Roll Of Capt. John Boggs’ Mounted Company

(Probably from Ross County)

Served from September 27 until October 14, 1812.

Capt. John Boggs
Lieut. William Miller
Ensign Daniel Musselman
Sergt. Henry David
Sergt. James Roberts
Sergt. Jacob Frazer
Sergt. Valentine Angel


Abbott, Elijah
Baum, Jacob
Bunsey, John
Campbell, William
Ernheart, Jacob
Evans, David
Forsman, Robert
Galbraith, John
Johnston, James
Jones, John
Kieler, James
Kooder, John
Levengood, Jacob
Lobaugh, Daniel
McKinnon, Daniel
McKinnon, William H.
Newhouse, Anthony
Phillips, James
Pollard, John D
Price, James
Reid, William
Rennels, John
Rooder, Peter
Rowe, George
Simms, William
Smith, John
Willenmyer, Jacob

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