Samuel Love and Dorcas Bell – Descendants

Dorcas Bell, m. Samuel Love July 3rd, 1759.


1) Robert Love, b. August 23rd, 1760 in Augusta County, Virginia, and d. in Waynesville, N.C. July 17th 1845. he was married to Mary Ann Dillard Sept 11, the year 1783. Said Mary Ann Dillard was b. 21st day of September 1767, and d. on the 25th, day of March 1842.

2) James Love, b. 3-10-1762, m. Winnesoppea Dillard

3) Thomas Love, b. Nov. 16th, 1766, m. “Patsy” Martha Dillard Jan 15th 1788, and d. in Macon Co. N.C., Nov. 3rd 1834, and left quite a list descendants, some of whom moved to Missouri in 1840 or thereabouts. Martha Dillard born 27th Sept. 1774 and died November 3rd 1804.

4) William Love, b._____? d.______? Bachelor, and d. in Macon County, N.C. He moved from Virginia to N.C. in the year 1829.

5) Mary Love, b._____,m. John Campbell, and d._____. m. Robt. Montgomery 9-10-1784 in Montgomery Co. VA.

6) Sarah Love, b.___?m. John Gamble, d.______?

7) Dorcas Love, B.____? m.Wm. Pendleton (descendants in Ohio) d._______?

8) Winifred Love, b.______? m.____ Montgomery, d._______?

The following is the information given me by Mrs. Margaret Hilliard, of Asheville, N.C. and I copy the same as coming from her. In some respects it is a variance with other data that I have received, but taken as whole, it is true-F.D. Love,


History of the Love Family.

Samuel Love, of Pennsylvania, (originally of Irish descent) married Dorcas Bell of Augusta County, Va. They lived near Tinkling Springs Church, in which latter place, their eldest son, Robert Love, was baptized by the blind preacher, Waddell, a near relative of the said Dorcas Bell.

Mr. Waddell had charge and care of Robert Love and his brother Thomas Love after the death of their Mother; the other three children-James, William and a sister who married a Montgomery, remained with the Bell family after the death of their Mother; the Bell family having opposed the marriage of their member, Dorcas Bell, to Samuel Love. Robert Love married Mary Ann Dillard, daughter of General Dillard, of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, just after the Revolutionary War. The Mother of Mary Ann Dillard, before marriage to Thomas Dillard was a Miss Webb, sister of John Webb, who married a Miss Stacy(Stacey) Young. The Webbs and Dillards were English, and settled near Washington, D.C. I have heard my Grandfather, Robert Love, say he was in three battles in the Revolutionary War: one was the battle of Guilford Court House, North Carolina. He ranked as an Officer, and drew a pension. In looking over the Pension Records you can find what office he held. He died on July 17th, 1845. he was an intimate friend of General Andrew Jackson, and was presidential Elector for the Western District or Section for thirty years. It requited three months time for him to carry the votes to the seat of Government and back. He always went in a two wheeled gig. By referring to the records of births and baptism of Tinkling Spring Church can get date of his birth and baptism. The old Church was not destroyed, only removed for a new building. I have visited the place and drank from the Spring. John Dillard (brother of Mary Ann Love) married Dorcas Love, first cousins of Robert Love. They were the parents of Mrs. Daniel Bryson, St., and of Mrs. Steele of Pendleton, South Carolina. The later was the Grandmother of Joseph Brown’s wire, the late Ex-Governor of Ga. My Grandfather, Robert Love, and his two brothers married sisters, daughters of General Dillard, whose first name was Thomas. There were two other sisters-one married an Elkins, the other married a Huggins, and settled in Yancy County, North Carolina. William Love, Robert Love’s other brother, never married; he died in Franklin at the home of Uncle Dillard Love. Robert Love, my Grandfather, had thirteen children, all marrying and leaving children, except one-Uncle Willam Welch’s first wife, whose name was Martha Webb Love. The oldest child was Thomas Dillard love. Annie, who married James Gudger, was the next. Samuel Bell Love (Father of Mrs. Hugh Johnston) was the third. The next in age was William Bell Love, who married a Miss Jordan-descendants living in West Tennessee. The next son was Dillard Love of Franklin, North Carolina; his sons died young. Samuel and Dillard Love married sisters-the Misses Young of Jonesborough, Tennessee. Next in age was Uncle John Bell Love, of Jackson County, North Carolina, who married Miss Margaret E. Coman, of Raleigh, N.C. The next child was Dorcas Bell Love, who married Robert Henry Sr., of Revolutionary fame; he having been in the battle of King’s Mountain at the age of sixteen years, and furnished a manuscript (preserved by him) of the aforesaid battle, published by D. Schenck Sr., 1891 Robert Henry Sr., was born in 1765, and was one of the party who surveyed the boundary line between North Carolina and Tennessee. He died in January 1863; and history says was undoubtedly the last of the heroes of King’s Mountain. James Robert Love was the next child, and married Maria Williamson Coman, sister of Mrs. John Bell Love-they were daughters of Mr. James Coman, of Raleigh, North Carolina, and were natives of Ireland. The next was Sara Love, who married Mr. Ganum McBee, of Tennessee. The next child was Mary Ann Love-the second wife of William Welch. Rebecca Love, the youngest child, married Lorenzo Patton, of Buncombe County, N.C.

Note: The above is a copy sent to me by Mrs. Hilliard, who now lives in Asheville, North Carolina, and I have tried to copy it verbatim-F.D. Love.

Bell, Hilliard, Love,


Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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