Wallowa County Oregon Burial Index – Surnames A – Z

Surname P

PACE: Enterprise
PACK: Wallowa
PAGE: Enterprise, Lostine
PAGIN: Lostine
PALMER: Bramlet, Enterprise, Wallowa
PARENT: McCubbin
PARKER: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
PARKS: Enterprise
PARKYN: Lostine
PARRISH: Alder Slope
PARSELL: Prairie Creek
PARSONS: Prairie Creek
PARTRIDGE: Prairie Creek
PATTON: Enterprise
PAYNE: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
PEAL: Prairie Creek
PEARCE: Lostine, McCubbin
PEARSON: Wallowa
PEASE: Bramlet
PENDRGRAST: Enterprise
PERCELL: Prairie Creek
PERCIFUL: Enterprise
PERKINS: Enterprise, McCubbin, Prairie Creek
PERLEY: Enterprise
PERREN: Enterprise
PERRY: Wallowa
PETERS: Lostine
PERRY: Wallowa
PETERS: Lostine
PETERSON: Eden Bench, Enterprise, Wallowa
PETTRY: Wallowa
PFEFFER: Enterprise
PFIFFER: Wallowa
PHAPP: Prairie Creek
PHILLIPS: Enterprise, Promise
PHINNEY: Prairie Creek
PHIPPS: Promise, Wallowa
PHROE: Prairie Creek
PICKETT: Lostine, Wallowa
PICKLE: Enterprise
PIEPER: Enterprise
PIERCE: Enterprise
PIKE: Wallowa
PINE: Wallowa
PINKLEY: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
PITZER: Enterprise
PIZELL: Wallowa
PLASS: Wallowa
PLATT: Enterprise
PLATZOEDER: Enterprise
PLIPPIN: Wallowa
POAGUE: Enterprise
POE: Lostine
POINTER: Bramlet
POLEY: Lostine
POLLOCK: Wallowa
POOL: Enterprise
POOLE: Wallowa
PORTH: Enterprise
POST: Enterprise
POTTER: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Promise, Wallowa
POTTS: Lostine
POULSON: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
POWELL: Bramlet, Enterprise, Flora, Wallowa
POWERS: Bramlet, Enterprise
PRATT: Enterprise, Imnaha, Wallowa
PRICE: Bramlet
PRIEST: Enterprise
PRINCE: Alder Slope, Powwatka, Wallowa
PROCTER: Enterprise
PROEBSTEL: Prairie Creek
PROGUE: Enterprise
PROUT: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
PROUTY: Wallowa
PUDERBALL: Prairie Creek
PUDERBAUGH: Enterprise
PUGH: Bramlet, Flora, Prairie Creek
PULLEN: Wallowa
PULLER: Eden Bench
PUNDT: Prairie Creek
PURINTON: Lostine, Wallowa
PUTMAN: Enterprise
PUTNAM: Lostine

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