Union County Oregon Births A – Z 1868-1932

Births C – E

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Chenault

In La Grande, February 25, 1890 to the wife of J.E. Chenault, a son. Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday March 6, 1890

H. L. Clark

Born: To Mr. and Mrs. H. L.  Clark of the Buckeye district last Wednesday, a boy. North Powder News, Saturday, April 14, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conley

Born – To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conley, in Cove, Oregon, Dec. 2, 1918, a daughter. Mother and child doing well. North Powder News, Friday December 6, 1918

J. C. Christianson

Born, to the wife of J.C. Christianson, a daughter. Jim has demeaned himself reasonably and is not above associating with common people. Eastern Oregon Republican Thursday, January 17, 1889

Seigle Coffman

At Medical Springs, March 31, to the wife of Seigle Coffman, a daughter. Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday, April 4, 1889

J. H. Compau

Born: – In Elgin, December 4, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Compau, a daughter. Eastern Oregon Republican, Saturday, December 15, 1894

J. R. Crites

In this city, Monday, February 25, 1889, to the wife of J. R. Crites, a daughter. Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday February 28, 1889

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crouter

Born at Sand Diego, California, July 13, 1924, to Lieutenant and Mrs. Mark Crouter, a daughter. She will answer to the name of Marcia Hamilton. Mark is a well-known Union boy and now is in the Navy, with headquarters at San Diego. Contributed by Larry Rader

Mr. and Mrs. George Huntington Currey

Mr. and Mrs. George Huntington Currey of La Grande are the parents of a baby girl, born Tuesday. The new daughter ahs been named Olive Marcia. North Powder News, Saturday, November 20, 1926

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dahlstrom

A little daughter arrived Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dahlstrom. North Powder News, Saturday, March 6, 1920

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Davis

Born in this city, December 13, to Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Davis, a son. Eastern Oregon Republican, Saturday, December 15, 1894

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Debord

Born at the Cove, August 27th, to the wife of Thomas Debord, a daughter. Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday September 5, 1889

Mr. and Mrs. John Dobbins

Born: On the 17th inst., to the wife of John Dobbins, a daughter. John is persevering and merits success and here comes Tom again. Mountain Sentinel, Saturday September 23, 1876

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Drawley

Born-To Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Drawley, of Vancouver, Washington, May 3, 1918, a son eight and a half pounds. Mrs. Drawley was formerly a resident of Union.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Duncan

At the Park, August 22, to the wife of Richard Duncan, a son. Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday August 30, 1888 Scharri Brennan has identified this child as Winthrop H. Duncan.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Eakin

March 7th, to the wife of R. Eakin, Esq., a daughter, weight 8 pounds. Mountain Sentinel, Saturday March 13, 1880

C. C. Ewing

Born, December 22nd, to the wife of C.C. Ewing, a daughter. Wife and new arrival doing well but it was a close call for Charley. However, those capable of judging of his present condition think he will recover. We venture the assertion that Union “kids” cannot compare favorably with the last addition to our population and although we seldom “buck the tiger” we will put up a “bobtailed yaller dog” against the wager offered by the “happy dad” of Union, that this is the superior production of the county and show up with him on the summit of Lyon’s hill, as soon as Charley is able to travel. Eastern Oregon Republican Thursday, January 10, 1889

White, Judy Wallis. Union County Oregon Genealogy.

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