Biographical Sketch of Max Wertheim

Wertheim, Max; merchant; born, Cleveland, June 24, 1866; son of Julius and Rosa Wise Wertheim; educated, Cleveland Mayflower and Central High School; married, Cleveland, Jan. 25, 1899, Rebecca Mae Sloss; issue, three children; worked for S. Halle for two years, then went into the office of Dryfoos & Klein, who were succeeded by Klein, Goodhart & Koch; became bookkeeper and went into business in 1880 with Kaufman & Sol Hexter for period of ten years; dissolution for the firm of The Max G. Wertheim Co.; pres. and treas. The Max G. Wertheim Co., importer and jobbers of tailors’ trimmings for twenty-two years, and manufacturers of waists and dresses for three years; member Excelsior and Oakwood Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland Assn of Credit Men, and Cleveland Garment Ass’n. Recreations: Golf and Athletics.

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