Roll Of Capt. Phillip Riser’s Company

(Probably from Champaign County).

Served from September 19, until October 19, 1812, and from August 12, until September 21, 1813.

Capt. Phillip Riser
Lieut. William Rumple
Lieut. John Rhodes
Lieut. James Toomer
Ensign, Daniel Kilbinger
Sergt. Patrick McKinley
Sergt. Peter Pence
Sergt. Benjamin Pence
Sergt. Nathan Dannall
Sergt. William Steel
Sergt. Colon, Moore
Sergt. John Fitch
Sergt. George Crosby
Corp. John Tofflenoyer
Corp. Edden Jenkins
Corp. John West
Corp. Nelson Lansdell
Corp. William Haltz
Corp. John Pyatt
Corp. Ebenezer Rhodes
Corp. Nathan Adamson
Drummer, Joseph Jones
Drummer, Edward Tarbutton
Fifer, Pressley Ross
Fifer, Henry Armacush


Bacer, Isaac
Bags, William
Baker, John
Baker, Samuel
Barnes, Horatio
Barnes, William
Bates, John
Beacon, William
Beatty, John
Blue, John
Boswell, George
Bozier, Isaac
Bradford, Charles
Chapman, Elijah
Cirkel, Abraham
Clark, Absalom
Colbert, John
Cowen, Joseph S.
Cowhick, Thomas
Cox, Joseph
Crafton, Ambias
Darnell, David
Darnell, Roswell
Davis, Andrew
Dawson, James
Dawson, John
Dillon, William
Diltz, Samuel
Dudley, Jabez
Dudley, John
Edgar, Andrew
Elliott, Mills
Flemming, Henry
Foley, William
Forman, William
Godard, Jesse
Grafton, James
Gray, David
Hall, Joseph
Herd, Thomas
Holler, John
Howell, Joshua
Huls, Henry
Humble, Valentine
Hunter, James
Idol, Jacob
Jackson, Daniel
Jenkins, Russell
Jones, David
Jones, Isaac
Jones, Stephen
Kelley, Sampson
Kelley, Thomas
Kiblinger, Adam
Kirkpatrick, George
Lansdale, Nelson
Lansdale, Thomas
Largent, John
Little, John
Loudeback, Daniel
Maggert, John
Martin, Isaac
McBeth, Andrew
Moody, John
Nason, Daniel
Nelson, Thomas
Pence, Abraham
Pence, Daniel
Pence, Henry
Pence, Samuel
Prince, Adam
Protsman, David
Rector, Samuel
Reid, John
Rose, John
Rouse, John
Rouse, Levi
Segar, David
Shockey, Abraham
Sibert, Henry
Sills, Michael
Smith, David
Smith, David, Jr.
Smith, John
Smith, Peter
Snodgrass, James
Speace, Daniel
Steele, Joseph
Stepelton, John
Stephens, Abraham
Stranbarger, John
Swanger, John
Syms, Joseph
Taber, Robert
Tarbutton, Eli
Taylor, John
Tunks, Phillip
Walker, George W
Welch, George
Wells, Thomas
West, Edmund
West, John
West, Stukell
West, Thomas
Wilson, Robert

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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