Roll Of Captain William Dunlap’s Company

(Probably from Highland County)

Served from July 29, until September 8, 1813

Capt. William Dunlap
Lieut. Daniel Coe
Ensign Henry Bayne
Sergt. Stephen Parker
Sergt. Thomas Bayne
Scrgt. Ebenezer David
Sergt. Timothy Shirely
Sergt. Benjamin Cutler
Sergt. Arthur O’Hara
Corp. James Henland
Corp. Abraham McDaniel
Corp. John Meyars
Corp. George Davidson
Corp. John Readman


Austain, Nelson
Bayne, John
Bayne, William
Beard, John
Beasley, Jepther
Canady, James
Carr, James
Carr, John
Carter, John
Cartmill, John
Cavet, James
Cumberland, Thomas
Cummings, Anthony
Dickins, Thomas
Dryden, Thomas
Fetters, Daniel
Finley, Reisten
Fisher, Jacob
Games, John W
Hall, Joseph
Hanover, Isaac
Hathaway, Aaron
Henany, James
Highes, William
Hineman, John
Hock, John
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, Robert
Howard, Abner
Jacobs, William
Jacoby, William
King, James
Lang, Elijah
Lewis, George
Little, Thomas
Long, Benjamin
Martin, John
Masters, Vaschel
Mather, William
McClean, John
McCoy, John
McKinney, Hezeklah
Moore, Levi
Neal, Samuel
Parker, Christopher
Potter, Barnabus
Race, Moses
Rewes, Daniel
Salisbury, Thomas
Shelton, John
Shepherd, John
Smith, Isaac
Snyder, Daniel
Strain, Thomas
Sutherland, Ebenezer
Wallace, Edward
Woods, James
Wright, Samuel

War of 1812,

Highland County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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