North Powder Cemetery, Union County, North Powder Oregon

L Surname

Lampkin, Blanche E. ?-4/18/1994
Lampkin, Susan W. 1/23/1887-8/10/1971
Lampkin, Tomas E. No Dates
Lane, Richard 5/9/1903-2/5/1972
Law, Charles J. 1896-1980
Ledbetter, Joshia 1/9/1846-11/30-1911
Ledbetter, Lydia 11/16/1882-11/26/1915
Lee, Amy W. 1881-1963
Lee, Claud 2/12/1881-4/20/1907
Lee, George A. 7/20/1849-4/11/1924
Lee, Oey C. 1890-11/1961
Lee, Tabitha A. 6/10/1851-9/8/1927
Lee, Tony (Baby) ?-3/28/1961
Lee, Volney E. 1883-1940
Lee, Clarance ?-1989
Leonnig, Franklin L. 1899-1960
Leseman, Edna M. 1902-1982
Leseman, Lenard No Dates
Lewis, Stephen R. 1953-5/1958
Lillard, Forrest J. 1917-1967
Loennig, Franklyn ? 3/1960
Loennig, Grace Darling 3/31/1899-6/4/1987
Looney, Ester No Dates
Looney, Ester C. 1923-1980
Looslie, Alice 1894-1967
Looslie, George 1887-1950
Looslie, Marvin G. 7/19/1913-2/3/1959
Lovern, Ruth Elizabeth 1926-1931
Lubbes, Werner R. 2/8/1902-3/10/1907
Luce, Emily ?-3/16/1911
Luce, Jewell ?-9/21/1903
Luce, Margaret ?- 7/17/1907
Luce, Retha ?-10/30/1902
Lund, Alma E. 1890-1977
Lund, John Albert 1888-1964
Lund, Lafate L. 4/1859-5/1940
Lund, Lloyd E. 1926-1926
Lund, Lola E. 4/9/1913-1/6/1915
Lund, Martha Frances 10/10/1866-4/19/1954
Lund, Virginia 12/5/1917-9/1/1918
Lund, Walter E. 1924-1925
Lund, William E. 1885-1952
Luney, John L. No Dates

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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