Roll Of Capt. Ichabold Plum’s Company

(Probably from Delaware County)

Served from May 4, until May 27, 1813. Part served from July 26, until August 13, 1813

Capt. Ichabold Plum
Lieut. John Milligan
Ensign John Brundage
Sergt. Thomas Brown
Sergt. Adison Carver
Sergt. Benjamin Carpenter
Sergt. David Butler
Corp. Joel Taylor
Corp, Ezra Olds
Corp. Joseph Carrin
Corp Gilbert Weeks
Corp. Robert Carpenter
Corp. James Carpenter
Musician, Sylvester Drake


0lds, Benjamin
Alden, Daniel
Armstrong, David
Bishop, Elisha
Brown, Ezekial
Day, Charles
Fisher, George
Foust, David
Foust, Henry
Gregory, David
Harper, James
Hatch, Nathaniel
Heath, Samuel
Hull, Nathaniel
Jones, Richard
Jones, Solomon
Kepler, Samuel
Keys, Isaac
Landon, David
Main, Eleazar
Manvil, Ell
Moles, James
Munson, Michael
Olds, Comfort
Osterhout, Gideon
Patrick, Joseph
Patterson, John
Ridgeway, William
Roth, Nathan
Sharp, William
Shoemaker, Benjamin
Slack, Ralph
Steudevant, George
Steward, Solomon
Trindle, James
Welit, Isaac
Wilson, James
Wyatt, William

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