Roll Of Capt. Benjamin Fairchild’s Company

(Probably from Delaware County)

Served from July 26, until August 10, 1813.

Capt. Benjamin Fairchilds
Lieut. Gilbert Weeks
Ensign Markus Curtis
Sergt. Sherman Fairchilds
Sergt. William Williams
Sergt. Daniel Lane
Sergt. William Hendrichs
Corp. Barak Weeks
Corp. William Smith
Corp. Nathaniel Batch
Corp. Lorrin Hills


Andrews, Thomas
Baughman, Adam
Bennet, James
Budd, John
Budd, William
Faucher, Henry
Faucher, Samuel
Hills, Zimri
Jenkins, David
Lock, Jesse
Pelton, Johnson
Plum, Parysek
Roberts, John
Robinson, John W
Rogers, Philemon
Schovey, John
Sebring, Francis
Smuthers, Christian

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