line image: Family Search, image 49 of 215: .
    Izzy Prior of this same company wittnessed his pension application.
    He was very proud of his military service, and deserves to be included.
    Is there any way that I can have his name added to the above?

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