William Davis of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

a152 WILLIAM DAVIS: m. Rebecca (?) and settled in Cumberland Co., Pa. Had with other issue

(1) James D.: b. 1775; d. 1857; m. Susan McClintock.
(A) William: b. 1801; m. Harriet Parr.

(a) Elizabeth.

(b) James: m. Emma McLaren.

(c) Ruth D.: m. Willard Harsh.

(d) William: b. 1861; m. Laura Stoody.

1. Paul S.: b. 1892; m. Edith Muncey.

(e) John E.

(f) Nancy: m. H. Aiken. Lives in Ohio.

(2) George: b. 1777; m. Margaret McGuire; mem. of the first board of assoc. in Carroll Co., Ohio, 1832. One dau., Ruth, b. 1802.

(3) David: b. 1778; m. Martha Freeman.

(A) Evan: b. 1805; m. Sarah John. Ch. include Hiram and David.

(B) William: b. 1807; d. 1877; m. Sarah Crochan.

(a) David: d. y.

(b) Evan: b. 1839; d. unm.

(c) William: b. 1850.

(d) Nathaniel: b. 1853; m. Nettie Hoover.

(C) George: b. 1816; d. 1888; m. Mary Kail.

(a) David: b. 1839; m. Margaret Pittenger.

1. Albert R.: b. 1865; m. Laura Gibson and had George, b. 1907.

2. John: b. 1870; m. Clara Myers.

3. Oliver: b. 1874; m. Mary Brower, and had a family.

(b) Andrew J.: b. 1841; d. 1919; m. Mary Long.

1. George A.: b. 1864; m. Leona Vasbinder. Lives in Ohio.

A. Dan.: b. 1900; d. y.

B. James: b. 1902.

C. Mary: b. 1908.

(4) William D.: b. 1781; d. 1850; m. Mary McGuire. Ch. include:

(A) James M.: b. 1814; m. Catherine Rogers. He is an attorney in Carrollton, O. There are three ch.

(B) William: b. 1816; m. Calista Roby. Ch. include:

(a) Senia, Mary, George, Catherine, Sarah and Ida.

(C) Thomas T.: had

(a) William: m. Martha Forbes.

(b) Edward: m. Mary Gause.

(c) Eugene: m. Odessa Rowe.

(D) Luke: b. 1823; m. Catherine Klise. They had Francis, d. unm., and had five daus.

(5) Mary: m. and had large family.

(6) Evan: b. 1785; d. 1825; m. Nancy McGuire.

(A) Edward: m. Mary Tucker.

(B) Catharin: m. Thomas Goble.

(C) Ruth: m. John Roby.

(D) Patience: m. John Rainsberger and had a large family.

(7) Catherine: b. 1788; m. Samuel Hindman and had nine ch.




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