Roll Of Capt. John Foos’ Company

(Probably from Delaware County)

Served from July 26, until August 18, 1813.
Part served from September 1, until September 15, 1813.

Ensign Benjamin Warren
Capt. John Foos
Lieut. Thmnaa Driver
Sergt. James Hopkins
Sergt. John Davis
Sergt. William Baker
Corp. David Shoup
Sergt. Abrabam Lookingbill
Sergt. Robert Perry
Corp. James Carpenter


Adams, Elijah
Cellar, George
Cellar, John
Cooper, Samuel
Cothren, John
Davis, David
Delseverr Michael
Dilden, Mph
Driver, John’
Evins, Edward
Fibert, Richard
Foos, William
Gallant, Allen
Gallant, James
Gillies, James
Hoskins, John
Hushow, Phillip
Kepler, Samuel
Kyle, Hugh
Marks, David
Mickson, James
Munroe, Isaac
Perry, David
Pugh, Thomas
Roderick, Jacob
Shaw, Samuel
Sloper, Charles
Smith, John
Stephens, Reuben
Taylor, Benjamin
Taylor, Richard
Tyler, Samuel
Whiters, Isaac
Whittenger, Nicholas
Wilson, John
Wison, Frederick
Wolf, John
Wright, George

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