Roll Of Capt. William Stoakes Company

(Probably from Harrison County)

Served from August 21, 1812 until February 28, 1813.

Capt. William Stoakes
Lieut. Thomas Orr
Ensign John Cantwell
Sergt. John Elrod
Sergt. John Paramore
Sergt. David Hinzy or Kinzan
Sergt. William Bashford
Corp. Benjamin Dean
Corp. William Crothers
Corp. Isaac Bail
Corp. John Palmer
Fifer, Samuel Solomon
Drummer, Thomas Bay


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Andrews, John
Archbod, Patrick
Baker, John
Barnes, John
Barnett, George
Beamer, Adam
Belknap, Horace
Brokaw, John
Brokaw, William
Bruce, Thomas
Chambers, William
Clifford, James
Conaway, John
Conaway, Michael
Cowthers (Or Carothers), George
Cuppp John
Davidson, Joshua
Denett, Benjamin
Eckley, George
Emery, Abraham
Etury, George
Fletcher, Archibald
Fulton, John
Guttery, Samuel
Hall, Andrew
Hamilton, John
Hartshorn, Spry
Hull John
Hull, Jesse
Jack, Edward
Johnson, James
Johnston, Daniel
Joseph, Michael
Kizen, Jacob
Lutz, Henry
Martin, James
Mccatchen, Samuel
Mcclary, John
Mcentire, Stephen
Mcgonegal, Thomas
Moore, James
Moore, William
Muntler, Robert
Nixon, William
Patterson, John
Peterson, Hugh
Pittinger, Peter
Porter, Samuel A,
Reed, John Jr.
Reed, John Sr.
Reed, Samuel
Rickey, John
Rider, Jacob
Riley, James
Sanderlin, Thomas
Simmons, Jacob
Skeels, Nicholas
Spidel, Joseph
Spidy (Or Speedy), William
Strain, Robert
Stuse (Or Steer), Jacob
Throckmorton, Thomas
Tranen, James
Updegraft, James
Updegraft, Jesse
Walker, John
Wallace, James
Wallace, John
Welch, John
Welkin, Archibald
West, Joshua
West, Robert
Whitaker, Obed
White, William
Wingfield, Elijah

War of 1812,

Harrison County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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