Genealogy of Elleazer Baker of Dutchess County NY

T164 ELLEAZER BAKER: b. 1735; Commissary in Revolutionary War; d. 1815.

T165 DAVID BAKER: b. 1775, in Dutchess County, New York. Removed to Green Co.; settled 4 miles from Hall Family; m. Elizabeth Losee, b. 1779; d. 1834.

T166 AMBROSE BAKER: b. August, 1803; m. 1825 to Polly Hall; moved to Coxsackie, situated upon the west bank of the Hudson River distant 21 miles below Albany. The Location became known as the Upper or Baker’s Landing, for it was there that he built a dock of log cribbing filled with stones, brush and dirt, extending several hundred feet out from the shore so that vessels might lay in deep water whilst loading or unloading.

  1. Harvey Hall: b. 1831 in Coxsackie; m. Nellie Goodenow Sept. 8, 1869; died at Davenport, Iowa. She was born 1847; d. 1923.
    1. Edwin L.: b. April 3, 1879; m. Ruth Emily Wheeler Dec. 7, 1924; 1. 5233 Monte Vista St., Los Angeles, Calif.
    2. Howard A.: b. Oct. 16, 1875; 1. 908 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, Ga.

Ta164 ELLEAZER BAKER: m. and had the following children:

  1. William: m. Sophronia -.
    1. Newton.
    2. Erastus: m. Margaret Perry in Canada.
      1. William: m. Minnie Champney; m. (2), Alice Camp; lived at Rochester, N. Y.
        1. Ina May: m. Frank Smith and had Vivian (m. George Bush) and Graig.
        2. Craig.
        3. Edward.
        4. Charles: m. Clara Deyea and had Betty; resides Rochester.
      2. Harriet: m. Craig Tebeau; m. (2), Charles Cooper. Ch.: Lewis (m. Gurnee Leeder; had Robert and Marjorie; 1. in Brooklyn, N. Y.), and Marion (m. Harley Cooper and had Harriet, Marion, Helen and Barbara; resides in Albany, N. Y.). Add.: Central Square, New York City.
      3. Esther: m. Dr. Burg Chadwick and live at Smethport, Pa. 
      4. Charles: m. Maggie Carmody (dec.) Add.: 42 Colvin St., Rochester, N. Y.
      5. Emma: m. Robert Boyle and had Perry S. Add.: 601 W. 180th St., New York City.
      6. Nettie: d. unm.
      7. Frances: m. Herbert Snyder. Add.: 42 Colvin Street, Rochester, N. Y.
        1. Ethel: m. Andrew Tuetchenbach and had Donald and Robert.
        2. Gordon: m. Anna Weiss.
        3. Marion: m. Julius Marx and had Evelyn Marx.
        4. Gertrude: m. Leon Christensen and had Herbert.
        5. Evelyn: dec.
        6. Frances: 1. in Rochester.
        7. Esther: 1. in Rochester.
    3. Horace.
    4. John.
    5. Mary.
    6. Martha. 
  2. Permelia: m. Charles Tenny and had Evelyn, Eunice, Avis and Alice.
  3. Asenith : m. Sidney Southmayd.
    1. Carroll: m. Jennie Congdon and had six ch.; 1. at Syracuse.
  4. Marsha: d. unm.
  5. Almira: d. unm.
  6. Theron: m. Cora . . . ..
    1. Lydia: m. Hiram Dunn.
      1. Jane: m. Edward Church.
        1. Hiram: m. Jessie Baird and had Martha and Jessie.
        2. James: d. y.
        3. Edward: m. Alice Suter and had Mary, Ruth, Edward, Jane and Frederick.
      2. Hiram.
      3. Martha: m. Warren Ide. No issue.
      4. William.
      5. Mary.
    2. Roxanna.
    3. Frank.
    4. Marcia.
    5. Newton.
    6. Andrew.
    7. Napoleon.
    8. Nathan.



2 thoughts on “Genealogy of Elleazer Baker of Dutchess County NY”

  1. This manuscript was written by the American Historical-Genealogical Society in the early 1900’s. It is possible that Mr. Seaver had access to the journal then, or had communicated with somebody in possession of the journal.

  2. My father has a photo copy of a Journal belonging to Harvey Hall Baker, that was passed down to his mother. He has spent several hours transcribing it and the first paragraph is word for word the first few paragraphs of this post. I am very curious as to whom this post belongs, and if they are in possession of the original journal.

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