Roll Of Captain Joseph W. Ross’ Company

(Probably Ross County)

Served from September 1, 1813, until March 1, 1814.

Capt. Joseph Ross
Lieut. James Mullin
Ensign Zeptha Danes
Sergt. Elnathan Barlow
Sergt. James Robertson
Sergt. Frost Levi
Sergt. John Donnly
Sergt. James Brown
Corp. James Gohan
Corp. William Winnison
Corp. Calvin Danes
Corp. Samuel Firestone
Musician, Colemuel, Green
Musician, Benjamin Martin


Arbute, Abraham
Bolabob, Abraham
Bolabob, John
Brand, Adam
Brooks, Isaac
Burman, Frederick
Childers, Mosley
Collison, William
Cornett, Abraham
Cornett, John
Cremeens, Isaac
Cremeens. Moses
Crouch, Joseph
Crouse, Jacob
Denny, William
Dust, David
Eckert, John
Fisher, Benjamin
Fulton, Loamml
Ganer, Jacob
Gibson, George
Gibson, James
Gibson, John
Griffith, Abraham
Hall, Samuel
Hanna, John
Hertand, Joseph
Holden, John
Humphrey, James
Hunterock, Henry
Kikabiaugh, Reuben
Long, William Jr.
Long, William Sr.
Longbrake, Daniel
Mansfield, John
Martin, James
Mathews, Nathan
Mayer, David
Mayse, Archibald
McDonald, David
McKee, John
McKee, Samuel
Miller, John
Morris, Elijah
Oversteel, John
Parde, Richard
Phelps, Roswell
Picket, Samuel
Price, John
Price, Joseph
Prince, William
Purdy, William
Reeves, William
Rice, James
Row, Phllip
Royston, John
Stockwell, William
Sumter, Richard
Thompson, Calvin
Vandemark, John
Waugh, Gory
Webb, Hanley
West, William
Whitelock, James
Williams, Solomon
Wisely, John

War of 1812,

Ross County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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