Location: Trimble Township Ohio

Trimble Township, Town Officers 1827-1868

At the first election for township officers in 1827, which was held at the house of William Bagley, James Price, James Bosworth, and Jeremiah Cass were judges of the election, and Samuel B. Johnson and Cyrus Tuttle, clerks. Township Trustees 1827-1868. 1827 William Bagley, James Bosworth, Solomon Newton. 1828 Jeremiah Cass, Elijah Alderman, Solomon Newton. 1829 Joseph McDonald, James Price, Solomon Newton. 1830 David Eggleston, James Price, Solomon Newton. 1831 Jonathan Watkins, James Price, Solomon Newton. 1832 Wanting. 1833 Elijah Alderman, Thomas Dew, John Ivers. 1834 Elijah Alderman, Luther Mingus, Enoch Rutter. 1835 Wanting. 1836 Solomon Newton, Andrew McKee, William