Roll Of Capt. Henry Brush’s Company

(Probably from Ross County).

Served from July 20, until October 4, 1812.

Captain Henry Brush
Lieut. William Beach
Lieut. John Entricken
Ensign, William S. Hutt
Ensign, John Stockton
Sergt. William Robinson
Sergt. Robert Stockton
Sergt. Craighead Ferguson
Sergt. Henry L. Prentice
Sergt. Samuel Swearingen
Sergt. Jacob Cryder
Sergt. William Armstrong
Corp. Richard Snyder
Corp. Henry May
Corp. James McDougal
Corp. John Buck
Corp. Frederick Fisher
Corp. Joseph Cissna
Corp. Matthew Simpson


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Andrews, Hugh
Armstrong, William
Bailey, William
Baker, Henry
Barber, Uriah
Beyerly, Michael
Bready, Robert
Brown, Peter
Brush, Edmond
Buchanan, Henry
Campbell, William
Chew, Colby
Cissna, James
Cissna, Joseph
Cissna, Stephen
Creighton, William
Cunningham, Samuel
Curry, James
Davis, Lewis
Davis, Samuel
Davison, William
Devault, Lemuel
Dill, Robert
Dougherty, Levi
Downs, William
Dribler, George
DuSouchel, Francis
Eastwood, Isaac
Essex, Jesse
Evans, Horatio
Ferguson, John
Finnemore, Ebenezer
Frazer, Malilon
Fulton, William
Hall, James
Hall, John
Hayley, Thomas
Hoffman, Adam E
Hoffman, John
Holmes, Robert
Hughes, Alexander
Huston, James
Hutcheson, Ezekial
Hutt, William S.
Immell, Israel
Johnson, William
Johnston, David
Langham, Elias
Langham, John S
Leister, Peter
McArthur, Duncan
McCann, John G
McCollough, Samuel
McGregor, Daniel
McGrim, William
McRoberts, William
Miller, Joseph
Mitchell, James S
Mitchell, John
Monroe, Jonothan
Morris, Priestly
Orr, Samuel
Peebles, John
Petty, Ebenezer
Pierce, Edward W
Robinson, James
Russell, James
Rust, George
Shaffer, Jacob
Shaver, James
Sherlock, Edward
Simpson, Oliver
Smith, Adam
Steel, John
Stewart, Archibald
Stockton, John
Taylor, Isaac
Thompson, John
Thompson, Nathan
Tiffin, Joseph
Trewitt, Solomon
Wallace, Cadwallader
Watson, John
Willett, Samuel
Williams, Abraham
Williams, Samuel
Williamson, Thomas
Young, George

War of 1812,

Ross County OH,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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