Dillard Love – Contents of Will (5 Oct 1869)

Contents of the Will of Dillard Love, the son of Robert Love, the elder.

Will was made in the County of Macon, North Carolina. Was buried in the Grave Yard of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, near the remains of his wife and his two sons, which two latter died before they reached their full age. The Church Yard is located near the Town of Franklin, North Carolina. He requested his Executors to have erected suitable tomb stones at the four Graves. He gave to John Ingram the major part of his property, which was located in Macon County, North Carolina. The sons deceased were named, John and Samuel. To William and Robert Ingram he gave his lands in the “Greasy Cove” Tennessee. He gave personal property to Mary Allman and Nancy L. Guinn, also to Austin Guinn, a horse, etc.

Date of Will October 5th, 1869.

Note: The above named, it is reputed that he had some questionable relations with, and for that reason he bequeathed to them his property. No other reason can be assigned, as they were not related to him by reason of the Loves or Dillards or Youngs, his wife’s people. This will was not attacked by any of the Loves. It was allowed to stand, and the property, and what John Ingram, who was a very fine business man, inherited from him, made him a very rich man, but his family eventually squandered it, and are now in very moderate circumstances. They still live, that is, most of them, in Macon County, North Carolina. William and Robert, named in the Will, assumed the name of Love, and their posterity lives in Unicio County, Tennessee, and they go by the name of Love. The Will is before me, but I will not copy it verbatim, as I have done the others, as for Dillard Love, this name passes from this genealogy. His children, if he has any still living, there is not doubt that, are also dead, that is, those who should legitimately bear the name of Love. I have been plain in this particular in order that those who shall thereafter read this, may know that I have not tried to conceal anything, for every family possesses some one member who darkens it annals by incorrect living. This neither we nor posterity can prevent. F.D. Love.


Genealogy, Will,

Macon County NC,

Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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