Trimble Township, Town Officers 1827-1868

At the first election for township officers in 1827, which was held at the house of William Bagley, James Price, James Bosworth, and Jeremiah Cass were judges of the election, and Samuel B. Johnson and Cyrus Tuttle, clerks.

Township Trustees 1827-1868.

1827     William Bagley,      James Bosworth,     Solomon Newton.
1828     Jeremiah Cass,       Elijah Alderman,    Solomon Newton.
1829     Joseph McDonald,     James Price,        Solomon Newton.
1830     David Eggleston,     James Price,        Solomon Newton.
1831     Jonathan Watkins,    James Price,        Solomon Newton.
1832     Wanting.
1833     Elijah Alderman,     Thomas Dew,         John Ivers.
1834     Elijah Alderman,     Luther Mingus,      Enoch Rutter.
1835     Wanting.
1836     Solomon Newton,      Andrew McKee,       William Shaner.
1837     Jonathan Watkins,    Andrew McKee,       William Shaner.
1838     Solomon Newton,      Andrew McKee,       Ebenezer Shaner.
1839     William McKee,       Andrew McKee,       John Ivers.
1840     Thos. L. Love,       Andrew Rutter,      Wanting.
1841     James Hage,          W J. Hartley,       Wanting.
1842     James Hage,          John B. Johnson,    Wanting.
1843     James Hage,          Isaac N. Joseph,    William J. Hartley.
1844     William McClellan,   Isaac N. Joseph,    William J. Hartley.
1845     Andrew McKee,        Caleb Carter,       Isaac Blackwood.
1846     Wanting.
1847     William McClellan,   Andrew Dew,         J. D. Davis.
1848     Andrew McKee,        Andrew Dew,         J. D. Davis.
1849-50  William McClellan,   Andrew Dew,         J. D. Davis.
1851     William McClellan,   William H. Peugh,   S. T. Grow.
1852     Wanting.
1853     James Hage,          John Ivers,         Wanting.
1854     Andrew Dew,          John Ivers,         William McClellan.
1855     Wanting.
1856     Joseph Allen,        B. Worrell,         Andrew Dew.
1857     Benjamin Norris,     J. M. Johnson,      Andrew Dew.
1858-59  William H. Peugh,    William McClellan,  S. P. Grow.
1860-61  William H. Peugh,    William McClellan,  L. H. Rinehart.
1862     William H. Peugh,    William McClellan,  Samuel Woodworth.
1863     Samuel Banks,        John Shaner,        Samuel Woodworth.
1864     Samuel Banks,        John Gift,          Dorsey McClellan.
1865-66  Milton Monroe,       John Gift,          J. C. Lefever.
1867     William H. Peugh,    Isaac Blackwood,    Lemuel Bethel.
1868     Samuel Banks,        J. M. Amos,         Joseph Allen.

Succcessive Justices of the Peace.

1827-William Bagley.
1830-James Price and Jeremiah Cass.
1833-Daniel Frazer and Samuel Mills.
1834-Emory Newton.
1836-Seth Pratt and Samuel Mills.
1838-Solomon Newton.
1839-Samuel Mills.
1840-David Allen.
1841-John Ivers.
1842-Morris Bryson.
1844-John Ivers.
1845-Morris Bryson.
1847-Isaac N. Joseph.
1848-George W. Roberts.
1850-Aquilla Norris and Benjamin Norris.
1851–Benjamin Norris and George W. Roberts.
1853-Alexander McClellan.
1854-William Biddison.
1856-Isaac N. Joseph.
1857-John M. Johnson (resigned February 3, 1858)
1858-Morris Bryson.
1859-William H. Peugh.
1861-Morris Bryson.
1862-L. Bethel.
1864-William Biddison.
1865-William Koons.
1867-J. S. Dew.
1868-Samuel Banks.

Collection: Athens County Ohio Genealogy.

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