Roll Of Capt. John Roadannour’s Mounted Company

(From Gallia County)

Served from August 1, to September 4, 1813.

Capt. John Roadannour
Lieut Luther Shepherd
Ensign Nathan Nuson
Ensign John Kerr
Ensign John Ellison
Sergt. Anthony R. Magnet
Sergt Alvan Rathburn
Sergt Frederick Kerns
Corp William T. Graves
Corp John Vandenbender
Corp William Chandler
Musician, Jonah Powell


Aleshire, Abraham
Aleshire, David
Aleshire, John
Aleshire, Peter
Archer, Earl P
Arthur, Amos
Arthur, Nimrod
Arthur. Benjamin
Bailey, David
Bailey, John
Benedick, E H
Blagg, Samuel W
Brown. James Ellison
Bucher, John
Burris, George
Byers, George
Calhoun, Robert V.
Cating, John
Cooper, Charles
Denham, Daniel
Durst, Daniel
Enstminger, John
Ewings, William
Farr, George
Fletcher, Joseph
Fuller, Alfred T
Gaston, Jonah
Gillaspie, Moses
Glasburn, George
Hackett, Jeremiah
Hale, John
Hank, Isaac, Jr.
Hawk, Isaac, Sr.
Heeten. David
Highley, Cyrus
Hill, Jacob
Holcomb, Samuel P.
Holcomb, Stephen
Hoppis, George
Howell, William
Hubbel, Abijah
Hubbell, Jesse
Hughes, Jonothan
Hughes, Silas
Humphrey, William
Huston, Joseph
Hysel, Frances
Hysell, Leonard
Jones, Phillip
Jones, Thomas
Keeten, George
Keeten, William
Kelley, Isom
Lawless, Pressley
Long, Elisha
Lotz, Abraham
Lyman. Samuel
Maples, Fanny
Mathews, James
McCarty, David
McCoy, Joseph
Mennehan, Edward
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Joseph
Miller. Charles
Moler, Daniel
Moler, John
Montgomery, David
Moore, Elijah
Mosbarger, Joseph
Parsons, Horris
Pinkerton, John
Putnam, William
Reese, Patrick
Rhay, Martin
Russell, William
Saxton, John
Scott, Charles
Scurlogh, Hugh
Sharp, John
Shasteen, John
Shaw, Cushing
Simonne, Francis
Smith, William
Stone, Erastus
Swim, John
Thomas, Jason
VanShultz, Alexander
Wells, Zimrl
Williams, Jonothan
Wooten, Samuel
Wooten, Thomas

War of 1812,

Gallia County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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