Roll Of Capt. David Pecks Company

(From Either Harrison or Jefferson County)

Served from August 25, 1812, until February 28, 1813.

Capt. David Peck
Lieut. Josaph Davis
Ensign Jacob Shaffer
SerCt. John Stoaks
Sergt. Ivaniel Higgins
Sergt. Dudley Smith
Sergt- Jesse Harnum
Corp. John Vaughn
Corp. James Davis
Corp. James Miller
Corp. Wm. McConkey


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Albert, John
Armstrong, Archibold
Ayers, James
Barnes, Obediah
Bennet, Thomas
Beard, James
Burchfield, Charles
Busy, Joshua
Chambers, James
Christy, George
Chrys, George
Conn, Alexander
Crawford, Alexander
Dowden, John N
Derry, William
Degar, Peter
Devore, Abraham
Devore, Janies
Dewall, Thomas N.
Dickey, William
Dickey, James
Fisher, Samuel
Fisher, Ephraim
Fisher, John
Gutshall, Henry
Gutshall, George
Gordon, George
Gibson, Joseph
Huffman, John
Hunter, John
Hosben, Michael
Johnston, Peter
Lyons, John
Lisle, Robert
Lisle, William
Morrison, Joseph
Morrison, William
Meach, Ephraim
Mann, Samuel
Miller, Isaac
Miller, Jacob
Montgomery, Abel
McCombs, John
McIntire, Archibold
McKinsea, Nathaniel
McKinner, Samuel
McCleary, Robert
McAdams, William
Quillen, Joshua
Quillen, Adam
Quillen, John
Pumphrey, Zachariah
Richards, Jacob
Ruley, John
Raynolds, Caleb
Rolston, Joseph
Ritter, Benjamin
Ross, WiUlam
Smith, Robert
Shepherd, John
Simmons, Adam
Spiker, Jacob
Scholes, John
Smith, Andrew
Smith, John
Spiker, Isaac
Taylor, Henry
Tiptonq John
Tingley, Benjamin
Thompson, Robert
Tharp, William
Toppe, Abrahain
Titus, Timothy
Woods, Josiah

War of 1812,

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916.

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