North Powder Cemetery, Union County, North Powder Oregon

D Surnames

Dahlstrom, Andrew P. 5/15/1866-1/15/1914
Dahlstrom, Axel L. 12/13/1890-1/26/1902
Dahlstrom, Baby No Dates
Dahlstrom, Breta Christina No Birthdate-10/9/1952
Dahlstrom, Brita C. 5/26/1866-10/9/1952
Dahlstrom, Charstine, 8/3/1831-5/11/1913
Dahlstrom, Ida 1870-1934
Dahlstrom, Olof P. 1861-1935
Dalton, Charles E. 11/18/1881-2/22/1958
Dalton, Curtis R. 1872-1946
Dalton, Elizabeth M. 1876-1957
Dalton, Frank 1883-7/1960
Dalton, James W. 6/6/1926-8/20/1994
Dalton, Lee 1857-1930
Dalton, Lura B. 8/18/1883-1/19/1957
Dalton, Martha C. 1859-1928
Dalton, Nelle M. 1892-1980
Dalton, Pearl 1885-1978
Daugherty, Baby 6/2/1932-6/2/1932
Daugherty, Laura Z 11/16/1908-11/8/1945
Daugherty, Layton R. 1905-1975
Daugherty, Lewis M. 1868-1932
Daugherty, Ottis 3/25/1908-8/25/1908
Daugherty, Ruby Juanita 5/14/1889-8/8/1908
Davis, Edward A. 12/6/1886-1/22/1961
Davis, John S. 6/16/1846-2/5/1922
Davis, John W. 1881-1963
Davis, Minnie H. 1879-1970
Davis, Sam 4/16/1888-5/20/1935
Davis, Susan 1/18/1857-3/4/1952
Davis, Walter J. (Baby) 5/20/1927- No Date
Davis, William E. 1907-1965
Dean, Dorothy June 1925-1990
Dean, Harry L. 12/14/1927-9/13/1993
DeJong, Ed 5/15/1937-9/25/1990
Denning, Anna P. 4/2/1860-9/26/1924
Denning, Carey B. 8/2/1895-1/4/1975
Denning, Clara E. 1/18/1905-7/9/1981
Denning, Dari 8/28/1886-11/29/1918
Denning, Dick R. 4/28/1900-9/3/1953
Denning, Nellie Bethel 1905-1944
Denning, Oscar 12/10/1844-9/12/1912
Denning, Vermont “Monte” 11/28/1888-9/8/1921
Denning, Vida Brant 1/3/1888-9/8/1921
Denton, Bill Unmarked wife of William Warren May
Denton, W. F. No Dates
Dodge, Clent No Dates
Dodge, Jaradean (Gery) No Dates
Dodson, Clyde No Birthdate-11/15/1942
Dodson, Hannah E. P. 1857-1949
Dodson, Harold W. 1899-1975

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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