North Powder Cemetery, Union County, North Powder Oregon

Karrels, Baby ?-7/8/1946
Karrels, Otto H. 4/8/1912-11/3/1984
Kelsey, Emma 5 weeks No Dates
Kelsey, Freddie 1/8/1885-12/8/1889
Kelsey, Grace 1864-1942
Kelsey, L. S. 1/21/1885-5/15/1913
Kelsey, Susana 10/30/1835-9/18/1882
Kendrick, Fred No Dates
Kennedy, Carrie J. 9/23/1922-8/15/1994
Kennedy, Emma May 1905-1984
Kennedy, George C. 3/29/1921-11/30/1993
Kennedy, Palmer Lee 1891-1/1978
Kenworthy, Arzy E. 1898-1974
Kester, Alice Bell 5/27/1901-8/30/1991
Kester, Chase 2/22/1853-1/11/1945
Kester, Emma B. 7/3/1861-8/26/1919
Kester, William 5/24/1901-7/16/1993
Kirkland, George No Dates
Kirkland, Infant 1922-1922
Kirkland, Ivan 1920-1922
Kivett, Mary Helen 12/1/1965-5/21/1967

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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