Biographical Sketch of Torald Hermann Sollmann

Sollmann, Torald Hermann; physician; born, Coburg, Germany, Feb. 10, 1874; son of August and Adelhaid (Eckhardt) Sollmann; educated, gymnasium, Coburg, 1884-1888, special studies, 1888-1893; student of pharmacy, chemistry and medicine, Paris, France, 1893-1894; M. D., Western Reserve University, 1896; special studies, Strassburg, summer, 1899; married Alice M. Sersall, of Warren, Pa., June, 1902; demonstrator physiology, 1895-1899, lecturer pharmacology, 1898-1901, asst. prof. pharmacology and materia medica, 1901-1904, prof. since 1904, Western Reserve Medical College; member council on pharmacy and chemistry, A. M. A. Author: Textbook of Pharmacology with Some Allied Science (2d edition), 1906; (with R. A. Hatcher) Textbook of Materia Medica, 1904. Contributor to medical and scientific periodicals.

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