Committee on Donations

Money is needed to purchase materials and to pay transportation expenses, but donations of old sheets, pillow cases, undergarments, morning gowns, rice, barley, wine, blackberry brandy, jellies, jams or any nourishing articles for a hospital will be thankfully received. The following ladies have been appointed the Committee on Donations, to whom the contributions may be sent, as well as to the officers of the association:

Miss Mary Campbell, President.
Mrs. Wm. J. Johnson, Vice-President.

Miss Alice Mathews.
Miss Bissell.
Miss Brodie.
Miss Burgess.
Miss C. E. Gadsden.
Miss Carrie Webb.
Miss Catharine Murrell.
Miss Catherine Stuart.
Miss Douglass.
Miss E. Johnson.
Miss Eliza Johnson.
Miss Elizabeth Dewees.
Miss Elizabeth Hammond
Miss Euphemia Gordon.
Miss G. Moore.
Miss H. L. Hall.
Miss H. Miller.
Miss H. Parker.
Miss Harsey.
Miss Huntington.
Miss Jessie Kirkwood.
Miss K. A. Tupper.
Miss Laval.
Miss M. J. Legare.
Miss M. J. Ross.
Miss M. Seabrook.
Miss M. W. Hagan.
Miss Marian Robertson.
Miss Martha Buist.
Miss Mary Moffett.
Miss Mary Robinson.
Miss Mary Walsh.
Miss Olivia Sass.
Miss Rebecca Armstrong.
Miss Rosa Clifford.
Miss Rosa Dibble.
Miss S. Adger.
Miss S. J. Robinson.
Miss S. Perronneau.
Miss S. S. Gantt.
Miss Sallie Davis.
Miss Wilbur.
Miss Wotton.
Misses Bee.
Misses Nelson.
Misses Whitney.
Misses Wilkie.
Mrs. A. J. Salinas.
Mrs. B. R. Carroll.
Mrs. Benj. Evans.
Mrs. Browning.
Mrs. C. H. Simonton.
Mrs. Currell.
Mrs. Cuttino.
Mrs. David Bell.
Mrs. Dr. Carrere.
Mrs. Dr. Mood.
Mrs. Dr. Pettigrew.
Mrs. E. M. Grimke.
Mrs. E. Q. Rell.
Mrs. Fleetwood Lanneau.
Mrs. Fludd.
Mrs. Frank Pelzer.
Mrs. Fuller.
Mrs. Gibson.
Mrs. Greenfield.
Mrs. H. Sollee.
Mrs. Henry Venning.
Mrs. J. B. Bissell.
Mrs. J. C. Smith.
Mrs. James Copes.
Mrs. Jas. Gilliland.
Mrs. Jas. K. Robinson.
Mrs. Lee.
Mrs. Limbecker.
Mrs. Margaret Will.
Mrs. Maria Lebby.
Mrs. McDowell.
Mrs. Palmer Lawrence.
Mrs. Paxton.
Mrs. Pickens Smith.
Mrs. S. Cogswell.
Mrs. S. G. Courtenay.
Mrs. S. T. Potter.
Mrs. Samuel Burrows.
Mrs. T. O. Bennett.
Mrs. T. W. Bliss.
Mrs. Thos. Mathews.
Mrs. Thos. Smith.
Mrs. Venning.
Mrs. W. Walter Smith.
Mrs. Wilbur.
Mrs. Wm. A. Courtenay.
Mrs. Wm. Bell.
Mrs. Wm. Dillingham.
Mrs. Wm. Greer.
Mrs. Wm. J. Smith.
Mrs. Z. Davis.

South Carolina Women in the Confederacy. Edited and Published By Mrs. Thomas Taylor, Chairman, Mrs. Smythe, Mrs. August Kohn, Miss Poppenheim, Miss Martha B. Washington, State Committee Daughters of the Confederacy. Columbia, South Carolina, The State Company, 1903.

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