Roll Of Capt. James Renick’s Mounted Company

(County Unknown)

Served from May 7, until May 18, 1813.

Capt James Renick
Ensign Daniel Hoffman
Sergt. John Stephenson
Sergt. James McKinsey
Sergt David Marsh
Sergt. David Thomas


Alkire, John
Barnes, William
Brown, Zechariah
Burbridge, Benjamin
Campbell, Joseph
Casler, James
Cochran, Alexander
Crippin, Joseph
Dodd, Isaac
Driver, James
Dyer, Robert
Graham, William
Hayse, Maurice
Heath, Asahel
Hollings, George
Leavell, John
Madden, John
Martin, John
McGroves, Isaac
McKinney, Henry
Messick, Nathan
Renick, Asahel
Stephenson, David
Ward, Absalom
Willetts, John
Wisehart, Henry
Yates, David

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